6 Best Under Cabinet Microwave Review In 2021

The microwaves are one of the most remarkable human technologies. We are all mindful of the intent and the ongoing reliance of our everyday life on microwaves. The microwave production saved useful minutes, otherwise lost while the stove was heated up and created food. It is the perfect gift for the quick world in which we now live.

Today, microwaves take the room in the desk or the kitchen counters cannot be ignored. As microwaves are on the market under the cabinet or counter microwaves, say goodbye to an overloaded table, then hi to a larger table. The design and outside of a tiny microwave oven under the cabinet are also significant. It allows your kitchen to look beautiful, and any visitor who comes to your apartment would still find it appealing. Here is a list we have assembled to help you choose the right one and the best under cabinet microwave.

Best under cabinet microwave

Product Image

Product Name



Sharp R-1214 1-1/2-Cubic Feet


GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave

Whirlpool WMH32517AW

Amana AMV2307PFW

1. Sharp R-1214 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave

This oven's new configuration for multiple areas ensures that a modern and luxurious microwave oven is conveniently mounted anywhere food has served. It's got 1.5 Cu. The Ft.1100W Simple, Safe, and Convenient sensor technology for cooking/reheat 11 of the most common microwave treatments include an over-the-counter microwave oven in stainless steel. The counter area is a smart kitchen design solution that saves valuable space. No built-in kit or shelf has required for this microwave, so that installation is simple. It has supplied with lighting under the cabinet. So creative the construction of your kitchen with Sharp's smart microwave Over the Counter. It is an excellent saver which gives you more room and more space to cook.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1-1/2 cubic-feet.
  • Power capacity:  1100 watts.
  • Texture: steel of stainless.
  • The Defrost Center fixes defrosting times immediately.
  • Power rates by weight for poultry and meat.
  • Sensor configurations are smart and convenient.
  • No need to set schedules or levels of electricity.
  • Minute Extra provides consumers with a minute of heavy cooking at a touch.
  • Immediate response buttons conserve time.
  • Making it easy to microwave.

2. Samsung ME16K3000AS Over-The-Range Microwave

It gives good efficiency in conjunction with various characteristics, such as sensors, heat levels, and a complete turntable. It's has a 1.6 Cubic Ft. capacity.  This is one of the most potent heat power on the market. It suits the room and functions like a microphone. The light for the cooking has the option of degrees. It has a strong heat ability to ensure fast cooking and advanced ventilation systems. The bracket has connected to the backings of the microwave. Both instructions and templates have included inside the box. With the range of value, it offers, Samsung's budget limitations are a smart decision. It helps you to clean oil and fat without difficulty and is scratch-resistant to stainless steel. This Samsung oven has a good and clean, convenient filter that helps to keep the filter clean. The exact times and temperatures for various food types should have specified in the microwave range. The most significant microwave in Samsung even has a rack for Chrome.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet of space for a 16-inch turntable.
  • Wattage: Running at 1000 watts and 10 degrees of power
  • Ventilation system: 400 for CFM
  • Materials: Long-lasting ceramic interiors.
  • Setting: Halogen cooktop light for sufficient scale.
  • Cooking Sensor and sensor reheating.
  • Auto defrosting and frying. 
  • Child lock scheme.
  • Daylight savings can have changed.
  • Scratch-proof.
  • Quick to clean.

3. GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave

With its sensor cooking controls, this microwave oven has a very audacity and dramatic look that changes both power and time. It blends the kitchen perfectly with elegance and creativity. The oven is a microwave oven measuring 1.1 cubic feet. It provides the newest equipment technologies, advanced prototypes, and features that change your life. It is one of the microwave ovens that is advisable for people who live alone because of its slight ability. Besides, the optional integrated trim package provides it an integrated comfort and a customized look. It's a decent buy with all the characteristics and costs. You can conveniently mount it with no problems with the user manual's aid that comes with this GE across the spectrum of microwaves. The consistency of prepared food is all it gets down to, and the food served in the oven appears fine and tastes lovely. And it's just about comfortable, except for those who aren't careful.

Key Features

  • The capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
  • Power capacity: 800 watts
  • Material: Stainless Steel Metal
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Feature of child lock.
  • Ten defrosting, reheating, and boiling cooking methods.
  • For convenient cooking, automated touch controls.
  • Choice Turntable off and on.
  • Defrost time and weight functionality.

4. Whirlpool WMH32517AW Microwave

It is great for a microwave that's the first time to prepare your favourite dishes. These 1.7 cubic feet has activated by a button press. Sensor cooking senses of microwave functionality and adapts to track food progress so that you don't need to microwave to produce optimum performance. You will eventually steam foods like rice, veggies, fish, proprietary microwave steamers with 1000 watts of cooking power and three variable fan speed levels. You may produce caramel maize, group mixing, or microwave sauces from the recessed turntable with extensive items like cooking bowls. You can cook confidently, understanding that an embedded sensor controls the food's moisture level and changes the time and temperature during the cooking process as necessary. For tasty, balanced food, you can quickly steam in the microwave.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 1,000 Watts of Cooking.
  • 300 CFM Method of Venting.
  • Power capacity: 10 Degrees of power.
  • Color: White.
  • Cook on Steam.
  • Cook's sensor.
  • It has slightly raised.
  • The turntable of Stoppable Glass.
  • The exterior of the microwave with a hidden vent.

5. Amana AMV2307PFW 1.6CF Over the Range Microwave

With the press of a button, this microwave helps you to heat frozen favourites quickly. It will Give the remains plenty of space in this oven to reheat with 1.6 cubic feet—the power to ft. Further, your morning coffee's quick heating is no sweating with the function Add 0:30 Seconds. Constructed in 300 Charcoal CFM Filter Exhaust Fan prevents the eyes from watering Two customizable fan speeds to make it easier for smoke and steam to be filtered. It's quick to use a digital clock and touch panel. It's not essential to wait for those beef burger pads in the sink to freeze. Only put it into the microwave with Automatic Defrost and then go.

Key Features :

  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet.
  • Wattage: 1,000-Watt for cooking.
  • Color: white.
  • Ten stages for cooking.
  • The option of Convection.
  • The microwave of Over-The-Range.
  • It is a refrigerator with a countertop.
  • The brand with value selling budget appliances.
  • Simple functionality and good durability.
  • It has a depth of 30 inches.
  • A simple digital clock to use.
  • Display with buttons for touch.

6. LG LMV2031ST Stainless Steel 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Over the selection, this microwave oven is elegant and beautifully built. In all its beauty, it appears like a conventional and futuristic microwave. This microwave oven has a black and gray coloured glass door, while the remainder of the cartridge is in stainless steel. The vertical control system is straightforward, pleasant, and easy to use on the right-hand side. This LG Over the microwave range features seamless contact controls, which work very well and only need a quick touch. The LG OTR microwave monitor is easily readable and easy to read. Not only is this oven a broad microwave, but it also uses its space. The most potent four-speed fan in the range of the microwave is also available. The fan drives a large amount of air once it has set to the turbo, but his auto-off fan feature is the greatest thing about the ventilation system.

Key Features

Capacity: fifty-six litters.

Wattage: 1,000 Watts of Cooking.

Color: Stainless Steel.

  • 400 CFM Method of Venting.
  • Has sensor cooking.
  • Robust System of Venting.
  • User-secure, friendly.
  • Amazing success.
  • Fan auto-off functionality.
  • Fantastic layout.
  • They're reasonably priced.
  • Simple to Install and Use.
  • They're simple to clean.

Short buying guides

Here are a few essential parts to check after for a while and when you buy your kitchen under the cabinet microwave.

Usage Category: The microwave below the mount is the most frequently seen just under the cabinets. It is essential that under the cabinet microwaves, a separate package is required for consumer use what is much larger and has more capacity in contrast. They connect through your backsplash and are perfect everywhere they boast in one of the useful outlets. There are microwaves which improve your kitchen area over the limit. They don't ventilate consistently, much like a proper hood. Unless you're a chef who does much of the stove work, it's not the right option. The counter microwave and microwave drawers are similarly thin so that space is open.

Dimension: Once you have set up a certain kind of microwave which suits your condition, ask yourself however much small kitchen you have prepared to give up. If your counter area is limited, you can spare by choosing a little pattern. A solitary microwave oven is suitable for fast cooking and heating. Then there is the microwave convection oven. These styles may be grilled or fried. The airflow mechanism is the fan and heating element in the microwave oven. The counter microwave's internal limits will be up to a bit more than two cubic feet to the height of 0.5 cubic feet, large enough for most 10-inch supper dishes. 1-2 cubic feet are the most common scale. Choose the computer size according to the preferences.

Consumption of resources:  The power setting is a feature standard with all microwave ovens. Whether you have to prepare food with one or two small groups of people, and use a smaller microwave, choose more efficient microwave sheets when you have prominent families or make food in large amounts. Even as the voltage is higher, it is faster and more effective. Note, microwaves with higher wattages regularly endorse more excellent sticker rates, so it is vital to remember whether you are trying to hold to a limit.

Protection: Protection is another crucial factor to remember when buying a microwave, especially for families with children. This electric locking frame avoids misuse of the tiny microwave, thus avoiding malfunctions. On the microwave convector systems, where the food could be extra heated before leaving the stove, the child protection lock is especially critical. Closed doors for children can be bolted and unloaded using a keyboard. This aspect is another significant feature to remember whether you have children at home or need to deal with children. They could unintentionally inside or hurt themselves, so it's vital to have this safety feature. The child lock function is activated by a code which can be locked and unlocked as a password.

Types of Microwave ovens

Microwaves give many very user-friendly advantages. The timer fixes the duration to cook food. Microwave oven blends velocity, flexibility, and technology to produce smart, multi-coloured kitchen appliances. The market offers many types of microwaves, and each has its unique characteristics, allowing you to cook food in various ways.

Grill microwave oven

Microwave ovens for grilling lead to additional or extra grilling attachments. They are the right place to grill meat and vegetables such as paneer, fruit such as pineapple. The grill includes heating coils that assist in grilling, barbecuing, and roasting. The power is transformed into heat energy by the heaters in the grill microwave oven. In no time can this sort of microwave toast food. A Grilling microwave oven would be helpful unless you want the food to be fried, toasted, or grilled.

Solo microwave oven

The primary or initial versions or entry-level models for the group microwave ovens are solo microwave ovens. There's one magnetron inside this sort of microwave. It is ideally suited for alumni or two family members. It consists of a high-performance vacuum tube which generates the magnetic waves. However, the solitary microwave oven cannot be cooked and barbecue. They are the perfect way to cook, boil, and reheat quickly.

Convection microwave oven

Baked, grilled, and heat able convection microwave oven is one of the most appropriate kinds. It has coils that have used for grilling. The convection microwave oven serves a double purpose. So you can barbecue and roast your food comfortably. This microwave convection oven has a fan to help promote the heatwave to make the food well baked. A convective heater is suitable to heat food, boil water and prepare favoured pasta, popcorn and cook cookies and pancakes.

What are the advantages of under cabinet microwave?

It also preserves room and time. The variety of foods can also have cooked based on the different aspects of the microwave. It protects the primary storage cabinets. You can even put the microwave far from the kitchen area, so anyone who doesn't cook will use it to knock into the person who is without worrying about it.

Is a suitable oven alternative to a small kitchen with a convection microwave?

Convection microwaves are easier to service than an oven and can save significantly on energy consumption. This also saves energy and room and requires less power than a standard range of ovens. They are smaller and suitable for kitchens, motorhomes, and cottages than typical stoves.

How much microwave storage space would you need?

A space of three inches should be preferably formed between the microwave and the area to permit the necessary ventilation. The mounting elevation from floor to microphone has needed over the range of microwaves, at least 66" from the base and at a height from floor dimension, around 13"-16" from cooktop to microwave bottom.

Is it possible to mount some microwave under a cabinet?

This indeed aims to be easily placed without any extra space under the Cabinet Microwave. A microwave oven may have installed (video), even though it has equipped with a countertop. Moving a micro oven to the mount in your kitchen would allow you additional room to work in your kitchen. The mounting plate that connects to the top of a cabinet is included with the package, making the microwave oven hang above the table.


Most importantly, you can save a great deal of time and reduce the amount of money by choosing the right one under the cabinet microwave oven. Modern microwave ovens under the refrigerator or the counter come in different styles and forms and a wide variety of Colors. Yet it should, above all, provide you with the characteristics it has promised.

Here's the best under the cabinet microwave with impressive features and has been people's preference for years. Therefore, help ensure you have to go through the buying guide we have included because it will guide you via the required measures to install the countertop microwave successfully. We have also outlined the attributes you would like to remember when choosing the right option.

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