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8 Best Cheap Bathroom Vanities-200 Review in 2021

As all vanity in a bathroom is known as a must-have piece of furniture to complete a bathroom decor, many homeowners still list it. It's something you won't forget to build an inviting bathroom. In many countries, there are still thousands of vanities for bathrooms available at varying styles and prices. Your work is to choose the one that best fits the criteria and budget.

It won't be easy because you can be overwhelmed by these items when you considered the durability and efficiency of vanities before you buy so that your bathroom won't end up being low. We have chosen the best cheap vanities with tops available at just under $200. We have decided to guarantee each product's consistency based on its elegance, longevity, efficiency, and average consumer review. Then let's scroll around to find our closest range of inexpensive bathroom vanities.

Best cheap bathroom vanities under $200

Product Image

Product Name



eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink

Puluomis 28 Inches Bathroom Vanity

YOURLITE 24 inch Bathroom Vanity

Okeysen 13’’ Bathroom Vanity and Sink

U-Eway 13 inch White Bathroom Vanity

1. Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16"

They are Sustainable and environmentally friendly MDF material for the making of vanity, 15 mm thickness, 720 kg/CBM MDF, smooth surface coating, stone powder, and resin sinks, and are easy to clean. It can have to assemble by itself. The delicate nature makes assembly simple. Adjustable P-bend makes mounting the drainage pipe more comfortable. This has finely made and a new dinner for our bathroom downstairs. There were even some pieces, and everything has packed nicely. The paint outside is white with an excellent gloss in this tiny bathroom, which looks pretty well with the other white surfaces.


  • Classic design and style.
  • The small bathroom furniture suits perfectly;
  • MDF Flat surface painting.
  • Rock Powder & Sink Resin.
  • They're simple to clean.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • Corrosion and humidity.
  • Resistant to wear.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Using time for too long.


  • Tiny sink.
  • Narrower than expected.

2. Puluomis 28-Inch Bathroom Vanity

The surface is fantastic and easy to scrub. The sleek and elegant style ideally suits the decoration and ease of use of most bathrooms. Wood Grid Pattern's Elegant Surface; floating style makes your bathroom even spacious. Your bathroom is more dimensional with floating architecture. It has a wide armchair and side racks providing an extra room. These are undoubtedly and, for good reasons, the most used sink type. It is simplified, simple to clean, and works well in individual cabinets. Quite frequently, they are also the product of vanity from beforehand. We often use a streamlined rectangular or oval alternative when choosing a sink below the surface.


  • Ease of use.
  • Ideally suits the decoration.
  • The surface is fantastic.
  • Sleek and elegant style.
  • More dimensional.
  • Floating architecture.
  • Simple to clean.


  • Wood gets stains from water.

3. YOURLITE 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

Simple and sophisticated taste and robust construction features of modern vanity. Next to Each other, Open Door has become most helpful to its storage room by ensures the top-mounted vessel & bottom counters sink. The stylish, rust-free handle with White Espresso Wood Grid Matt. It has a sink, Pop up drain, Crystal tub, hot/cold lines, or even some hardware install. Vanity and dishwasher in two bags will have delivered. Objects can vary slightly in color from pictures because of the sunlight or the lighting of the monitor. The components are weighty, costlier than they are. The mirror is cool, modern, but remember that even if you didn't cover it, the wire would be visible.


  • The mirror is cool, modern.
  • Stylish, rust-free handle.
  • Vanity and dishwasher in two bags.
  • Simple and sophisticated taste.
  • Robust construction.


  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Doesn't match over the plumbing floor.

4. Okeysen 13'' Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

It's too simple to install this in no space with the content assembly. It has also made up of a sink along with a stain-resistant, reliable, and stable base. Apart from this, there is a pop-up drain that prevents any blockage and excellent drainage. In comparison, this is the corner sink cabinet featuring a perfect and exclusive countertop sink. Furthermore, the style is incredibly modern and can suit any decoration. Another thing is that she has made of the slide and zinc alloy handle in stainless steel and also with tempered glass. It even has a cool hacking aerator, which can save close to 30percent of the water supply. Classic and trendy style with a small bathroom decoration suit well. The countertop and storage have wooden floors and have a bright white coating;


  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Fits with a flexible sink.
  • Drain Pop-up
  • Enduring and stable.
  • For component assembly, it's simple.
  • The strong handle of zinc alloy.
  • The slide has made of stainless steel.
  • Surface stain resistant.


  • Too Heavy.
  • Space-intensive.

5. U-Eway 13-inch White Bathroom Vanity

It has stainless handles of good quality for extended use and noise reduction; the slow-closing door avoids slamming. That's why people prefer wood bath vanities for their power and longevity. But that's very based on what is essential. Many homeowners would have no trouble with this gorgeous material by keeping moisture under check. In comparison to ink, it fits well with a natural or stained finish. The products mentioned most commonly include solid wood, plaster, MDF, or particulate board. What you need to focus your choices on can be frustrating. The most significant are cost and durability. For handgrip, the modified zinc alloy handle is comfortable.


  • On the vanity, the Bright Natural wood texture.
  • Eco-friendly and moisture-proof board.
  • Fully Adjustable shelf height for fast storage.
  • Soft door close-up.
  • White cotton foot covers.
  • Control with zinc alloy.
  • Accessible Installation for Users.


  • Low Structure.
  • Mismatch of Color.

6. Modern Bathroom Vanity Set Small Bathroom Vanity

It has crafted in a contemporary minimalist Italian style. The idea of product design is clear and functional. This cabinet must have assembled separately. Each component to assemble has included in the kit, and there are directions to help you finish the assembly smoothly, as stated in the manual. The Dovetail connected drawers to both drawers and doors using the under-mounted slip. One wide drawer with huge capacity helps clean and smooth your room. Two shipments include the vanity bathroom and the ceramic sink. The white ceramic bottom has constructed with a countertop that is overall beautiful and plain, easy to maintain without leaving any dead corners.


  • They're simple to clean.
  • Installed with wood MDF board.
  • Classy appearance.
  • Robust and stable.
  • Built-in the Italian style of modern minimalism.
  • To position small objects, drawers have used.
  • Expansive drawer room for capacity.


  • It was very inexpensive.
  • They have poorly designed.
  • Cabinet concerns.

7. green leaf New Maple Walnut Single-sink Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet

This vanity bathroom is renowned for its simple construction, but the components are sensitive to the touch and carefully handled. This makes it more powerful and sturdy than most vanities on the market for bathrooms. It's great for tiny and comfortable homes and apartments. The flexible P-bend offered by the kit makes the installation of the drain tube more straightforward and more uncomplicated to assemble thanks to its chrome hull and its distinctive U-shaped drainage. Instead of calling a plumber, it gives yourself a possible do-it-yourself vanity bath. Their functional architecture makes it perfect for the most part. The room makes it convenient for small powder rooms or school sleeping areas to sleep and to use.


  • More powerful and sturdy.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Great for tiny and comfortable homes.
  • The white finish.
  • It has made of hardwood.


  • Weak installation instructions.
  • Unpleasant design.

8.  Small Bathroom Vanity Wall Mounted

It's a lined with white mountable wall bathroom that has Chrome Faucet and Drains ceramic vessel sink. It has a smooth frame, 304 stainless hinges that prevent fingers from slamming. It consists of high-grade material and sleek construction and is easy to clean—a high-quality sink. The flexible P-bend makes mounting the drainage pipe more comfortable. For many renovated bathrooms, White is the perfect color option and matches any bathroom theme. The white finish with the wall molded MDF vanity combination toilet, the trendy style suits every bathroom decoration. The elegant nature of your bathroom will certainly improve your property's worth.


  • MDF vanity combination toilet.
  • White mountable wall bathroom.
  • Flexible P-bend.
  • Elegant and trendy style.
  • Soft and smooth frame.


  • Harder.
  • Does not fit appropriately in styling.

Buying guides

When you buy a vanity bathroom for your home, you have to note numerous important. It will give you high efficiencies and outstanding characteristics and increased durability without blowing down your budget. The bathroom vanities are available in various colors, styles, and shapes, but most notably in several multiple dimensions. If you want to know Best Cheap Couches.

Size of vanity: There are several concerns when you purchase a new vanity bathroom, as mentioned at the post's start. Before you look at something else, the very most important thing is your living room's dimension. This may give you ideas about the size of the vanity you like. In general, narrow spaces are a little more complicated, and of course, more error is possible. Once you weigh and determine the height of the toilet's vanity, see who you are using it. Vanities required by more than one individual would typically have to be larger than that used by one individual.

vanity models: Another consideration is determining the sort of sink that you use and whether you need over one sink or not. Pay attention to the storage you use to prioritize the right and safest form of storage for you. This gives you a floor free to follow the basket with required objects. It helps to create the feeling of a bigger one by providing a small bathroom. It would be no mistake for a double sink vanity if you had a more oversized bathroom. Building a custom segment is a brilliant idea or sparing time in a full-fledged bathroom for two users. The vanities in the bathroom, which have mounted on a wall, definitely look modern and elegant. Since they have fewer fixtures than a simple basin or drain, Cathay has less eye. In addition to saving energy, it's also nice to see more tiles shown so that your property's worth is improved.

Vanity forms: The key attribute of modern vanity baths is simplicity in appearance but flexibility in performance. The classic and trendy vanity bathroom has a distinctive theme, and lines are interlinked. Timeless is the main characteristic of the rustic vanity bathroom. They are mostly autonomous of simple wood finishing. They have a small or more giant toilet—concrete rolling in this style primarily with vanity wall install. Concerning the delivery to the farmhouse vanity, you can find every single item that looks like fauces done, as if attempting to incorporate nickel and materials, the building part of the vanity, as though without wood distress.

Space for storage: Find out about vanity and take care of the storage room you need, mainly when you live alone, as another beneficial aspect. The last deciding factor on our list could be decoration and architecture. It would help if you moved on to style once you have sorted out all the other relevant considerations. Finally, take close care of the new plumbing and wherever it has located and provide a vanity bathroom that can conveniently tailored to the existing system. Whenever you need professional assistance, please contact your current plumber for help.

Evaluate your space: When purchasing a new bathroom, the essential thing to remember is its size and relation to your space. The easiest way to ensure the best measurements have taken when buying a vanity is to weigh the room in which the object is to be mounted. When you swap an old vanity for another, this method might be better than merely comparing the size of vanity you have, but if you don't, it is safer to assess the room and contrast it with the size of the vanity that you want to purchase and make sure they are right for you.

What are the Bathroom Vanities regular sizes?

Bathroom vanities have regular widths, typically 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 60 and 72, respectively. Some instances can be moderate in size, but they are not the standard. The typical vanity depth has averaged between 20′′-21′′ on average. However, those are more conservative alternatives, typically 18′′.

Will vanity go to the wall of the bathroom?

They have to go against a wall since they have built with open backrests. The wall is eligible for installation as part of the architecture. The good thing about a floating vanity is how the floor reaches below to make the bathroom look tidy.

How far from a wall can a drain be?

The washbasin or sink should have located as far away from a wall or shower wall as possible so that it is simple to use and clean. The NKBA proposes 20′′ measurements from the middle of the toilet to the wall. Code is at least 15′′ from the edge of the base to the wall.

How will a movable vanity be secured in the wall?

Start by applying a silicone caulk of 3/8 inches at the top of your base and on the wall. Whether you have the wall at the top of your floor. Then place the sink and the rollers in. Connect and drain the fresh faucets and sink on the top of the sink.

Will I paint the vanity around my bathroom?

Paint your cabinet of your bathroom, On your vanity, you should use one of three forms of color: tar, latex, or crab painting. Before painting, both latex and oil paint needs a first coat on your vanity. The use of crawl-finishing paints is a third choice. No laminate can have polished as wood can. Still, the most laminated particle boards can have painted with the right planning and a little attention to detail, which gives your vanity’s entire unique design with minimal cost.


While it is harder to identify which vanity bathroom is the number one on the market, this list of our top 8 cheap vanity bathrooms under $200 is a significant factor in making a pick. Naturally, the preference can only focus on the dimensions, the storage you need, and the design you need, so other choices are no harm.

You need to remember different essential ones when purchasing a vanity bathroom for your home. Essentially, it can give you high efficiency, fantastic features, and long life without blowing your budget. Do not wait to take it from your favorite online dealer now if you have discovered your dream bathroom vanities at low prices. It can have made at a low price to renovate your bathroom or replace an old vanity. These are the most acceptable items you can get for less than $200.

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