Baer’s Furniture Winter Garden Review

7 Best Baer’s Furniture Winter Garden Review In 2021

Winter is a challenging season for gardening. The plant dies or breaks down in this season. There is no sunlight, no rain, and the soil becomes hard and dry in need of water in winter. Plants need sunlight to make food and nutrition to survive. But in the winter the sun goes down fast, or the weather is so foggy that the sunray doesn't reach the ground.

For this reason, plants don't get proper sunlight to make food and nutrition. On the other hand, there is no rain, and the weather is so dry that it makes the soil hard and dry. From dry soil, plants don't get a water supply and won't able to make food. Sometimes the weather is so freezing that it makes plants inside components go freezing; thus, the branches don't get proper water supply and food.

Luckily, one can cover their garden using plastic or fabric covers to protect their precious garden(youtube) in this harsh season.

About Baer’s Furniture

The Baer’s furniture company produces excellent quality furniture for the home, offices, and other places such as gardens. The founder of this company is MELVIN H. BAER, which was in 1945. The headquarters of this company is situated in Pompano Beach, Florida. They produce a good variety of garden furniture to help you for gardening in winter by saving your plants from this cold and harsh season.

Let us discuss some of the covers that can help your plants from dying in winter.

Best Baer’s Furniture Winter Garden

Product Image

Product Name



the Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover

GROWNEER Thickened

Remiawy Plant Covers Freeze Protection Frost

Growsun Garden Tunnel Plant Cover

Kasbon Plant Covers Freeze

1. Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover

Various size of this cover is available in the market. Those sizes are 6' round, 8' competition, 10' round, and 10' by 20' game. For those plants smaller than 2 feet, the 6 feet cover is perfect. The body is made of strong and soft material that makes the cover compatible for plants to breathe. It can be easily used. In the region of edges, there is a built in thin cord that allows securing plants. Also, for hanging plants, there is a small hole in the center of the cover.

Key Features:

  • There are four types of sizes available.
  • The 6 feet round size is perfect for plants smaller than 2 feet.
  • Plants can breathe easily because of the strong and soft material of the cover.
  • In the edges, there is a thin cord sown in the cover that secures the plants.
  • For hanging plants, there is a small hole in the cover.

2. Growneer Thickened 

The size of this plant cover is 30 feet long by 10 feet wide. If anyone feels that the cover is extended, then they can cut down the cover easily to fit it in their garden. It is made by using lightweight components. That's helped the plants breathe easily, get proper sunlight, and have appropriate water flow from the cover's surface. It helps your plants to grow correctly. It helps your plants from freezing temperature and snow flow. It is so simple to use. Anyone can use it just put it on the surface of the plants. This cover can be used for many seasons. Because it can protect your plants from high sun rays and also from birds and harmful insects. So if anyone is facing this type of insect or bird problem can buy this product for their garden.

Key Features:

  • It is 30 feet in length and 10 feet in width.
  • It can be easily cut to fit your garden. The size is improper.
  • Easy to use. Just put it over the surface of your plants.
  • Also, it can be used in summer.

3. MECO Plant Covers with Garden Gloves

The cover is constructed by using Polypropylene. This material is strong, durable. Plants can easily take breaths, and sun light can easily pass through the cover for this mild weight material. The size of this cover is 10 feet by 50 feet. If the size is significant for your garden, you can cut it and shape it according to your garden. It is easy to use by merely covering the plants and then putting some sticks or rocks or using heavy material in the cover edges to make it stable. One can add structure to the hanging cover by using garden hoops that will provide more space for air circulation. This package also includes a pair of waterproof garden gloves. In the gloves, there are plastic claws on the right gloves, which help to dig soil easily. This cover protects the plants from cold and freezing weather and protects insects, birds, pets, and snow.

Key Features:

  • It is made by using Polypropylene that makes the cover durable.
  • Sunlight, air can quickly pass through the cover.
  • Easy to use, cover the plant's surface and put some heavy object on the edges to make it stable.
  • Hoops can be added to the structure to make create more space.
  • The size is 10feet x 50 feet, and it can be cut to match up your garden size.
  • A pair of gloves come with the package, containing plastic nails to the right gloves to remove soil.
  • Protects plants from snow, birds, freezing weather, and pets also.

4. Grows Garden Tunnel Plant Cover w/Arch Shape, Poly Vegetable Greenhouse Hoops

This cover size is 15 feet by 6 feet, which can cover a big area. The cover is made up of Polyethylene. This cover package contains many components. A plants cover to protect the plants. There are four packs of stakes that have to be inserted into the ground to give the arch-type structure and produce more space into the cover and circulate air more. The cover is pinned into the ground. Twelve clips are used to attach the cover with the arch to make the cover stable for any situation, likes wind blow, immense rain, etc. It can be used in different ways and protect your garden from winter problems, and for its durability, it can also be used in the next year. It is manufacture by Gown.

Key Features:

  • The size is measured as 15 feet by 6 feet that cover a prominent place.
  • It is constructed using Polyethylene, which is strong and can protect plants from rain, snowfall, or other situations.
  •  It contains many components to give it the arch type shape and to give it stability.
  • It can be used in different ways and can also be used in the next year.

5.  Kasbon Plant Covers Freeze

It is a massive size plant cover. Its size is 8 feet by 26 feet. It can be cut into different sizes to shape your small garden as well. It is constructed by using lightweight polypropylene fabric, which is strong and is torn apart easily.  The fabric is also UV resistant. This cover can also be used in summer to protect your plants from high rays and allow air to reach the plants. To use it, one needs to place it over the plants and then use some heavyweights to the cover edges. Give the arch-like shape by using stakes that come with the package. The package contains six pieces of stakes. It can effectively protect your garden from any winter season problems.

Key Features:                            

  • A massive plant cover that can easily cover a big area.
  • It can be cut down into small pieces for the small garden.
  • It is made of polypropylene, which is also UV resistant.
  • It can be used in different seasons also.
  • There are six stakes included with this cover package, which make more space inside the cover.
  • It is 8 feet x 26 feet long.

6. Garden Plant Covers Freeze Protection 0.9oz 10Ft x 30Ft Rectangle

It is 10 feet by 30 feet long, which is pretty massive to cover up the big vegetable garden and cut to a different size to protect a small garden or plant. Six garden stakes come with this package. One can place it over their garden's surface or use them to provide an arch-like shape to the cover and add weights on the edges to give more stability to the structure. The stakes are easy to pin into the ground—the fabric of this 0.9oz./sq. Yad cover is UV stabilized and lightweight, which can be used for an extended period. The cover can be folded to protect your plants from the freezing season. One can easily fold the cover according to the temperature.

Key Features:

  • The cover is so big and measured as 10 feet by 30 feet.
  • The package contains six stakes for the cover to give it an arch-like shape.
  • One can make different sizes out of this cover by merely cutting it.
  • The fabric 0.9oz is UV stabilized and soft.
  • The cover can be folded up according to the weather temperature to protect the plants.

7.  Gardener Plant Covers Freeze Protection 0.9oz 8Ft x 24Ft

This cover can be used in both the winter and summer seasons. This cover is made by using 0.9oz./sq. Yad microfiber fabrics. It is also UV resistant. This cover doesn't only protect plants from cold and snowy weather. It can also protect the plants from high sun light. The fabric used in it is lightweight and plant-friendly. It can be re-used and doesn't block air from reaching the plants. The cover protects from animals like birds, insects, or rabbits. It can cover a massive area for its enormous size. The size is 8 feet by 24 feet.

Key Features: 

  • By using 0.9oz./sq.yad microfiber fabrics the cover is manufactured.
  • The cover is UV resistant and can protect plants from high sun rays.
  • It can be re-used.
  • Size is measured as 8 feet by 24 feet.

Buying Guides

While buying plants cover to protect plants from the harsh winter season, some essential components need to be concerned. We will now describe some of the reasons.

Some covers are made of stiff fabrics material and can pass air to the plants, and some of the covers can't pass air. So materials of the cover must be the priority to concern. If the air could pass through the fabrics or less air passes through the cover, the plants will ultimately die.

Size of the cover- The size of your garden should measure the size of the cover. Because if you buy such a big cover then your garden, you have to cut it to adjust your garden and throw away the rest of the body and cost you more money. So before buying a cover, you should first measure the size of your garden.

 The temperature of your area- Temperature is also an important issue. If the area's temperature is too low, you should buy those types of cover that can be suitable for your plants to make them warm. Or you can only buy a big cover and fold it according to the area temperature.

Multipurpose of the cover- Some people want to save money and buy a cover used in summer to protect their garden from high sun rays and protect plants from insects or birds, or other animals. If you are one of them, then worry not. You can buy a cover that is made by UV resist fabrics like the 0.9oz./sq.yad.

Some covers are big in size but can be purchased at a reasonable price                                              


As we know, trees are man's best friends. Some people love gardening, and some people plant trees to live. But for both of these people planting trees or gardening in winter is hard as plants die because of the cold. This is for those types of people who are facing these kinds of problems in their gardening. We hope that this will help you choose the perfect cover for your garden and protect your plants.

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