Top 10 Best Rockwell-f50-vs-f80 Review For 2021

Who wants to buy different tools for the other task if they get a tool that can perform multi-task with the standard and efficiency. In the past, people used to buy different tools for cutting other materials. But now, with one machine, we can cut several things and perform many more. 

You can cut, shape, trim, polish, drill, and do much more work with the right attachment. If you want to save your money on these types of work, then an oscillation tools kit would perfect for you. This machine cuts things by rotating the attachments back and forth rapidly.  There are two types of oscillation device. On the other hand, some of them are cordless. They contain a battery to power the machine.

Best Rockwell-f50-vs-f80 Review

Product Image

Product Name



Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp

GALAX PRO 22000 OPM 1.5A

WISETOOL 400W 3.5 Amp

GALAX PRO 2.4Amp 6 Variable

Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp

Some of you may want to buy an oscillation tool, or some of you may want to replace your old cutting tools with a multipurpose tool to save money. If you are one of them, then read the here are some oscillation tool that might clear your confusion, and also you may find the best tool for yourself.

1. Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

If you are a busy person and want to finish your job quickly, this will be the best machine to get. Because it is the only oscillation tool that comes with two angles. One is 3.4 degrees, and the other is 5 degrees. The three-degree angle is used to provide precisions, and on the other hand, the five-degree is used to cut things faster. This is a universal fit system oscillation. That means accessories from other oscillation will fit in it.

This machine contains ten accessories and come along with a bag. After finishing the work, you can put all your gears into the storage box quickly. Rockwell Tools manufacture it, and it contains three years of warranty.

Key Features:                                                    

  • Comes with two different angles one is 3.4, and the other one is 5 degree.
  • Can accept accessories of other oscillation tools for its Universal fit system.
  • Contains ten accessories
  • Comes in a storage bag.
  • Weight is 4 pounds.

2. GALAX PRO 22000 OPM 1.5A Oscillating Multi-Tool

It is a simple oscillation tool that can be easily controlled. Also, a beginner can use this machine by simply pressing the top switch for on and off. The head of this tool is made of metal for durability and sustainability. It contains a universal screw used to mount the attachments to the machine way faster and quickly with an Allen wrench. For easy maneuvering over the surface, there is a vibration control in it. This machine contains a 1.5A motor. The motor can provide up to 22000 oscillations per minute. Galax Pro manufactures it.

Key Features:

  • It is made with a 1.5A motor.
  • It can oscillate 22000 per minute.
  • A universal screw to hold the attachments.
  • Comes with many accessories.
  • 3.23 pounds weighted.
  • Dimension is 12.67 inches x 4.96 inches x 3.54 inches.

3. Avid Power Oscillating Tool

It is manufactured with a 4.5-degree oscillation angle. Because of its oscillation angle, it can cut woods and metals more efficiently than other tools. For changing attachments, you won't need any wrenches. You can change attachments easily and quickly by using the locking level. It contains six-speed dials to select speed depending on the usage. It comes with a total number of 13 accessories. It can cut wood 4 to 5 times faster and cut metals 2 to 3 times faster than other oscillation tools. Avid Power manufactures it.

Key Features:

  • 4.5-degree oscillation for better and faster performance.
  • Changing accessories is easy and fast.
  • Six-speed dials depending on the usages.
  • Contains 13 accessories.
  • It is 5.54 pounds weighted.
  • The package dimension is 12.64” x 6.85” x 4.25”.

4. Rockwell RK5132K 3.5 Amp Sonicrafter F30

The Rockwell oscillator will overcome your expectations because of its performance. It has a hyper lock system for attachment. That can provide 1 ton of force. So there is no worry that the extension can slip off or come out. All the significant brand accessories will fit in this machine.

To change the oscillation rate, it contains a variable selection. While using it, you don't have to worry about anything cause it withstands the highest stopping force. So you can go as hard as you can. It has a permanent oscillation angle of 4 degrees. It is the perfect machine for first cutting and easy controlling and manufactured by Rockwell Tools. It also has three years of warranty.

Key Features:

  • Only 2.9 pounds weight.
  • Comes with a storage bag.
  • Has variable selection to select the suitable oscillation rate.
  • The oscillation angle is 4 degrees.
  • Contains a 3.5 amp motor.

5. Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi-Tool

This device won’t stop under heavy loads because of its 4 amp motors. It has a 5° of oscillation angle for fast cutting. It can give you up to 20000 oscillations per minute. The blade changing system is dependent on hyper lock, and it is tool-free. The holding part is made vibration-free to cut smoother and won't vibrate under heavy pressure. You can also use other oscillator accessories with this tool. It contains so many attachments that can handle any project. It is known as one of the most versatile oscillator tools.

Key Features:

  • With a 4 amp motor, it also contains 5° of oscillation angle.
  • I can get a 20000 oscillation rate at most.
  • The holding part is vibration free for using it perfectly.
  • Comes with a total number of 33 accessories.
  • A carry bag for easy storage.
  • Weight measures 3.3 pounds.

6. STOOL 600W 5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

For increasing the efficiency and fast cutting, the WISETOOL 600W used a 5.5° oscillation angle. Also, the motor of this device is 5 amp, which is probably the highest of all. It can be used for cutting, scraping, sanding, cleaning, polishing, and many more. It comes with a straight cutting guide that helps to cut objects accurately and correctly. It contains a locking lever that allows attaching the accessories quickly without any help from other tools. A side handle comes with a device connected to any side of this machine to firmly hold the machine and give you more comfort. STOOL manufactures it.

Key Features:                                 

  • An extra-large 5.5° oscillation angle.
  • Potent 5amp motor.
  • It contains a straight cutting guide.
  • Used a locking up the lever to attach the blade quickly.
  • Provides a handle for stability and perfect grip.
  • The measurement of the weight is 5.85 pounds.
  • 13.98” by 5.91” by 8.07” is the product dimension.

7. Oscillating Multi-Tool, Variable Speed

It is probably a low price oscillator tool. It has 2.5 amp motor power. But the amusing part is with only 2.5amp, and it can provide up to 20000 OPM. For changing the speed in different circumstances, it has a variable dial that contains six-speed modes. It comes with 13 additional accessories. For attaching the accessories, you will need the help of an Allen wrench. This versatile tool is the best choice for those who can't afford a higher price multi-tool. This perfect tool is manufactured by Black & Decker.

Key Features:

  • 2.5amp motor that can produce up to 20000OPM.
  • It contains a dialer for changing the speed.
  • Come with 13 accessories.
  • Versatile and low price.
  • Weight is 4.5 pounds.

8. Rockwell 3.0 Amp Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

This multi-tool comes with a three-year warranty. The motor power of this oscillator is 3.0amp. With its 3.2° oscillation angle, it can cut things way faster. For attaching the accessories, it contains a hyper lock system. It can clamp up to 1 ton of force that ensures that the accessories don't slip away. All blades and accessories of major brands can fit this multi-tool. It also contains a variable dial for controlling the speed of this tool. Positec USA manufactures it.

Key Features:

  • Motor power is 3.0 amp.
  • The oscillation angle of this device is 3.2°.
  • The Hyperlocking system makes sure that the accessories don’t fall.
  • A universal fitting system that ensures to fit with other accessories.
  • 3.3 pounds weight with the dimension of 2.5 x 4 x 11.25 inches.

9.  ENERTWIST Oscillating Tool

With the Power of 4.2amp, the motor is entirely made of copper. It can cut 30 to 40 percent faster than other oscillating tools because of its 5-degree oscillating angle. It contains a dialer with six adjustable speeds for different constructions. It can provide up to 16000 OPM. It can cut almost anything, including plastic, metal, wood, and tile, etc. No need to use any tool for accessories adjustment. Just lift the knob, then insert the accessories and then lock the knob. It is a 33 accessories package which is manufactured by ENERTWIST.

Key Features:              

  • The motor is made of copper, and it is 4.2amp.
  • 5-degree oscillating angle.
  • Six adjustable speeds for different constructions.
  • Can provide up to 16000 OPM.
  • Universal fitting system.
  • It is a 5.33-pound weighted tool.

10. Genesis GMT25T 2.5 Amp Variable Speed Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

This versatile tool can cut objects, remove instruments, polish, and much more household work. With this machine, you can reach the corners where another device can't come quickly. This machine can produce 20000 OPM. The motor of this oscillator is 2.5A. With its quick-changing accessories system, you can change the accessories in no time. The package contains 17 pieces of accessories. Richpower Industries, Inc manufactures it.

Key Features:        

  • 2.5Amp motor.
  • Can produce up to 20000 OPM.
  • Contains 17 pieces of accessories.
  • Quick changing accessories system.
  • 3.52 pounds weight.

Buying Guideline

The oscillating multipurpose tool has a wide variety. There are available in different price and different powered. So buying it isn't an easy task. To make it easy, we will discuss some key elements that you must search before buying an oscillating tool.

Power Type- There are two types of oscillating tools available. They are corded and cordless.

Corded oscillating tools have to connect directly to the electricity to operate them. They are low in price. Also, they are highly coated with anti electric components. Moving in a prominent place isn't that easy with these types of oscillating tools.

On the other hand, the cordless ones are way easy to move with. You can move anywhere with these types of oscillating tools. But they are high in price.

So choose your one depending on your working area.

Power Setting- As we talked about before, there are two types. Cordless type oscillating tools power are set in voltages. On the other hand, the corded type powers are established in ampere. If you want to buy a noncorded oscillating, choose the voltage higher than 20 volts for better performance.

And if you want to buy a corded type, then the 5amp ones are the best for better and higher performance.

 Universal Fit system- This is one of the essential features of oscillating tools. Many manufacturers produce the best oscillating tools with the universal fit system. On the other hand, some of the manufacturers don't add this system to their product.

Suppose your accessories lost their efficiency or you lost them. If you oscillating tools doesn't contain universal fit system then it will become useless. But if it includes a universal fit system, you can use any accessories with your oscillating tools.

Therefore we recommend you choose the universal fit oscillating type.

Speed of oscillation- It is the movement speed of the head part of the oscillating tools. For better and faster performance, the higher rate oscillation speed works better. The lower ones generally make work lengthy and consume much time.

Oscillation speed is measured in OPM. We want to recommend you to choose those machines that have more than 18000 OPM.

Rockwell is an automation company that produces multipurpose tools. These tools are very versatile and efficient. These tools are getting popular day by day for their versatility. But people aren’t satisfied with all of the Rockwell tools. People want to get a very versatile tool for their DIY purpose. For this reason, they search for the best, efficient, effective, and affordable tool for their jobs.

Two of the most popular Rockwell multipurpose tools are the Rockwell f50 and the Rockwell f80. These two tools can cut things way faster than other tools. But there are some differences among these tools that caught people's eyes. They are trying to find which one is better and why. Today we will discuss about the differences between both of these multipurpose tools.

Rockwell F50 vs F80

We will discuss the differences between these tools by comparing each of the functions of these tools. Let’s get started with the differences.

Oscillation Angles

The oscillation angle of a multipurpose tool is very important. Because by knowing the oscillation range one easily understands how fast they can work with the tool. The more the oscillation angle is the better the tool is.

Both the Rockwell f50 and Rockwell f80 come with dual oscillation angles. The Rockwell f50 can provide up to 5 degree oscillation angle. On the other hand, the Rockwell f80 can provide 3.4 to 5 degree of oscillation angles. In the Rockwell f80, one can easily change the oscillation angles with the help of the side button of the head area.

Both the tools are fast and won’t stop under heavy loads. One will be able to cut anything with efficiency with any of these two tools.

OPM (Oscillation Per Minute)

OPM measures the movement speed of the blade of the multipurpose tools. How fast the machine can cut anything can be measured with the movements of the blade. The Rockwell f50 comes with 11,000 to 20,000 of oscillation speed. Which is way faster and better than the average oscillation rate of a machine.

On the other hand, the Rockwell f80 comes with an oscillation rate of 10,000 to 19,000 which is a bit lower than the Rockwell f50. The oscillation rate of both machines can be controlled by using the thumb and adjusting the dials of the tail area of the machines.

Remember that don’t always go for fast OPM multipurpose tools. Because sometimes with a fast OPM machine one can ruin the working surface.

Vibration and Heat

Vibration and heat can be very bothersome for the users. Vibration can make the work hard as for the vibration the machine can move from its right placement. The heat will make the user to feel uneasy while working for a very long time.

According to some multipurpose tool specialists, the Rockwell f80 doesn't provide vibrations. That means there won't be any problem while using the machine as it won't move while pushing hard against the surface. One can cut metal or wood with the f80 very effectively.

On the other hand, the Rockwell f50 provides vibration and heat as well. These things can be felt by the user. With this machine, one can face problems while cutting hard surfaces. Also, working for a very long time can be very problematic as the machine provides heat that can be felt by the hand.

So choosing Rockwell f50 for a long working day isn’t ideal.

Locking System

We all know that all multipurpose tools from Rockwell come with a hyper lock system. The hyper lock system is very effective for holding the blade very tightly. Both the machines come with a ton of clamping power which is way superior in holding the blade in the right place.

But there is a slight problem with the Rockwell f50. Sometimes it seems that the hyper lock latch doesn’t line up perfectly. For perfectly lining up, one has to lift the latch up and rotate it into the right position and then press it down to lock.

LED Light

Both the Rockwell f80 and f50 come with mounted LED lights on the head. But the difference is that the Rockwell f50 has two LED lights where the Rockwell f80 has only one. That means working in a little bit dark area with the Rockwell f80 can be bothersome. Whereas working in a gloomy area with the Rockwell f50 can be very easy as it will provide a very sharp view of the surface than the f80.

Universal Fit

Both the machine can work with other machine's accessories efficiently. But the Rockwell f80 isn't very compatible with other accessories. It feels sloppy and the blade will move around a little bit. Also, for removing a blade or attaching any sort of blade one has to remove the mounting pin which is kind of bothersome.

On the other hand, with the Rockwell f50, one doesn't have to always remove the mounting pin. For open ended blades, simply rotate the latch and loose the blade by rotating the latch and then attach the blade without removing the pin. For close ended blade one has to remove the pin of the machine to mount the blade.

Number of Accessories

All the Rockwell multipurpose tools come with many accessories.

Here the Rockwell f50 comes with 33 pieces of kit. In the 33 kits, there are 3 wood cutting blades made of metal. There are 26 sandpaper sheets with various grits. Also, there is an extra pin included with the kits. If the mounted pin doesn't work with a blade then one can simply remove the mounting pin and then attach the additional pin to get the perfect fit.

Both machines come with a 10 inches long electric cord. The cord is very versatile to work from a distance area from an electricity supply board.


Both the machine is available in reasonable price. The estimated prices are listed below:

Product Name


Rockwell f80

153.36 $

Rockwell f50

87.96 $

Here the prices of the products are listed on March 22, 2021. The prices can be changed from time to time so there is nothing to worry about. From the price, it can be seen that the Rockwell f50 is very low in price but the product comes with high quality.

On the other hand, the Rockwell f80 is a little bit high in price. And it is worth the price for its quality and versatility.

Rockwell F50 or F80 Which one is Perfect for a Beginner?

For a beginner DIY person, both the Rockwell f50 and f80 are perfect. These machines are very versatile and can be used anywhere by anyone. With the manual, a beginner can understand all the workability and features of these machines easily. Both machines are designed with almost the same features. Scroll up to know the differences between these two models.

Final Words

People use different types of power tools for various work types in their daily lives, which is much costly and space-consuming. To reduce the cost and reduce storage space, modern technology has introduced us to oscillating tools. This power tool can do several types of works just by changing the head blade. They are getting popular day by day because of their efficiency and fast performance. That why here we described the ten best oscillating tools in detail with a buying guide. We think that this article will significantly help you and will save your cost.

People want the best and versatile multipurpose machine for their DIY purpose. For DIY purposes, the Rockwell multipurpose machines are perfect and very versatile. In this article, we have described the differences between two of the best Rockwell multipurpose machines known as Rockwell f80 and Rockwell f50. This article can be very helpful for both a beginner and also for an advanced level DIY person.

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