Best Under Desk Heater Propane Vs. Kerosene Heater

Best Under Desk Heater Propane Vs. Kerosene Heater

The heater is used to reduce the cold from the home, office, or workspace. For using the heater below the table or desk, the heater must be fit into it. Sometimes, in that case, the user uses a portable heater which can be propane or kerosene.  Both the heaters are offering hits. For producing heat in the room and office, the size of the heater matters. If the size of a propane hitter is big, then there will be more gas on it and it also produces good heat for the room. Kerosene heater is also useful for an under desk heater. The efficiency measures based on the area of a room or the office.  Propane heater and kerosene heater both are useful and best in their way and perspective. One cannot meet the demand of propane heater efficiency by using any alternative heater and in the case of kerosene, heater words are the same.

Where to use a propane heater

A propane heater has the capability to generate heat in every corner of a room or office. Propane heater can use in home, office, garage, staff room, etc. For using it in indoor, propane heater can supply the heat to the places where ventilation, Air conditioner or central heater doesn’t reach. It has many places to put in the home or office. However, if the size and weight of the propane heater are not so big it can use as portable. The fuel or gas of the portable heater finds everywhere and it will not be so difficult for the user to carry.

Where to use a Kerosene heater

A kerosene heater can also use in indoor but there is little risk of fire. Kerosene heater produces carbon mono oxide and there have to be careful in terms of using it.  There is a high chance of meeting with fire if the Kerosene heater is not operating carefully. For using the kerosene heater, the user always has to follow the instruction or guidelines of using it. Otherwise, the result will not be satisfactory.

Which is more efficient, Propane or Kerosene?

If the question of efficiency comes, the propane heater is more efficient than the kerosene heater. Because there are not so many risks in using it home. Moreover, a propane heater gives the availability of gas anywhere. For use indoor, there will be not so much difficulty if someone uses a propane heater. There are also some advantages to use a propane heater, such as; it doesn’t create smoke like a kerosene heater. Therefore users can also get an advantage from the Propane heater tank. Even a small portable propane heater can run one and half days approximately.

For using an under desk heater, Propane is somehow best but in some situation, Kerosene heater is also best. Outdoor sites or the places where there are no fire flames things that situation a Kerosene heater can more useful than a Propane heater.  

Why kerosene heater is not efficient in under desk      

Kerosene heater is very much useful for producing heat so fast in the home, office, or garage. However, kerosene itself costly than gas and it always not available in the market. Therefore, there has a high risk of getting fire from the kerosene heater only because it uses kerosene. If anyone wants to use a kerosene heater, he or she needs to be not set the Kerosene heater besides furniture, clothes, books, files, etc. Otherwise, it will create a great mess in the office. And smoking from a heater is sometimes the reason for irritating, Propane heater doesn’t produce any smoke as well as it is not capable of producing heat like a kerosene heater. For the purpose of producing more heat a few times, kerosene heaters produce smoke.

Which one is safer?

Kerosene or Propane Heater.

Kerosene and propane are not fully safe to use. As they are heater, Propane uses gas, and Kerosene heater use kerosene. Both are very much at risk if they get fire. For avoiding the fire in the heater room there should be a good ventilation system. In terms of safety, Propane is riskier than kerosene. Because it has no scent and what if the gas is a leak from the Propane heater and it gets the fire somehow that will be destruction. In that case, if the kerosene heater leaks the user finds the smell of kerosene and the user has the chance to get rid of it. Moreover, burnable things have a great risk if the gas is a leak from the Propane heater. Kerosene is liquid and it is safer than gas leaks.

There is some risk of using the Propane heater and kerosene heater which are given below with a table:


Propane Heater

Kerosene Heater


  • The risk of getting fire through to propone heater is high.
  • If anyone failed to identify the leak in the gas tank, it will become riskier.
  • Fire gets more gas so quickly than liquid.
  • Fire can be created in the kerosene heater in a moment when its starts.
  • If the kerosene heater close to the dry things like; cloth, furniture, etc.
  • The accident could happen if the user of the Kerosene heater uses low-quality kerosene oil which catches fire so fast.


  • In a Propane heater, there is more risk if anything catches the fire.
  • If the heater room has not proper ventilation process for air inflow and outflow, then it will be because of more harm.
  • If the gas tank itself gets the fire, it will explore in the room like a bomb.
  • As kerosene is liquid, flames are dependent on the kerosene reach.
  • If there are no burnable things in the room, there will less destruction.
  • It is so easy to identify the leak of the Kerosene heater because it is liquid.  


  • Propane does not behave like a Kerosene heater. Because gas is not so much deal with the oxygen like Kerosene
  • Oxygen is the most vital factor for speeding the fire.
  • If the kerosene heater room is small and there is not so much room for oxygen, then there will be less destruction.  

Inside Pollution

  • There is not so much pollution inside or under the desk.
  • As the propane heater doesn’t produce smoke when it runs.
  • As kerosene heaters produce heat so fast, and for this, they make a good quantity of smoke.
  • Some the kerosene heater started smoking when its starts.

Measures of safety for Propane and Kerosene Heater

Both the heater is not safe because their mechanism is to produce heat. A heater machine needs the power to produce heat. The power of the heater comes from gas, fuel, or other burnable things. So for avoiding burns there need to take safety measures. Without following the safety rules and instructions from the producer, the users of the heaters face the ultimate risk of destruction as well as loss. The safety measures of propane and kerosene heater are discussing in the table:

Propane heater safety

Kerosene heater safety

  • Select a propane heater that is fit for the desk or the space in-home or office.
  • The selected heater must be approved by the Underwriters Laboratories organization.
  • If the propane heater goes through this process, it considers safe to use.
  • Kerosene heater also can use in the under-desk space or some other space where it is applicable its size and space.
  • For safety issues, the user always has to follow the guideline to use it.
  • Moreover, any things which catch fire quickly by fire should not be there, where the Kerosene heater set up.
  • A propane heater can be a blast because of oxygen.
  • The propane heater should have the features of identifying less oxygen in the room where it is set up.
  • A propane heater also has the ability to identify excess heat in the room.
  • For reducing the extra heat in the room, the heater should have the option for automatic turn-off mood.
  • A kerosene heater has lamps, candles along with kerosene, for these materials it is obvious that it creates more carbon monoxide.
  • For maintaining this gas, the user must be taking care of the Kerosene heater regularly.
  • For setting up a propane heater in the room, the user has to confirm that there have no flammable things in the surroundings.
  • Even the user should take considers other things like cloth, furniture, a decorated wall with flammable things, and much more which can easily catch the gas if there is any kind of fire.
  • For avoiding this kind of destruction they must follow the instruction to set up the propane heater in their space.
  • The space under the desk or wherever the heater is set up makes sure that space has enough opportunity to take the fresh air.
  • The room must have a proper ventilation system so that the air can easily go in and go out.
  • The Propane heater also keeps away from burnable things.
  • And take the sureness about the place which is fully safe for the place the heater.
  • Don’t keep any kind of things under or up the heater.
  • Always have the eyes on the heater.
  • Burnable things and belongings should not be surrounded by the heater.
  • The user always has to consider the place of the heater sensitively.
  • In the room or the office, there should have fire hazard availability.
  • If the blast happens, the emergency step should take a few moments.
  • The place where the kerosene heater set up should have a process that emits extra carbon monoxide from the room.
  • Don’t use the propane heater for other purposes. Like; dry burnable belongings, grill any kind of food and other things which have the use of the heater.
  • Don’t place the kerosene heater in a congested place where it has not the enough opportunity to out smoke.
  • If the heater is out of kerosene and it is stop, don’t try to fill the kerosene immediately. The user has to wait for some time to give the chance it to cold.
  • When the users leaving the room, make sure that the heater is off. Kids should be protected from the heater.
  • Make sure the place is safe for using the heater regularly not occasionally.
  • Don’t try to accumulate the kerosene heater for further use.
  • Children are also not risk-free from the kerosene heater.
  • Children must be kept away from the Kerosene heater.

By following the safety rules for using a heater, users can avoid any kind of destruction and accidents. Moreover, there also have many kinds of safety rules for using the heater cautiously. Therefore, both the heater user must be following the safety rules and regulations which are set up by the producers of the heater.

Availability of fuel for kerosene and propane

For a propane heater, gas is a must. Gas is available everywhere. Places like fuel pumps, grocery shops, and it also get by home delivery in the winter season. Therefore, there are some other convenient places are for buying the gas tank for a propane heater. Besides, Kerosene also finds in some places like shops beside workshops, some specified stores, and a kerosene heater serving a buying store. Kerosene is not so easy to get, rather gas is so much easy. 

 Which heater is best for under desk use

This is not so much a hypothetical subject. A propane heater can beat a Kerosene heater in many areas in terms of choosing one heater from two. However, a Kerosene heater can bring benefit to the people by producing more heat in less time, though it has more risk in terms of safety. Considering other reasons which are discussed above, a propane heater is best for use in the under the desk. Therefore for use in the garage or some other huge area, a kerosene heater can applicable for use. That area needs more heat and there has no difficulty with smoke.

By summarizing the whole article about, “Best under desk heater propane vs. kerosene heater” we can take propane heater for using it under the desk in our home or office. However, kerosene heaters are also fruitful in any kind of aspect.

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