Best Way to Cool Your Home

Best Way to Cool Your Home Without Air Condition

The summer heat is very disgusting to stay in a room without any air condition. It reduces your productivity by its extreme heat. On summer days, it is difficult to stay in the room in the sunlight period. The temperature getting up higher is needed for using the air-condition to get rid of the heat of summer sunlight. Not every person has the condition to use the ac. Now we know why we use the natural way to make our room cool without the air-conditioning.

Best Way to Cool Your Home Without Air Condition

Why Should You Avoid Air Conditioning?

Here we discuss why you should avoid the air condition and benefits for that.

Save Your Electricity Cost

It is usually more expensive to continue the air-condition electricity bill. Electricity cuts are the main reason for the air conditioner. While the air-conditioning runs in all the family then the situation is still quite bad in the rest of the country.

Impact On The Air Condition

It causes more impact in the environment that is why we refuse to use the ac. It increases the SEER (SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) Rating. Your air ducts air transport the rest of your home cold by your air conditioner.

To Protect Your Personal Health Care

If you think deeper then you will find many disadvantages. Also, dry out the air, which is not good for your health. If you have not to clean your ac filter that is causing many other problems for your health. Therefore, it is necessary to keep our house cool without air-conditioning.

Best Ways to Cool a House Downstairs

1. Take Advantage of Your Architecture

The most effective way to cool off a room is to pull heat up and out. It also has benefits to proper ventilation and controls humidity so that gross viscous feeling can fly away.

First, look at the layout of your house. Hot temperature problem not only for new homes but also older houses that you design features you can use. A cross air helps pull away from hot air and that is making a home feel more comfortable. You can increase the air with electric fans.

In your house, large wraparound balconies maintain proper temperatures. It is made by the external structure that consumes the direct sunlight, allowing the other rooms to avoid overheating.

2. Keep Out Sunlight

A lot of hot air comes into your home through the sunlight. Try to control these rays in a different way for every individual room with blackout curtains or shades.

Sometimes you want to need the sunlight but keep in mind that the warm air is not directly in your room, you open the windows air with a filter. It is important the color shade of the curtains is important. These color curtains heat radiates as infrared light like red, orange, and yellow will deflect the most warmth. If you need more light, you can use the solar panels screens and window tints alternately of curtains. This is the most effective way to make your room cool.

3. Close the Curtains During the Day

Curtains play an important role to make your room cool during the summer day. Curtains open will mean you give permission to the warm in your room. Thus, it is important to leave the curtains close in sunlight time and this will help you cool down your room.

Using the dark or blackout curtains will prevent the rays from overheating your room in a moment in the sunlight time. You will avoid this type of curtains otherwise; your room might turn into a greenhouse.

4. Opt for a White Roof

A white roof is not only but also is very helpful to cool the room. The black roof materials can become over 100 degrees hotter than the white roof material. Therefore, it is a great way to keep your house cool in the summer because a white roof can reflect heat. Moreover, keeping the warmth from flowing into the rest of your home.

5. Open Windows and Interior Doors at Night

We know that at night the weather is normally cool. In the summer season, the airflow is outside so you will be open the door or windows and that makes your room cool. The hot air in the room can be spread outside through the windows also. That is maki9ng the cross breeze fill with the cool air.

6. Place Box Fans in Windows

Nowadays many other interior rooms adjusted with the box fan in the windows. It is more helpful to vent the hot air out especially when outside is hotter through the windows and make your room super cool.

7. Place Ice or Cool Water in Front of a Fan

Another creative way to make your room cool is to set up the ice or cool water in front of the fan. It works like air-conditioning and that is making your room so cool for a long time. It is best working in the time when you close the door or windows and that keeps airdrop inside.

8. Adjust Your Ceiling Fan According to the Season

In the summer season, you can change the interior room selling fan setup. Selling fan has two types of way to cool the room and that depends on the blade's turn, either fan creates a breeze neither forces the warm air in. You can make it turn into two types of two-season breeze brads in the summer season or force warm air down in the winter season.

You also can optimize the selling by this method and that is cool your room

  • Clean the selling fan Regularly
  • Polish or washing the Blades
  • Fix Any Wobbling
  • Oil Your Fan joint

9. Use the Egyptian Technique

It's a DIY swamp cooler and you can make it easily by using a damp sheet as a cover to stay cool.If you try it, the less your fan set may be cooling down your muscles too much you feel uncomfortable. For creating the wet sheet, do not use much more water than the sheet, or else it will be flooded, and you will feel the cool air flowing that feel you comfortable.

10. Use Your Exhaust Fans

It is the basic common method to use exhaust fan bathrooms and their kitchen. It pulls steam out of your home when cooking and can pull heat out of your home too.

11. Take a Cold Shower

It is not only for working to make your room cool it mainly makes your body cool very much. You just take a cool water shower that makes you more comfortable. A cooling shower upgrade and fresh your mind during summer day’s high temperature.

I will try to discuss the best way to make your room cool in the hot summer season that is to protect you from the heat of the temperature.

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