Can you put essential oils in a humidifierCan you put essential oils in a humidifier

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

A humidifier is used for controlling the humidity level in-home or office. It is very much beneficial to use it in-home or office. People usually make their home for their rest or comfort. If there is a chance of getting some good things such as; fragrances, a healthy atmosphere is a home, in that case why people do not use essential oils in a humidifier. All the humidifier doesn’t take the oils for a humidifier because of their capability of the structure. There are many humidifiers in the market that one can use the essential oil into. 

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

But in this process, the user must be cautious about its ratio. Therefore, adding essential oil to a humidifier gives you healthy and comfortable moistures in your home and office. The humidifiers are not only used in the home or office, rather they can connect to the heater, air condition, or ventilation to give a healthy humidity level in the particular room in the home and office or the whole home and office. The use of a humidifier is now increasing day by day to avoid some illness that occurs because of using an air conditioner or heater.

Benefits of Essential Oil in a Humidifier

There are so many benefits of using the essential oils in the humidifier. For mitigating the pain issue of the body, get a good environment in-home or office or get a healthy and comfortable atmosphere with perfect humidity. Apart from these, there are also some advantages of using essential oils in a humidifier. Such as:

  • Get rid of allergies: There is some allergic issue with the human if they use Air conditioner and heater in their home. Not all people's health and especially the skin do not match with the dryness, extra cold situation of the home. For avoiding these allergic issues, the humidifier is the best alternative. By using a humidifier, the humidity level is in the best number and doesn’t affect the body and skin due to extra humidity and less humidity. The oils of a humidifier help to fight these allergy types of issues with the human body.

  • Avoid dryness: Extra dryness of the room doesn’t happen not only for the high temperature in the air; rather it also happens because of the hot air. By using essential oils like; cinnamon, peppermint, etc can also protect from the disease which is caused due to dryness. The main task of the humidifier is to reduce the humidity level and set a perfect humidity level in the home or office. The perfect humidity level varies from 35% to 55%. If these numbers are not maintained in the room or office, dryness will become an issue of irritating.
  • Reduce pain: Generally, most of the oils in these oils are used to mitigate the pain of body parts. So if these oils are using with the humidifier that will give extra benefit to the body as well as will play an extra role in reducing pain in the body. Therefore, the essential oil can also give pleasure to the people by exploring its sent. That also helps the nose-related problem of the human.
  • Add comfort to the sleep: All the people in the world want to sleep as early as possible when he or she has the intention for sleeping. With the benefits of essential oil in the humidifier, people get a good atmosphere to sleep with a good fragrance. By using this opportunity from humidifiers, people can sleep very easily and comfortably. 

Ways of Using Essential Oils in a Humidifier

Directly using the essential oils gives more benefits to the body and skin. Making good use of essential oil to the body and skin gives you the relief of thousands of kinds of illnesses. In terms of using it in the humidifier, the makers of humidifiers give you the instruction of using it. If anyone doesn’t maintain or follow the rules of adding essential oil in the humidifier it will no effective, rather it can bring some destruction to the humidifier. There is some category of humidifiers in the market, most especially the makers of ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t give the authority for using the essential oil in the humidifier. And the other products of diffuser humidifier like; Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser, Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Humidifier and some other variety of this kind of product give the authority to use drops of essential water in the water tank of humidifier.

Humidifier With Diffuser

A raw humidifier is not always taken the essential oils in. That time it cannot gives the license to use the essential oil in the humidifier. The diffuser helps the essential oils to defuse and makes them comfortable with the humidifier. With the perfect humidity level in the atmosphere of home and office, the fragrance of essentials oils can bring come extra comfortless to people. The diffuser assists the humidifier and it also makes an impact in terms of controlling humidity level.

 Difference Between Humidifier and Diffuser

The humidifier and diffuser are not the same. Humidifiers basically use to raise the humidity to a perfect level, whereas the diffuser adds essential oils into the water tanks to give fragrance t the room or office.

Therefore, there are some key differences between humidifies and diffuser which are given below with a table:



The humidifier makes for controlling the humidity level in a perfect position which is 35% to 55%.

It is made to spread essential oils into the room and office or another comfortable area.

Its fights with the dry air and providing the perfect humidity it removes the dry air from office and home.

It gives a good fragrance to the room from the essential oils to make the room comfortable for home or office.

Giving the healthy atmosphere in the room it can prevent asthma and allergies problem of human.

Releasing the fragrances from the essentials oils through the diffuser, helps to fight dry skin.

In the winter and summer, the humidifier can give the best output and it can deal with some human problems that occur due to high and low humidity.

In the winter season it can do the purification process without any difficulty.

Humidifier doesn't need huge maintenance and if it is maintained and clean in a proper way it can give you the best possible outcome.

The cleaning and the maintenance process is a little bit complex from humidifier. Because it need to purify the whole water tank if someone wants to use different essential oils on it.

The products if humidifiers don't make with specializing need. If different kinds of essential oils are used in humidifier then it may be caused destruction to the product.

In this case diffuser behaves so oppositely. Diffuser makes the essentials oils ready to use by diffusing it. I

It is not so noisy like a diffuser. But sometimes the product of humidifies may be noisy.

Some diffuser create so much noise that breaks the sleep of the human and some diffuser are designed with extra lighting and shape that also interfere the sleep

Use Humidifiers With a Diffuser

Humidifiers and the diffuser is not the same product. But using both of the products at a time will provide valuable output and help in so many ways.  We know, “essential oils” don’t always deal with humidifiers. And also there no need for a good fragrance, if the humidity level is high or low. So we can take each product for maintaining the good humidity level in the home as well as takes the fragrance from essential oil. Both the products are very much useful for us. Nowadays, the comfort zone of humans is increasing day by. So for meeting human demand and offer them a good healthy life and a comfortable sleep, the humidifiers are not enough for it. Forgiving extra coolness on it and giving the best fragrance based on the customer’s needs one has to use the diffuser along with the humidifiers.

Some of the Best Products of Humidifiers With Diffuser in the Market.

Humidity is the most important thing in terms of comfort. Without perfect humidity, people cannot feel comfortable for themselves. Therefore, in this modern era, there also have a demand for eliminating the pitfalls of using air conditioners and heaters on our health and skin. It is now mandatory to avoid this kind of disease like snore and throat problems, skin effects due to extra dryness, headaches, etc.

 To cope up with this problem, some of the company offers a Variety version of products which includes humidifiers along with diffuser is described below with a table:

Product Name

Product description



Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

  • It is a product with some smart features and technology.
  • It’s using ultrasonic technology for humidifiers.
  • The fragrance of these products gives a long time.
  • It has only one fill to drop the essential oil on it.
  • By one time filling, the fragrance exists 11 to15 hours.
  • With the help of ultrasonic technology, it can increase humidity without dampness.
  • It also has a timer for shut down.
  • The feature about the timer good, but if you want to do it continuously, then sometimes it needs to restart itself

Urpower Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Humidifier

  • It has a different shape and design from the other products.
  • The characteristics of this product are also different like it has the LED lights and that provide different colors.
  • The performance of this product is high because it has a big water tank.
  • The product is so stylish and can easily set up any room of the office and home.
  • Its capacity is 24 ounces and for that reason, it provides 20 hours of service.
  • It also has a timer feature.
  • Because of the high humidifier feature sometimes the diffuser leak which cost extra essentials oil.

Earnest Living White Ceramic Diffuser Humidifier

  • If the room is so small then this product is perfect to use.
  • It is also with complex structure and also has seven mode of color-changing  features
  • It is a much more complex features and it's cool when anyone uses it as a portable device.
  • It is so small. And that thing can be carried anywhere.
  • It can use in different proposes because of its small size.
  • The product is so sensitive and it needs to take extra cautiousness.

VicTsing 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • It is one of the best products with a large capacity.
  • It has no noise when it runs.
  • The design of this product gives a gorgeous look.
  • It also has the color-changing option.
  • The capacity of its water tank is 17 ounces.
  • It can provide the service for 20 hours.
  • It can use in small and medium-size rooms.
  • It also has automatic off features.
  • The tank is not so perfect and sometimes the water from the tank splits.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

  • It has the super quality of materials.
  • It is very much good in terms of speeding essentials oil in the room.
  • This product is very much convenient to use.
  • It also has the color-changing option.
  • It is more okay to fight the dampness problem.
  • It uses very good materials that also prevent chemical materials.
  • Because of its smoothness it may be slip from the hand, and the user needs to take extra cautiousness about handling it.

Therefore, there are other products that also provide a variety of features to the customer. Moreover, essential oils are a big factor in choosing the products.

Finally, essentials oils are important for our skin and health. Yes, it can use with the humidifier but there are some products of humidifiers that are not capable of it. However, if the humidifiers use with the diffusers, essential oils can be used without any doubts

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