How To Clean The Bottom Of A Pool Without A Vacuum Properly Shortly

A dirty pool can cause many illnesses, including diarrhea, ear infection, eyes, and lungs, chemical irritation, and many more. Also, a dirty pool lets to grow algae. Every owner wants their pool to be cleaned. A vacuum cleaner lets you clean a pool quickly. A vacuum will shorten your efforts and saves your valuable times. On the other hand there are several techniques to clean a dirty pool without vacuum cleaner with the right tools and knowledge. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner and are unfortunate because of your dirty pool, don't be upset. So sit tight. You will be amazed after reading this.

Ways to clean a pool without a vacuum

With the right tools and techniques, you can clean the pool. Also, you have to give a lot more effort. Here are some techniques and tools that can be helpful to clean your dirty pool.


The brush is a traditional and low costly method from all of the methods. It is the easiest way to clean the pool. There are different types of materials to build a pool. They are concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass, etc. For cleaning a concrete hard pool, you will need a firm and rough brush. On the other hand, to clean a pool that is constructed by vinyl, you have to get a soft rubber or a nylon brush. Because the surface of a vinyl pool is delicate, a stiff brush can damage the delicate surface. After gathering all the debris and the algae, use a plastic shovel to scoop out them.

Filter System

Some pool has filter system. They are convenient and let you easily clean the pool. You can use it to clear the algae and debris. But before cleaning the pool, you have to clean the filter first to make sure that it will work properly. Then you have to shut it off. After shutting it off, use a brush according to your pool type to push the small particles in the pool water. Then start the pool filter system and enjoy the filter taking care of the rest part. Also garden hose and attachment can come handy to carry away heavy algae and debris.

Leaf rake

If your pool is full of a tremendous amount of dirt such as leaves, twig, petals of flowers, and other dirt, the best choice for you is the leaf rake. But wait there, don't you dare to use a metal rake. Metal rakes aren’t suitable for the pool surface, it will scratch on your pool surface. A plastic rake won't damage your pool, and it will provide you with a suitable cleaning method so it would be wise to use a plastic rake. Collect all the dirt slowly in one place, then remove them.

Tennis Balls

Using a tennis ball to clean the pool is an enjoyable process. Because a tennis ball's surface is appropriate to get rid of insect repellant, oil and lotion come out from swimmers. You can call your children out to help you with the tennis ball throwing into the pool water. They will take it as a game and ultimately you will have a clean pool. While floating, they will suck all of the oil from the pool water. By removing the oily stains from the pool water, the balls are going to be dirty. Just remember to remove the dirty ones and use clean one till you get a clean pool. Just continue this process till the oily stains get removed from the pool water.


Now, this is a hard-working and labor demanding process. If you are free and don't have anything to do at all, and have a dirty pool, this is the perfect opportunity to make yourself useful and have a good workout. You will need a sturdy and robust brush to clean the pool with your hands. Use the brush slowly and carefully to get all of the dirt on one side of the pool. After making a pile of the dirt, use a garden hose and attachment to dispel the debris and the algae away.


Shock is the most effective and standard process to remove the algae and the dirt. Some of you may think that this is an expensive method, but no, it is quite the opposite. You have all the required elements already in your house. You will need some tools like Calcium Hypochlorite pool shock, Gloves, Eye protectors, and a bucket to use this method. For this solution you have to mix one pound shock with one pound calcium hypochlorite in a bucket of water. Then use the solution on the affected place of the pool.

You should keep the filter of your pool running for 12 hours to mix the solution to the whole pool water evenly. This will kill all the germs and the algae. The whole pool will get cloudy after this shocking process. To remove the cloudiness from the pool, use a clarifier after 12 twelve hours. If you don't have any clarifier, let the pool run for an entire day. This will clean the pool easily.

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If you are tired of algae growth inside your pool and want a solution to remove the algae, then the best way is the use of algaecide. You will find a variety of algaecide for different types of algae in the market. So before using one, you should determine the type of algae in the pool water. While using algaecide, you have to keep the pool pump running to keep continuous rotation. After effusing, the algaecide in the pool uses the pool filter to remove the dirty water for a whole day.

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Final Word

I hope you have known how to clean your pool without a vacuum. With these methods, you can clean the pool, but a vacuum makes it a lot easier. A clean pool is a must to have a healthy swim and also nutritional health the pool surrounding.

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