Cyberpunk Bedroom

Cyberpunk Bedroom Ideas

Cyberpunk is a science fiction game that is designed based on a futuristic setting. The game is designed with combining low life and high level technology. The game is liked by almost 72 percent of the game lovers. For creating the character the developer used the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves is one of the most liked actors in the whole world. He has a huge fan club all over the world.

Cyberpunk Bedroom Ideas 

Many people liked this game so much because of him. The fans became so much obsessed with this game that they want to decorate their bedroom with the graphical view of this game. One can decorate their bedroom with the view of cyberpunk if the person is related to DIY.

Elements that need to design cyberpunk interior

To decorate a bedroom with cyberpunk aesthetics one needs to have the knowledge of DIY, color and design. The decoration will need some elements. Elements like electronics, color combination, metal, glass, wood and light. These things are used in different ways to design a bedroom with a different scene of the cyberpunk. But without these elements, the main thing a person needs is innovative ideas.

There are many types of cyberpunk aesthetics. But all of these aesthetics are divided into three types which are minimalistic, chaotic and futuristic. Almost all of the scenes are made by combining these three types.

Minimalistic Cyberpunk bedroom design

One can find a vast example around them to design their bedroom with the minimalistic cyberpunk design. There are so many cyberpunk movies. Just pick up one and then choose any scene to decorate the bedroom. The best choice would be where the rich people or the villain conduct meetings or live.

Let’s talk about the room where Flynn lives in the Tron Legacy movie. We have chosen this movie because the movie is full of futuristic technology. The room of the Flynn’s decoration is easy to build up. To decorate the bedroom with the same view one just need some wood, light and glass. The room decoration is very simple to make. There are so many cyberpunk movies where one can find these types of designs.

Also, one can choose a scene from games. Games like action with science fiction will be a perfect choice. The best choice would be the portal games. Decorating a room with the same view of the portal games is very easy. One will need glass and add some retro lighting to the glass. The color changing light would be a good choice which will feel more realistic. Use some bold paint colors to draw the entry and the exit way above the doors. One can use this method to decorate the room with a space ship view also.

Chaotic Cyberpunk bedroom

One can’t imagine a cyberpunk movie or game without chaos. All the cyberpunk movies and games contain chaotic scenes. The cyberpunk world is made of high tech. In the movies or in the games it seems that the buildings are made of destroyed pieces of technology. Buildings are mounted with insane technologies and the world is controlled by the computers. The scene of cable torn apart from a big screen and hanging over the road will be a good choice to décor a bedroom.       


The futuristic means what previous people from 1960 thought about how the future would be. They thought in the future there will be flying cars, people will live on the moon and there will be lesser guns. But any of those things didn't come true. However, the technology has developed in a great way. People create movies with these ideas. There are so many movies you will find based on these concepts. You can choose a scene and make a concept like living in the moon which will be very simple to build only by using some lighting. Or you can create a flying car look by using wood and light.

Some ways to decorate a room like a Cyberpunk setting

After hearing the ideas above I hope that you are so inspired and want to know how to decorate your bedroom. Don’t be so impatient. Here are some ways how you can décor your room with the cyberpunk setting.

  • Use bright neon color with dark to create an industrial background. To make the look more realistic you can add metal bars with attached lamps and add brass faucets.
  • Add UV lights to make those colors more bright and bold. Don’t use only UV lights. Add the UV lights with regular lights. Because the UV light will feel uncomfortable after some time. Also, only using the UV light will make the room dark.
  • To make it more alike a cyberpunk setting you can use electric modern smart home technology. With a smart home technology, you can control your home security. Also, you can install apps to control your room via mobile. Add some nice lighting that can be controlled via the Wi-Fi.
  • In cyberpunk games or movies there will be always an ambulance on the roadside. To make the decoration you can use neon lights.
  • Also, cyberpunk posters. One can use those posters to decorate their rooms.

What to do to have a cyberpunk décor bedroom?  

After reading all of our ideas I am sure that you are pretty desperate to have a cyber fiction world of your own. Creating a cyber fiction world is not an easy task. There are some basic things that you need to learn. Also, you have to be familiar with DIY works. You have to learn about electronics, woodworking, microcontroller programming. These things will help you to have your futuristic world with your desired home cyberpunk design. You have to buy lights, wood, glass, microcontroller, color and other elements which means the cyberpunk decoration will also cost you a bit. You have to use your imagination power and creativity in order to make your desired cyberpunk bedroom. The process can be lengthy also.

What is Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is an advanced science fiction that is base on advanced technology and science development to get a futuristic setting. Writers observed the growth of technology, scientific advancement, drug culture and the sexual revolution to generate the idea of the cyberpunk. Writers avoided mythical tendencies of science fiction also to make the cyberpunk more like the modern world but far advance in technologies and science.

About Cyberpunk 2077

The cyberpunk 2077 is a game that is published by CD Projekt. It is an action role playing game. The game story is designed with a night setting of an open world. Manufacturers used REDengine 4 to develop the Cyberpunk 2077. To develop this game total number of 500 people worked as a team in a studio. The creator of this game is the Mike Pondsmith. The famous actor Keanu Reeves launched the game. Also, the actor has a starring role in this game. Most of the fans liked the idea, story, graphical view and setting of the game.

At the beginning of the game, there are three life paths for the player which are Nomad, Streetkid and Corpo. In the paths, the character starts a new life with local thugs and the journey begins.

Why is Cyberpunk 2077 so bad?

The gamer who bought an Xbox One or PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 had a bad experience with this game. The reason for this is the bugs. The game version is full of bugs. The company was in a hurry as they delayed three times in a row to launch the game. They underestimated the scale and complexity of the game issues which let the game down to the new last gen consoles.


Cyberpunk has become the fantasy world of most gamers. The technology and science in the cyberpunk world made people crazy about the cyberpunk world. Cyberpunk movies and games made people wild. People are so obsessed with this world that they want to have cyberpunk decorations in their bedroom. Here we have discussed about some decoration ideas and also have described about the necessary things which are need for the decoration.

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