Do you need a thermostat lockbox

Do You Need a Thermostat Lockbox? ( Smart Home Climate Center )

A thermostat is a device or sensor for controlling the heating and power system on home, office, mall, etc. Lockbox helps the operator to secure his or her control over the set temperature. In-office or where physical activity often happens must need a thermostat lockbox. Without this box, the owner faces difficulty handling the button of the thermostat. It is much more effective in the home, generally, when kids are playing with the air condition and heater it becomes more awful to the home as well as for the people. Therefore, there are very common reasons for using the thermostat. Such as: not giving any access to the common people to control the temperature of cooling and heating equipment. The common portion of its user belongs to the home or property owner and landlord. Now there has interconnection with Smartphone’s and thermostats. So it is sure that the necessity of a thermostat is not unavoidable. For people who are not used to do their cooling and heating kind of staff on time, the thermostat is the only solution.

Key Features and Application of a Thermostat Lockbox

There some basic features in the thermostat which rely on the model. But there some basic feature for all thermostat like:

  • Key.
  • Protector.
  • Device.

Apart from these basic features in a thermostat, there also have some specialized features like the protector, which can be made of plastic or metal. According to the model or version of the thermostat the feature changes. Nowadays the world runs on the basis of technology. There are almost no other things that run without the help of direct and indirect technology. The implement of a thermostat lock box become increasing day by day in many sectors. Home to hospitals, public organization to private organization, any other gets together place and almost every office in the USA use thermostat lockbox.   For copping up with the new world and have a motive to sustain in the market the thermostat should have upgraded its features as well as give options for the people. In the following table, we can see some features and applications of the thermostat lockbox along with their model name.

Model name




  • The price is almost $15.
  • It considers the best thermostat that is enough.
  • It has an updated and interesting application which was not seen before in the thermostat.
  • The box size is small.
  • It has two keys to open the box.
  • It has a quality full plastic shield.
  • Organization.
  • School and College.
  • Universities.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Big grocery store.
  • Hospitals.

StatGuardPlus thermostat

  • It is code base thermostat.
  • It doesn’t need any key; the user can set their own code.
  • The design is so nice and very easily it can set up.
  • The size is the same as the other thermostat that is it can easily fit.
  • Its price is near about $100 along with the guard.
  • It uses a very quality plastic on its protector.

Almost same like BRAEBURN 5970.

Honeywell CG510A

  • The size of this guard is not big and it’s clear to see the reading inside.
  • It also provides keys with a lock which is set earlier.
  • It also meets the demand of CT87 models which is round.
  • The price is around $40.
  • The lock is inside the shelf in terms of reducing temperature.

Applications are almost same for every type of thermostat.

Emerson F29-0198

  • The plastic of the product is clear and solid.
  • The shield of the plastics is double.
  • The product is making with one key.
  • It can set vertically and horizontally.
  • It fits with the all Emerson / White-Rodgers version of the thermostat.
  • Its price is near about $25.

Heavy Duty Metal

  • The price is over $60 along with the cover.
  • It can be mounted both, horizontal and vertical.
  • Unparallel two-way constructions that provide extra security to the box.
  • It also provides two keys and one plate.
  • This can be used in a former and new applications.
  • The Key can only be removed if the thermostat is in a lock position.

It covers both. Old ones and new ones.

Little Artisan

  • It is the first smart thermostat with wifi.
  • Very easy process for installing.
  • It can save money as well the time of the people.
  • It also has a lock that is magnetic.
  • Most convenient to use and very much adaptable to the modern world.

Types of thermostat Lockbox base

The thermostat guard has two categories. Those are:

  • Ring Base.
  • Solid Base.

Ring Base: This base is the automatic choice for everyone who uses a thermostat. Almost all the products of the thermostat found a ring base.

Solid Base: It is not so much better for a high-security thermostat. If there is an option for a low-security type of thermostat set, then the choice can be a solid base.

Number of the thermostat Lockbox

There are three types of lockboxes for the thermostat. Like:

  • Metal thermostat Lockbox
  • Plastic thermostat guard
  • Virtual thermostat Lockbox

All the guards are using thermostats based on their type and needs. If the user of the thermostat wants to set it in-home then a plastic guard is enough. Besides, someone who needs to set up a thermostat in some noisy and mass gathering place then should use a metal thermostat lockbox. Last not least, if anyone wants to operate something with his or her Smartphone or mobile at that moment it will be very handy for using a virtual thermostat lockbox. Therefore, there have some other specifications about lockbox which are given below:

Metal thermostat Lockbox: The box is covered with metal and it has so much durability power. In a metal thermostat lockbox, there has a nice and secure system for controlling. Metal security lockboxes are used in various products of thermostats. Metal lockboxes make the product more powerful by providing shields. The metals are so quality full that it will not be easy to break by the kids.

 Plastic thermostat guard: Plastic has various qualities. Some of the products of thermostats use a solid and crystal clear plastic box so that the user or operator can easily monitor and operate the machine. If a genuine plastic box is being used by the user then it will not be easy to break the thermostat by the children. Plastics boxes are so durable.

Virtual thermostat Lockbox: All things are becoming and adapting with the technology nowadays. So the thermostat discovers the type of thermostat like Little Artisan and adds wifi. Therefore, there also having an option for code to open the lock without keys. By the blessing of IT, the locks have become passwords and codes.

Advantages of thermostat lock boxes and covers

If the thermostat had no covers and shield and anyone can be using it and also gives the command for heating and cooling then what is the use for the thermostat. This statement shows the necessity of lockboxes or covers for the thermostat. It is so much necessary, without this it will be not possible to operate with a single hand. There are some benefits of it which are given below:

Controlling heating and cooling command:  If the owner or the users have alockbox, only then he or she can control the thermostat. Without a lockbox how can the owner operate it with his own wish? Kids can change the command of the actual user and that way it becomes unfruitful.

Saving money: One can save his or her money by setting a low number for heating as well as for cooling. That way t users can save a lot of money by giving moderate customer service. In offices, schools, colleges, universities, and other places where a thermostat is used the lockbox is a must for saving money.

Landlords: This can be much more effective for landlords to use the lockbox on the thermostat. If there is no lockbox whatever it is, the landlord will have no power over his or her heating and cooling system. By the use of a lockbox, the landlord can control his home with a key. 

Time to Upgrade from Thermostat Covers

A lot of money is wasted on setting up thermostats every year everywhere. Almost 60% of the people using their busk for buying thermostat and its lockboxes. Not only that it has a maintenance cost too. The question is, the world is becoming faster and technology base day by day but why thermostat lockbox is necessary. With the assist of technology, it can be turned into a more convenient way to operate. However, nowadays the upgrade versions of the thermostat try to give a variety kinds of feature which can adapt to a new era. Moreover, it is a very essential need for people to operate a thermostat without an o lockbox. So the upgrade is necessary.

You cannot deny the necessity of a lockbox for a thermostat. It gives security, protects the inner sensor, and gives a clear view of temperature data. Lockboxes are sold in the market as same as thermostats. So the people who use a thermostat, that person must need a lock box for it.

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