Does Heat Kill Mold

Does Heat Kill Mold? (Heat and Cold Treatment)

Mold is a creature that stays in the dump corner wall of a house. Naturally, we see it in the old house or a dump wall. It is one kind of creature that cannot make their foods itself. It depends on others. It takes food from other creatures.  Its looks like dirt. Some people think that it is a wall of dirt. In general, it is not a speck of dirt. Sometimes people think that “Does heat kill mold"

There are so many ways to kill mold. Mold is died by heat. To produce a high-temperature heat around 145 degrees F and 65 degrees C can kill the mold. So, we can apply it.

Does Heat Kill Mold

The Exact answer is yes. We can kill mold by heat. Mold cannot tolerate heat.  Mold dies in heat and cold. Most of the time mold died in the temperature within 146 degrees F to 155 degrees F or 65 degrees C to 70 degrees C.  Generally, we can kill the mold in different ways. Now we define 2 ways to kill mold. First of all, we are discussing heat. 

We can apply the heating system for kill mold. We have to place the material that is affected by mold in an oven. After that, we have to set the low temperature and stay in the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes we will out of the materials in the oven and wash them in clean water in the basin. Sometimes we can wash those materials on detergents mixed with water. When we want to kill the mold which is in our walls then we have to produce heat on that area by heaters. After giving heat, we can wash that place with clean water.

Types of Mold

There are several types of mold we are facing regularly.

Allergenic mold: It is one kind of mold that is responsible for causing allergies. Peoples are affected by allergies to this mold. It is not good to stay in our home. Most people are suffering from allergenic problems or breathing problems it can increase their problem. So, Peoples should clean their house on a regular basis.

Pathogenic mold: It is another kind of mold. It can be sick peoples. Sometimes peoples are being very sick from this mold. It is harmful to people. If peoples want to protect ourselves from pathogenic types mold then we have to careful.

Toxigenic mold: It is more dangerous than other types. People are being so much ill for this mold. Most people know that as a toxic mold. We have to save ourselves from this mold to clean our house within a couple of weeks.

Now we discuss different types of mold that are under the above classifications.

Acremonium Mold

Alternaria Mold

Aureobasidium Mold

It is a common mold that is found regularly on our windows. It has many colors like white, gray, etc. It is one kind of toxic mold that can be sick to people.  Peoples will always try to clean their house regularly.

It is also a common mold. Generally, we can found that the dumping wall. It stays dumping the side of a wall. It is responsible for causing the allergenic problem. Naturally, it looks like green, brown, etc.

This is also an allergenic mold. We normally found it behind the design or paint of the wall. It is harmful to people. People can be infected with this type of mold. Peoples will always try to save themselves from this type of mold. Otherwise, they can fall many problems.

Those molds are very dangerous for people. So, we have careful.

 Major Symptoms of Mold Sickness

There are some symptoms of mold sickness.

  • Coughing is the primary symptom.
  • Skin rash is another symptom.
  • Sometimes having more headaches.
  • Sometimes can be eye irritation.

Does sunshine kill mold in the house

We can kill the mold with sunshine. It is a natural option to kill the mold. To know about that mold grow on the dark and dumping area is very important for peoples.  We have to open all windows and doors in the house. When we open windows and doors then the sunshine comes directly to our rooms.

 It is very helpful for us to prevent mold. We have to clean around the house.  As much as possible, we have to open our windows, ventilators in the house. We have to recover the dumping area. Mold is like to stay dumping area. Mold like it very much because of dumping place is stay wet. When we recover it, the effect of the mold will be reduced than earlier. Otherwise, sunshine cannot kill the mold. After washed a mold-affected material we have to place it in the sunshine. So, we have to remember all things very carefully.

How to Kill Mold on Clothes

If peoples want to kill mold using sunshine, then they have to accept some things. Sometimes we find mold on our clothes. We are starting to do tension that how to recover it? If we want to clean the mold on the clothes then we have to wash them in warm water. After being washed we can hang it outside the clothesline in the sunshine for drying. The molds are dead in the sunshine. So, we can clean the mold from the clothes to follow it.

There are several ways to kill mold on clothes. We can apply most of that

  • Use of bleach for kill mold: We can normally use bleach to kill the mold. It is an easy way to clean our clothes. Firstly, we have to mix the bleaching powder into the washing machine. After that, we have to wash the clothes. We can wash our clothes like that to kill the mold.
  • Use of borax for kill the mold:  We can also use borax to kill the mold on the clothes. We can mix one cup of borax with hot water in the washing machine. We have to wash it very well.
  •  Use mold-killing detergent: Using a mold-killing detergent is easy to kill mold on the clothes. We have to wash our clothes in the water where mixed mold killing detergent.
  •  Use of baking soda:  Using baking soda for killing mold is the other way. We can also use it for killing mold.
  •  Use lemon juice:  we can also use lemon juice to kill mold.
  • So, we can kill the mold on clothes to follow above.

Is mold on Clothes Dangerous

Mold is a dangerous thing. Being mold on the clothes is also dangerous for people. Mold can cause an allergenic problem. When people wear a dress where was stayed the mold. It is not good for the people.  Peoples could be in danger because of mold. Sometimes the red spots on the body go after the mold, itching. People are being sick. They have to use medicine to recover it. Removing mold is so difficult from clothes. We saw in the last part “How to remove mold on clothes?” So, we have to check inside the dress before wearing it. Otherwise, we will have to face some problems.

Difference Between Mold and Mildew



The color of the mold is green, black.

The color of mildew is gray, yellow.

The texture of the mold is slimy.

The texture of mildew is powdery.

It is very harmful

It is less harmful than mold

Sometimes it can harm for long-lasting

It cannot long-lasting harm

Normally it is found in the dump wall.

It can found in the leaf of a tree.

How to Prevent Mold

We can follow several terms to prevent mold in the house.

  • Keep your house properly ventilated: Firstly, we have to open all windows and doors to properly ventilate. When our house is full of ventilation then mold cannot stay anymore. In the winter season, it is not possible to open windows regularly but it will better to open windows several times a day.

 Some experts recommend that people can use an automatic system that is available in the market. People know by the name of the dehumidifier. It is totally an advanced system that can understand when need to open windows. Basically, the sensor work when the humidity reaches above 60 percent.

  • Preventing mold through heating: It is one of the leading ways to prevent mold. We can prevent mold by heat.  We have to keep heat our house anyhow. We can use a heater. Using an air-cooler to keep cool our room is not a good idea. Keep cool in the room is very bad for us. The Mold gets the chance to attack our room.

The perfect temperature of the living room is twenty-degree C. It is the best temperature to prevent mold. So, people have to try to keep that temperature in their living room. It is better for them.

  • Drying wet areas: It is also a better option to prevent mold.  We have to keep dry in our house. Molds stay in a wet place. When we keep dry then mold cannot attack our house. We will try to keep dry our house.
  • Avoid drying clothes on radiators: We have to avoid drying clothes on radiators. Sometimes it can increase our problem.  After using a long time, the flash of the radiators will increase the moisture in the air and start to dump a spot in our house. We have to die our clothes instantly. After washing our clothes, we have to hang them on a rope.

We have to use always anti-mold products regularly. In this way, we can prevent mold.

  • try to warm on the house: We have tried to keep our house warm on a regular basis. We can use a heater for keep warm.

 Final word

We can know that in the above part, all about mold. We also know about different types of mold and how it works?  We know that mold is harmful for us. We have to clean mold in our house. Mold can cause different types of diseases. If we can stay careful, then we will be staying healthy.  To protect ourselves from illness, we have to clean our house within a couple of weeks.

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