How to get food dye out of the carpet

How To Get Food Dye Out Of The Carpet Properly?

Food dye is a food coloring used to deliver color in the foods to look beautiful and tasty. They aren't harmful at all. Almost all of the manufacturers use it to prepare their foods. Manufactures made it in the form of gel, powder, paste and liquid. Also, people use food dye to prepare their house food. While training, it is customary to drop some food dye in the kitchen carpet. On the other hand, you also may drop food dye on the rug while eating foods. It is not easy to remove food dye from the carpet. You will face trouble removing it.

How To Remove Food Dye From The Carpet?

You have to prepare yourself for quite a bit of hard work. Here we will give you the magical way to remove food dye. So don’t worry and don’t be upset about your carpet.

Step 1- As soon as you see the food dye's mark, you have to clean it immediately. The fast you tend, you clean, the lowest chance that it will remain on the carpet fibers. Quick clean will make it less challenging, and you don't have to put much effort. But if you delay cleaning, then it may remain there and will make things complicated. Also, you have to work hard and put more effort into getting rid of the mark.   

Step 2- If you see any leftover marks use a soft cloth or paper towel gently to clean the carpet as much as you can. If there is no soft cloth or paper towel available then you should try to use a wet vacuum, it can be very useful to clean the leftover. On the other hand if you rub the mark then it will spread more to the carpet surface.

Suppose the color is dry use cold water to wet the mark, then use a soft towel and pressure over your palm's strain. Ensure you are using the cloth perfectly and don't let the color flow to the other part of the carpet. Suppose the food dye is powder the use a spoon to shovel up the remaining. But use the scoop from the edge to the center part. That's how you won't increase the mark.

Step 3- If the mark didn’t get off, you have to make a cleaning solution with some materials. You should make the solution according to your carpet fabrics. So before making solution you need to know your carpet type first. As the food dye is soluble with water, you should use club soda. Club soda works perfectly on water-soluble marks. Use a small amount of the club soda. Make sure not to wet other parts of the carpet. One of the benefits of using club soda is that there won't be any leftovers. You can rinse the solution. After finishing using the soda all over the mark, you just let the soda stay there for some minutes. Then clean it off.

2nd Solution: If the first solution didn't work correctly, you should choose an alternative solution. For the 2nd solution use one fluid abstergent of dishwashing with a tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix them with two cups of hot water. Then pour the solution into a clean cloth. If the fabric is white, then it would be perfect. Don't use any colorful material or thing that can get out of your hands. Then sponge the marked place of the carpet. You have to make the carpet dry with dry cloths after using the solution. If you see the mark again you have to use this solution again and again till the mark gets vanished. If the food dye color is red, then don't use vinegar use ammonia.

Step 4- If there you see any food dye remaining, then don't use solutions. Use a little amount of alcohol and a little bit of hot water by rubbing. Make sure that you are drying it out after using this process each time.

Step 5- After completing degree 4, use 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide to moisten the marked area. After wetting the site, you have to let this chemical sit on the significant area for an hour. Then clean the area with a soft and dry cloth. You have to repeat this process until necessary. We hope that there won't be any leftovers after this step.

Step 6- If you don't see any leftover, you have to clean the carpet's moisture. For this, you have to stack some paper towels over the marked area and pressure the stack with something heavy. Cause it will make the humidity get removed fast. The moisture won’t remove quickly so you have to wait for some times.

Step 7- After using that many of the solutions, you will probably feel some chemical smell left over from the chemical you used. So to remove the smell, you should use a carpet freshener. It will make the carpet smell right.

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Carpet Materials      

Before using any solution, first of all, you have to know about your carpet materials. Many materials are used to make a carpet, like wool, silk, or fibers. For your concern, the carpet made of wool or silk or other natural materials is so exquisite. They can be get damaged by overusing acidic chemicals. As you know, vinegar is also acidic material. Using too much vinegar can make things much worse for you. It can damage the carpet permanently. According to the ratio or according to the need to save your carpet from more damage, you are using the vinegar.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning a food dye is quite tiresome and a little challenging. Some of you may not knew how to remove paint from the carpet, and some of you may have tried other solutions but failed. We have described lengthy about how to remove food dye from the carpet. I hope this will work for you. If it seems harsh to use vinegar for your carpet or you feel that you won’t be able to clean it by following these processes, then let the professional's do the tough work for you. But make sure while removing the mark don’t use any scrubbing or any method that will spread the food dye over the carpet

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