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Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crime?

Home is the place where people want to be safe and live peacefully. But the peace runs away when a crime occurs like when an intruder breaks into the house and takes household things away. It becomes awful when the burglar is unsolved. It feels like living in an open ground where everyone can come and go and there is no safety for you and your family members.

If a burglar breaks into any house it seems that relatives or family members suggest using a home security system. The home security system is costly which drives everyone towards a common question which is “Do home security systems prevent crime?”

You would be happy to know that yes the system does prevent crimes by detecting crimes.

Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crime?

Burglar Rate in US

According to a study of 2019, the average rate of the burglar in a minute is two. This means that within every minute, burglar strikes in two of the house of the United States.

Also, according to another study, in 20 years from four houses, three of the houses will be broke in by burglars.

The average property loss by home invasion is almost 2,500 dollars in the USA.

If we compare the burglar rate with previous years, it will be seen that the number of the burglar is decreasing day by day. This is a matter of joy. But the fact is the property crime via burglar hasn’t stopped at all. So it would be foolish to think that one is safe from burglars.

The Time When Most Home Break-ins Occur

Basically, burglar strikes occur in the residential area most. One will be amazed to know that criminals predetermined the house where they want to break in. There is some specific time when a burglar strikes the most. Now, some of you may be thinking that burglars strike at night. But it is quite the opposite.

As we said before that, criminals predetermined the house where they want to strike. They read the movements of the house members. They take note of when the house remains empty. It often seems that the hour when the house owners are not available the criminal break-in because there is no worry of getting caught.

Another hour is the middle of the night when the home members sleep peacefully. The thief gets the perfect chance to rob the house.

Also, according to the US Department of Justice, the rate of the household crimes increase during the summer seasons.

About Home Security System

One of the best and safest ways to prevent house break-ins crime is the home security system. The home security system includes door locks, motion detector sensors, alarm systems and security cameras. This hardware is very effective in determining crimes and criminals. As we all know that without proper evidence, there is no way to determine crime. The home security system collects all the information and alarms the homeowner or the security controller which is very effective in determining the crimes.

According to the US Department of Justice, the common entryway of a burglar is the door or the window. If one uses a motion detector sensor in these places a slight movement will be recognized and instantly notify the owners.

Alarm is one of the most effective home security system equipment. After detecting any movements by the sensors, the alarm makes sounds that will notify the homeowner. Also, the sound can scare away the thief before the thief gets the chance to take valuable properties.

On the other hand, the camera is the best security system that has been used for decades. All the crime controlling departments use the camera to find any evidence as to the camera stores direct footage of crime evidence. Installing cameras inside the house or outside the camera will be able to capture the footage of the burglar strike and which is very helpful to capture the thief.

Also, some home security system provides glass break sensor which is very helpful when a burglar tries to enter the home by breaking the window glass.

However, some home security system provides real time messages to the homeowner instantly which is very effective if the owner goes for vacation or in a trip.

Some Disadvantages of Home Security System

The one and only disadvantage of the home security system is the cost. The home security system is a costly process in order to secure one's house from any crime.

Basically, there is an initial cost when the home security system is installed. To install a home security system one needs many hardware like a camera, sensors, wires, locks, etc. This hardware costs a bit of money at a time. But hey comparing to the average burglar cost it is nothing.

If you want the highest security system then you may have to choose a professional security system where a professional person monitors your house in order to save the house from crimes. This will raise monthly or yearly costs. Also, you may want to back up the home security system at the time of power outage by using a battery which also increases the electric bill.

There is also another cost which is the cost of contract length. Some company provides multiyear contract and some provide a monthly contract. As we all know the contract will cost money. On the other hand, there are some companies that provide a monitoring app that is used to monitor the home by the owner. These systems also have app management costs.

False Alarm- Rather than cost there is another disadvantage of the home security system and that is a false alarm. The false alarm is very annoying. Sometimes it seems that the alarm wakes us up in the middle of the night unnecessarily which is very scary. Sometimes the police charge a fine for unnecessary alarms.

Some Other Ways to Secure The Home

If the home security system feels very costly for you to afford then you should use alternative ways to ensure the safety of your valuable properties. Here are some alternative ways to ensure the home safety:

  • Always keep the door and the windows lock in order to keep the intruder away from the house. If you feel still unsafe then you should add safety grills in front of the door and to the windows.
  • Keep a dog for your house. According to a study, the home intruders avoid those houses that have a dog. As the dogs bark after seeing an unrecognized person, which will alarm the house owner.
  • Install a timer for the lights which is a very helpful way to prevent intruders when you are away from the house.
  • Don't let any unrecognized person get inside your house.

Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crime?

Obviously, home security systems can prevent crime a lot.

In owns house if one person can stay fearless of losing his/her money or properties this is too much joyful. But this is not happened as usual. People in some areas are so much fearful to lose their money/properties from their house. Some burglars are very active in their areas so that people cannot stay in their home without fear. So preventing this type of burglary we should take step with home security systems as hard as we can.

Now large numbers of people are investing money in home security systems. They invest a little into home security systems to save their big amount of capital from burglary. It will be very effective.

Why Do We Need Home Security System?

Mainly the home security system aims to protect your money from the burglary. The most essential reason to invest in home security system is to protect your properties and deter crime in your home.

You also keep your mind peaceful. Having a home security system in your house, you can achieve some peace of mind knowing that your home is now under strong security protection. You can enjoy your sound sleep. Now in this era you have also wireless home security system which is connected through internet so that you can check your home from around the world. You can travel free without any fear of losing or bur glaring something from your house. You can check always time to time your home condition is it better or getting dangerous. You can also know the update your family safety when you are staying far from your house. You can keep yourself out of targeting from the burglars because when the know the home security system about your house they cannot burglary from your house easily.

So this is home security is badly need for us.

Wireless Home Security System

This article describe that the most important consideration while buying hardware based security system or a wireless home security system.

  • Reliability: This is the most important criteria. You can choose wired or wireless security system that should be very reliable to use. Today in modern time wireless security system is very much efficiencies than the wired connection. Wired system may sometimes very difficult to use or handle all over process. Sometimes it is not strong enough to detect thieve. But wireless security system is better than wired system if it is installed by any professional. It will not be give you any false alarm. But you should aware of that the security system has been installed properly by any professional system manager.
  • Time and Money: The cost of wireless security system is more than the wired system. Wireless system components are costly. But it is very easy and short of time to install than the wired security system. When you check your home via wireless home security system it is very fast from the wired security. If internet connection will not be lagged then you will check as fast as you want. This is not be happened in hardware/wired security system.
  • Modifying need: Every family’s need is not same as always. You may have changed your house or move from one place to another for living. Then you may renovate your house. So that time you can easily add your wireless security system, easily add safety devices and wireless detectors. In the other hand the hardware/wired security system is not easy to reinstall again in your new house. It will be difficult for reinstalling again from start whole setup by physically. But wireless system is suitable for modifying from agent office also. Just setup the software manually then again it will work as before working clearly. 

Security Systems For Home With Camera

You can use camera as your home security system. Now-a-days internet connection is in everywhere. So it becomes easier to protect your home from burglary with just your Smartphone and application is installed in your mobile set. Using this security application you can excess your gate lock, your properties in home and also your family viewing with camera security. You can do it not also just in your home but also far away from out of your house. Having lower cost it is customized with high smart security.

Wireless security camera system is very much effective for our home protection. This wireless security camera not also detects motion but also record as the same time. Depending on your needs you can take more functions system that you can monitor yourself 24/7 if you want. But you should pay more for this. You can monitor your house from anywhere when you are on vacation and far away from your house. For sure, how much you can pay them; you may get more coverage you want.

You can use single camera inside your house and outside of your house also separately. If you have a big house you can use the security system full area of your house installed by a professional. Then you may need Wi-Fi based high security camera. Usually it is 1-2 Mbps per device, but it depend on the camera and video quality that camera are selected by you. You don’t need any other things to setup this security camera. Just need strong internet connection for getting service properly.

Camera security system is the best for home security in this modern era. It is so much comfortable to use and handle it easily from anywhere you will stay. Through this you can check your home properties and also family as much as possible.

Home Security Alarm System

People think that this alarm security is complicated to use. But in reality this louder alarm is better from other type of alarming security system. It provides an effective burglary deterrent. You should set a louder alarm which is ring very loudly at least 30 seconds for preventing burglary.

Modern digital home alarm security system is provided so much very efficient features along their system. They provide self monitoring features when the thieves arrive then the alarm will ring loudly and of course you will notify through your mobile phone or text message. If you want more securities you can add also the police station emergency number while the alarm is continuing his alarm. You must do this because when you are out from your house, then if alarm is ringing and police station or your neighbors will hear this security sound they can protect your house from these burglars. Police can catch these burglars inside your house also. So you can connect your alarm devices with your nearest police station as an emergency case. It’s up to your choice if you can invest more you can get better security system for your home. If you invest more your home security will be stronger. 

How to Stop and Scare Burglars From Targeting Your Home

No one expect that their house is under dangerous by burglars. No one will be happy if their sweet house is targeted by the burglars. Nobody expect this kind of horrible situation. But recently according to FBI reports there are increasing average rate of 345 burglaries per 100,000 people in 2019.

It is difficult to protect your house from every single risk. But still there is some process to reduce this burglary happening with you.

There are some important things you should do to scare burglars.

  • Leave attention in grabbing exterior: If your house is surrounding the eye catching flower garden with some costly decorations. It will be affected by the burglars. The think that you have so much money that you can invest in your decorations so that they influence to burglar from your house. So you should not do that type of decorations in your house or you must set a strong home security system in front of your main gate of your house.
  • No visible security signs: If you set an alarm or camera home security you should keep it hide as much as you can. Because if it is visible to all the burglars can easily defeat it. So if it is not visible to anyone then a fear is must working on the burglars mind where the CC camera or alarm or any kind of home security system.
  • Use indoor lights visible: When you are not stay at your home, you may turn on at least one indoor light to visible to everyone from the outside. So this is always a scary thing for burglars to target your house because they think someone is inside at your house.
  • Keep your door locks strong: You should keep your door lock more strong enough to protect your property. When it is very strong door lock or something in your security system. It seems to be harder to break this lock so that the burglars will not target your house comfortably.

At last this is summarizing that all we need home security system for comfortable, secure and safest living life. Camera is most effective and more useful part of home security systems. It works over Wi-Fi. This internet including Wi-Fi is main target for hackers. So you should more aware using this. Network is the weak part for our system. It is always dangerous for internet connected security camera and the router itself.

So this is not hardware hacked, it is software hacking which is so much dangerous for us. Hackers can access all our online based data and also camera recorded footage. So you must be very careful about this. The homeowner should change the default setting; I mean Login and admin panel default information which is mostly targeted by the hackers.

Your home security system will know the routine of your daily activities. It knows when you in home or far away from home. It also knows the common movement routine inside your house. This all data are most important for you also the burglars who are trying to burglary from your house. So you should be careful when this home security system is installed in your house.


According to the statistics, the home security system is very effective in reducing burglar strikes. The system prevents crimes and able to determine intruders so one can get back the lost properties. But only almost 30 percent of the people use the home security system in the US. Other homeowners use different methods in order to keep the home safe. But compared to other systems the home security system is the safest.

But it doesn't mean that one is fully safe from intruders. Also, there are some disadvantages of the home security system too.

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