how does a microwave work

How Does A Microwave Work Properly

Microwave is one kind of cooker. We can cook very quickly by it. It can save time for us. It is a straightforward method for cooking. We can make different types of taste dishes by using it. It is also very essential for them who aren't expert at cooking. A different kind of food can be cooked within one or two minutes by pressed a few buttons.

Microwave became famous in 1970. It is one of the best choices for cooking. Few housewives, students and boys are also can be cooking different taste dishes by it.It is very faster. But we have to use it carefully. The microwaves have a device called a magnetron. Microwaves heat food like the sun heats. We can save our most of time by using it. But firstly we should know how does it work. Let's see how does it work. Now a days Under Cabinet Microwave is most poplar for house hold activities.

How do Microwaves Cook Food

It has a sturdy metal box inside. There has a microwave generator called a magnetron. It looks small size but carries a high heat. Different foods have different limit to cook. But it can also be harmful to us if we don't be careful. This sturdy box is accommodating for safety.

  • It can take electricity from the power outlet and converts it into high-powered, which is up to 12cm (4.7 inches) radio waves.
  • It has a turntable. The food which we want to cook sits on it—and spinning slowly around so the microwaves can cook it genuinely.
  • It just like light bounces off a mirror. The microwave makes heat inside the box.

It helps make the molecules inside it vibrate more and more quickly. Then the food becomes hotter.

How Efficient are Microwave Ovens

The microwave oven is more efficient than other forms of cooking. It is very faster than another cooker. It also makes your kitchen beautiful and attractive. But you can't cook everything with it. Example: you can't make a small quantity of food by it. Like a cup of water, you can't make it by it. When you try to microwave any kind of food, you are also powering an electric motor. That motor spins a relatively. A magnetron will get hot. So it is not perfect for efficient at converting electricity into microwaves. It has an electronic circuit, a timer display, and probably a cooling fan.

Benefits of Using a Microwave Oven

Microwave is faster than another cooker. It is swift to cooking and re-heating. Some vitamins are retained because longer cooking times can destroy beneficial nutrients of the food. Microwave is an electric cooker. It needs no gas, charcoal or oil, which can reduce their carbon footprint and eliminates pollution beyond that which is created in the production of electricity. It can also make your kitchen beautiful. It can save you time. Everyone can cook by it. It has no any difficult rule to use, but we have to aware when we use it. Without awareness, it can be a blast. And can make an accident. So, knowledge is a must to use it. Effects on Food and Nutrients.

The microwave oven is a metal box. It has a microwave generator which through it can cook. It can't come out from the microwave oven. Even, it reflected again and again and made help to cooking food. It also has a safety fiction, and if you open the door of the microwave oven, it will be closed automatically. But if it can come out from the microwave oven be mistaken, it couldn't do any harm to you because it has energy. The energy is decreasing if it comes out from the microwave oven and makes it like a cellphone. A cellphone or wifi power couldn't harm you. So the microwave is safe to use. But we have to aware when we use it because it is an electric cooker. Electricity can damage if you aren't mindful.

Uses of Microwave Oven

We can use a microwave for different types of cooking. Like Re-heating food, baking, Disinfect kitchen items, Making citrus fruits juicier, Heating beauty products, Roasting garlic, De-crystallising honey, Proofing yeast etc are the top uses.

If you're a food microwave is best for your cooking. You can make a different type of foods by it within some minutes. It is straightforward to use.

  1. Re-heating food : A microwave is essential for re-heating. It retains vital nutritions and doesn't make foods soggy. Microwave can re-heating any kind of foods very nicely.                              
  1. Cooking: You can cook a lot of foods by microwave oven such as baking, grilling, roasting, blanching, boiling and steaming food items. You can make different kinds of food by microwave oven without any other kitchen appliances.
  1. Disinfect kitchen items: Microwave can help you to disinfect kitchen items such as plastic cutting boards and sponges. You should just soak your sponges and cutting boards in some lemon juice after that heat them for a minute.
  1.  Making citrus fruits juicier: The microwave oven has one other exciting use. You can use it for making citrus fruits more succulent. You can microwave fruits before making juice just for 20 seconds. You can get to squeeze out of lot more fluid.
  1. Heating beauty products: You can also use it for your beauty products. A microwave oven makes things much simpler and less messy. You can use it for the microwave to heat facial masks, hot oil conditioning packs and re-heat gel packs quickly and safely.
  1. Roasting garlic: A microwave oven can be roasting a bulb of garlic takes about 45 minutes, you can do it in 8 minutes using a microwave. Follow some simple steps just season your garlic bulb, cover it with a plastic wrap, roast it, and it is ready.
  1. De-crystallising honey: It can also de-crystallising your honey. You should grab your jar of solidified honey, open the lid and microwave it for about a minute. Now you never need to throw your baby.
  1. Proofing yeast: You can also do proofing yeast by it. Usually, an oven takes an hour, but you can do it in 15 minutes. A microwave oven is one of the best choices for cooking. It saves time and also easy to use. You can make different foods quickly by it. But you have to be aware when you use it. Without having awareness, it can cause an accident.Read more related article : Chickasa Mugs

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