How Much Does A Hammer Cost Properly?

Probably all of you have come to face with a hammer. Hammer is a handheld tool that contains weight on its head along with a long handle. There is a huge variety of hammers available in the world. The cost of a hammer depends on its type and size. An average price of a hammer can be 10 dollars to 50 dollars. There are so many low price hammers available. The price of a soft cost hammer can be from 7 to 25 dollars. On the other hand, there is also a good quality hammer. The cost of a good quality hammer can be 50 dollars to above.

How Much Does A Hammer Cost

Hammer is an ancient tool. More than 3.3 million years ago, it was invented. The first hammer was made only by rocks. Older adults use it to break things to hunt and get food. But the modern hammers are way more advanced. They come in so many varieties.

Types of Hammer

There are so many types of hammers available in the market. Each of the hammers has a different purpose. Some of them are used to break things, some of them are used to pull nails, and some are used to shape things. Let’s have a brief look at those types. Read More: Electric Water Heater Review

Claw Hammer- Now I know all of you have seen this hammer somewhere in your life. It is the most common hammer. In all of the houses, this hammer is available. The front of this hammer is round shape like any other hammer, but the hammer's backside, which makes it different from others, is the curve shape claw design. This design is used to grab nails and pull +it out from any place.

 The handle of this hammer can be made of wood or steel. For better gripping, a rubber grip can be attached to it.

Ball Peen Hammer- Its round peening shape backside can recognize it. These hammers are used for giving shape to the metals or rounding the edge of the metal. Engineers generally use this hammer. They are also known as machinist's hammer.

Framing Hammer- It is similar to the claw hammer. The claw of this hammer is straight. It is constructed of steel, and the handle is built of wood. These types of hammers are made for framing a wooden house.

Sledge Hammer- These hammers can be recognized by their long handle design and both side of similar heads. It is made for doing heavier jobs. Like breaking heavy concrete or implant in a pillar by using heavy blows. The large handle is used to gather momentum while giving heavy blows.

Lump Hammer- It is a small handheld sledgehammer. That is used for driving nails and for cutting metal or stones. The handle of this hammer is constructed of wood. It is very suitable for household work and is also known as a club hammer, cracks hammer, or mini sledgehammer.

Joiner's Mallet- It is a simple, lightweight hammer. Use to tap wood joints to get it together. Because a metal hammer can damage the structure of the wood or eventually break it. The whole body is made of wood.

Size of a Hammer

The size of a hammer depends on the work. Suppose for inserting a nail into something, and you will need a hammer which size is medium range. On the other hand, you would need a hammer with a long handle for breaking something or inserting a pillar. The longer the handle is, the more decisive the blow. The long handle will give you more momentum than the medium or short-range hold. But for household work, you should choose a hammer that is medium in size.

Materials of a Hammer

As you know, the hammer is divided into two parts. One is the head, and the other part is the handle. The head of the hammer will be constructed depending on the work. Like for doing heavy jobs head of a hammer will be built by metal or steel. On the other hand, for doing light jobs like getting wood joints together, the head shouldn't be built with steel or metal. Cause that will ruin the shape or else can break the wood. The handle of a hammer can be constructed by steel or wood, or fiber. Also, they can be cover with a rubber grip for better gripping. Most performance of a hammer depends on the handle. More comfortable the handle grip will provide a good outcome.

Weight of Hammer

Controlling a hammer mostly depends on the hammer's weight. If the hammer is too heavy, you won't be able to handle it easily. The average weight of a hammer should be like 3 kg to 7 kg.  Also, the heavier hammer weight can be 8 kg to 16 kg. The weight of the hammer mostly depends on the hammerhead. The importance of a hammer depends on the work. For doing heavy jobs like breaking down concrete or wall, you will need a long handle heavy hammer. On the other hand, you will need a lighter hammer with a short handle or small handle for inserting nails or attaching joints.

How To use a Hammer?

Before using a hammer, you have to know many things like the right hammer, eye protection, holding the hammer, holding the nail, and the hammer's swing. Let’s have a quick peek about how to use a hammer.

  • First of all, you have to choose the right hammer for your job. Now you may think that A hammer is a hammer what to choose. But no brother, each hammer comes with a different purpose. Some of them are built for breaking, some of them are made for inserting nails, and some are used to give shape. So choose the right one for your job.
  • Eye protection is essential. While you are hitting the nail, the nail can change the path by the pressure and deflect to your eyes, which can permanently damage your eyesight. So always use eye protection.
  • For holding the hammer correctly, you should have the hammer from the end of the handle. That's how you can control the hammer entirely.
  • Then you have to hold the nail properly. Some people use to grab it at the bottom, which is a huge mistake. Cause if you miss the nail head, the hammer will hit your finger to the surface of the object.

Final Verdict

Hammer is most likely a regularly used object. From building a house to breaking it hammer plays a vital role. There are different hammers with different prices. Here we have talked about many types of hammer and expenses and their works. Also, we have talked about how to use a hammer properly.

So please read it and enjoy building or breaking with hammers.

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