how often replace bed mattress

How Often Replace Bed Mattress

Sagging mattress means the deteriorations of mattress arise from inadequate support from below, pressure from the user's body, disruption in the mattress's internal support, and quality of the materials. But mainly it causes by the old age of the mattress. The foam used in the mattress gradually softens overtimes. This looks bad and causes serious health issues, such as allergies, asthma, sleeping trouble, spinal pain, headache, etc.

Luckily this sagging problem of the mattress can be solved by using many methods. One of the most common ways is using plywood beneath the mattress. Because an excellent mattress is expensive, for this reason, the general public cannot buy it right away, so people can use plywood as a solution for a frequent time. It is less costly and so easy to use.

Sagging reasons for a mattress 

One of the most common complaints about a mattress is sag. There are many reasons for it. Some of them are listed and described below.

Inadequate support- Normally, we don't use any support for a mattress from below, which leads the mattress to sag. We sleep in a particular area of the bed. For this reason, there is always pressure on a certain area of the mattress for our weight. If we don't use any support in this area, ultimately, it will result in sagging.

Compromising the quality of the mattress- One of the significant reasons for sagging is the quality of the mattress. For increasing profit, manufacturers compromise the quality of the mattress by using low-quality materials (foam, straw, cotton, spring), which reduces the stability, performance, and the period of the mattress and cause sagging.

Box spring- It is an important part of the bed. The rule of a box spring is to support the mattress. An old box spring or damaged box spring causes a mattress to sag, which is a common matter. So the user should replace the box spring, which is less costly than replacing the mattress.

Sleeping in the same area of the mattress- Sleeping in the same area for a long time causes sagging of the mattress. Generally, we tend to sleep in the same area of the bed, which weakens the layer of the area, which causes discomfort and physical injuries. So users should rotate the mattress to reduce the problem or can change the sleeping habit.

Period of the mattress- The more old the mattress is, the more it will sag. Generally, people use a mattress for a long period, which reduces the durability and the strength of the mattress. A good mattress can last for a long time. After a long period mattress should be replaced in order to reduce health injuries or sleeping problems.

 Foundation of the frame- Fragile foundation of the frame also causes sagging. The Foundation of the frame is mainly designed to provide support and prevent sagging. If the Foundation is fragile, then the mattress will be sag. For these reasons, many manufacturers suggest using a specific frame to prevent hanging issue.

Maintaining the mattress- Maintaining mattress means preventing water or any liquids from falling into the mattress, which causes the mattress to shrink. Also, the mattress should be rotated after some time.

 Fixing a sagging mattress using plywood

Plywood is created by gluing together a thin layer of wooden veneer. If the lack of support causes the sagging, then plywood can be used as a fixing method of the mattress. It is an easy and low-cost method, but it is so helpful.

  • For using plywood as a solution, we have to determine the sagging area, like how deep the sloping is.  
  • After measuring the depth, we have to cut the plywood according to the measurement.
  • Then we have to place it between the mattress and the box spring under the sagging area.

The thickness of the plywood depends on the type of mattress. We have to consider that the plywood shouldn’t be much thick. Or else it won't feel the same as the rest of the area. Also, the plywood shouldn't be much thinner. Cause thin plywood won't be able to support the mattress.  Ultimately it will break down. We can use plywood according to the area where we sleep most of the time.

That’s how we can use plywood to support a sagging mattress. This is about Under Stair Storage.


Using plywood for a sagging mattress is easy enough to increase the consistency of an old mattress. Also, plywood is less costly than other methods. Plywood is less costly than replacing a mattress. Using plywood on an old mattress increases the time period of the mattress. Plywood can also be found anywhere. It is so easy to install that anyone can use it by using some simple measurements.


Using plywood to fix a sagging mattress is helpful. But it is a momentary solution. Because the sagging problem can’t be fixed completely in that way. As we know, one of the major drawbacks is mildew growing on the plywood. It causes because of the air circulation, usually in the moist area. Mildew causes softening of the mattress, which leads the mattress to sag more and more. Old mattress causes more mildew growth. Another problem is the surface of the plywood, which dulls the mattress layer.

Some alternative ways

A mattress cover can be helpful to secure the mattress from getting sag. There are several types of mattress cover, but manufacturers recommend a 4-inches thick cover. Proper rotation is needed to prevent the mildew growth of the mattress. Also, rotating lead to the unused area of the mattress. Also, using pillows can temporarily helpful. Purchasing a new box spring can be very helpful to overcome the sagging issue.


So it can be said that sagging mattress can be solved by using plywood. As we mentioned, sagging mattress causes serious health problems. So users should take action before tribulation arise. Using plywood properly under the mattress as instructed can be useful for spinal pain and reduce sleeping trouble.

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