How to Clean Concrete Patios?

People always seem to keep their homes indoors clean. They always use the top cleaning product to clean their home interior. But people often ignore the patio which is very bad and lays a bad impact on their personality in front of the guests.

Our patio always faces all the harsh weather like rain, sun, storms, dust, and many more. It gets dirty often. And if the patio is dirty then the inside of the home gets dirty very fast. Basically, the patio is made out of concrete. The concrete patio can be designed with colors to make the outdoor more gorgeous. But if the patio isn't cleaned well then it will always look bad no matter how gorgeously you design the patio. Besides after a party, it is obvious to clean dry home and also concrete patio.

How to Clean Concrete Patios?

Methods to Clean Concrete Patio

There are several methods to clean a concrete patio depending on the various situations. As the work will need effort it would be wise to a little bit gloomy day. Also, on a gloomy day, the solution you will make to clean won't get vaporized easily. However, always remember to remove all the furniture and important things from the patio before cleaning it.

Here are some methods to clean concrete patio:

1. Loosen Debris and Leaves

If the problem is only the debris and the leaves then one can simply clean the concrete patio easily. If the debris and leaves are loose and haven't built in for some days.

To remove the debris and the leaves one can use a blower. With the help of a blower, one can easily remove the debris and leaves. And if the debris and the leaves are building in for some days one can use a hose to clean the concrete patio.

On the other hand, if the dirt, debris, and leaves are building up for fewer days then one can use a pressure washer to remove some of the old dirt, debris, and leaves.

But if there is mud, debris, fungal growth, stains, and mildew in the concrete patio then follow the ideas below.

2. Red Mud and Rust Stains Cleaning From the Concrete Patio

In some areas of the country, there are some areas where the soil is red and contains a high amount of irons. Also, sometimes it seems that from the metal furniture the concrete patio is having rust stains. Both the red mud and rust stains should be treated in the same way.


  • Oxalic acid containing commercial cleaner.
  • Nylon brush.
  • Power washer.

Step 1- First of all remove all the loosened debris, dust, and leaves from the patio. Then use the cleaner all over the stained area. Make sure all of the stained areas are covered.

Step 2- Use the nylon brush and rub the areas. Rub all the stained areas perfectly and nicely.

Step 3- After rubbing all the stains use the power washer to wash the patio and let the patio dry.

If you still find stains on the patio then repeat the process till there is no stain leftover.

3. Removing Mildew From the Concrete Patio

It often seems that the patio is covered with mildew. Mildew grows often in humid areas. If you see mildew in the patio then follow this step to remove the mildew. With this step, one will be able to kill the spores of the mildew also.


  • Chlorine bleach.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Old clothes.
  • Safety goggle.
  • Nylon
  • Power washer.

Step 1- First of all ensure safety. Wear the safety goggle. Also, it would be wise to wear old clothes while working with bleach as bleach can ruin clothes.

Step 2- After that, make a solution by mixing the bleach into the water. Make sure to keep the mixing ratio 1:2. Here 1 is for bleach and 2 for water. Prepare the solution into the spray bottle.

Step 3- Before using the solution make sure to cover the green areas like the small trees or the grass with old clothes. Because chlorine bleach is very dangerous to all the green.

Step 4- After covering all the green and ensuring safety now you can apply the solution to all over the stained areas. Make sure to apply the proper amount of the solution to cover all the stain areas.

Step 5- After using the solution wait for some time depending on the density of the mildew. One may have to wait for more than 30 minutes depending on the density.

Step 6- Then use a power washer to clean the solution. If you don't have any power washers you can use a garden hose to rinse the concrete patio. But will consume a lot of effort.

I hope after the first wash there won't be any leftover. If there is any mildew stains leftover then repeat the process.

4. Cleaning Unsealed Concrete Patios

If there are some light stains over the unsealed concrete patio then it can be cleaned easily with the help of elbow grease. However, if the unsealed concrete patio is covered with heavy stains then one should follow an alternative way. Here is a solution one can follow.


  • White vinegar.
  • Baking soda.
  • Bucket.
  • Blower.
  • Garden hose.
  • Nylon brush.
  • Sponge.

Step 1- For removing heavy stains from the unsealed patio first of all one must wet the patio with the help of the garden hose.

Step 2- Now it’s time to prepare the formula. To prepare the formula take one cup of baking soda in the bucket and add two cups of white vinegar and mix them. Prepare the amount of solution depending on the area of stains.

Step 3- Then use the formula over the heavy stains and use the sponge to spread them to the stains by simply rubbing.

Step 4- After that wait for some time and let the solution sit properly on the stains. Then use the nylon brush to rinse the stains. Using a long handle brush can be suitable for this process.

Warning: DON'T use any metal brush. A metal brush will ruin the surface of the concrete patio.

Step 5- Clean all the solutions from the concrete patio. Make sure to clean the green areas beside the concrete patio.

After finishing with the process make sure to dry up the patio completely before using the patio.

How to Clean Concrete Patio Without Pressure Washer?

Cleaning a concrete patio with the help of a pressure washer is effortless and easy. Though it may seem effective, it can damage the surface of the concrete patio as well. Using a pressure washer will allow algae, mold, and mildew to grow even faster. Therefore it would be wise to use commercial cleaners with and nylon brush and garden hose to clean the concrete patio with ease.


People like to spend their free evening time on their patio. Even some adults use the patio to held parties. Therefore it is necessary to clean the patio 1 to 2 times a month.

After reading this article one will be able to find many ideas on how to clean their concrete patio depending on the situation.

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