How To install Ecosmart 27 Tankless Water Heater?

How To install Ecosmart 27 Tankless Water Heater?

People tend to install things by themselves. There is nothing more satisfying than installing something correctly. Mostly we humans want to install electrical and mechanical stuff by ourselves. Some people do this to test their ability, but most people do this to save their costs.

Water heaters are the everyday need for one's house. After a hard-working day, what is more, satisfying than having a hot bath. The advancement of technology has brought us tankless water heaters, which are less space consuming than a standard water heater with a storage tank to store hot water.

Some Reasons For Using A Tankless Water Heater

People are getting more and more attracted to this technology

  • Tankless water heaters are less space-consuming.
  • They are brief designed to place anywhere.
  • They save energy and reduce the cost of water heating.
  • Contain a digital display with a thermostatic to control the temperature and to show the status.
  • Tankless water heaters are self modulated. They can automatically turn on and off.
  • And one of the main reasons is they are easy to install. 

How to install Ecosmart 27 tankless water heater

There are so many brands that produce the best tankless water heaters all over the world. But from all of them, eco-smart 27 is one of the most popular.

Today we have brought for you that how you can install the Ecosmart 27 tankless water heater. The Ecosmart 27 not only has plumbing installation, but it also has a high amount of electrical installation also. So if you are right and expert with electric and plumbing stuff, you can easily install this water heater. But if you don't know about these things or have a minimum amount of knowledge about these things, we recommend you get a licensed or certified electrician to install it for you. Otherwise, a severe accident can occur, which also can cost your life. So it would help if you thought for your safety first instead of your money.

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No more discussion. Let’s start with the installation process.

 Before installation- After un-boxing the heater, make sure that all components of your heater are available. You also have to read the terms and policy of this product. Just because of your concern, you cannot return the heater if you install it. So please read it carefully and check all the parts.

Selecting The place- As we said before, it is so small that it can fit anywhere. But before choosing the site, makes sure that the place is out of children's reach. Or else they can burn their hands by touching the hot gateway pipe. It is an indoor heater. So that would be better to install it inside your house. But if you want to install it outside, make sure the place is safe from rain, sunlight, or other harmful objects. If you live in a cold area with a freezing temperature or in a snowfall area, then don't install the heater outside, or else the element inside of the heater can get a freeze, which will damage the element, and you won't be able to replace it with the warranty. So it would be wise to install it inside the house.

In the house, choose a place where you can quickly access the heater and don't select a humid area, or choose the place above your electric supply box.

Ensure that the heater's location doesn't have any obstacle in front or on both sides. Any flammable object should be far away from the heater; we mean really far, at least 2 feet far. Also, the location should be solid.

By reading this, we hope you understand that how important is the location. So choose the location more carefully.

It is mounting The Heater- After choosing the heater's perfect location marks the place to mount the device. The heater needs four screws of a minimum of 1 inch long to be attached to the surface. There are four retainers on each side of the heater. Use those to connect the heater to the body. Make sure that both the input and output pipe can be attached at the bottom.

We recommend you use a cabinet to cover the heater in the mounted place.

Plumbing Installation- While you face the heater, the left side outlet is for the hot water line, and the right one is for the cold water input line. They have been marked for your easy recognition. To connect the cable carefully. One thing that must be concerned is not selling the pipes while you fit the input and output pipes. If you solder the pipes while fitting, it can cause sensor failure by damaging the sensors. It would be easy to connect if you use two wrenches, one to hold the connection and the other one is to tighten up the.

It would then help if you opened a couple of hot water taps to allow water to go through the heater. This must be done to expose the air inside the water pipes or significant damage to the elements. After maintenance, while doing this, you mustn't turn on the water heater.

If the water pressure is high than normal, we recommend using a pressure reducing valve in the main water supply line. We recommend using turn-off valves in both hot and cold water pipes for the heater.

Electrical Installation

Now the central part which will operate the heater

The Ecosmart 27 requires three sets of wire along a grounding wire for three breakers. Each pair of the wire needs to be connected to each breaker. For the breaker, choose the right wire gauge and then click the wire from the home's main breaker across the water heater breakers. You have to use an individual ground insulator for each incoming circuit.

After finishing the connection, make sure to recheck the links and ensure that all the relationships are accurate and tight enough. The grounding wire is connecter connected accurately as required.

If all the connections are ok, then you can turn on the heater. You will see that the display of the heater is working correctly and then set your suitable temperature. Now you can enjoy endless hot water.

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Here we have discussed how to install the Ecosmart 27 tankless water heater. So if you understand all the processes and have good knowledge about plumbing and electricity, you are ready to go for the installation. But if you haven't understood any of the following instructions, please be cautious and call a certified mechanic.

This installation is also only suitable for the Ecosmart 27 tankless water heater model and may not apply to any other model. So don't use this method with the different heater installation process.

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