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How To Light A Water Heater With Electronic Pilot

The water heater is a device that is daily used inside the house or outside the house. This convenient device produces hot water on demand and a relatively small device that takes a small amount of space inside your house or in your office. There are several types of water heater models. Some of them are electric, and some are gas-based water heater that heats the water by using natural gas.

While enjoying a regular hot bath or having hot water while doing dishes, washing clothes, or other household works, it seems all of a sudden the water heater isn't working correctly. It produces usual temperature water. This will make you angry. The reason might be the water heater pilot light. It may be turned off and causing a disturbance. Today we are going to tell you how you can turn the pilot light on. SO don’t be angry with your water heater and follow the instructions.

How to light a water heater?

First of all, you need to know about your heater type, whether it is an electrical model or a gas-powered model.

Electrical modelIf the water heater you use is an electric water heater that uses electricity to heat your water without any involvement of flame, you won't need to fire up the pilot as there is no pilot in these heaters.

So if the electric water heater of yours doesn't provide hot water anymore, the chances are that it might have an electrical failure. Please don't be foolish by trying to fix it yourself, or else you will face serious problems. The problem that can be the reason for your death!!!

 Just call a certified expert electrician and let the electrician get the job done for you.

Automatic pilot light- Today's modern heaters have automatic pilot lights. These water heaters don't need to be light up. The advanced technology used in it automatically lights up whenever the flame turns off, which is much safer for your house.

Gas Water heater- This type of water heater doesn't get light up automatically. To make it useful again, you need to light up the pilot manually. It is an easy process.

But you need to keep in mind that don’t try to light up the pilot if you smell gas coming out from the water heater. If you smell gas, then call the gas supplier immediately. If you try to light up the pilot, the whole house can get blown away. So don’t be reckless.

But if you don't smell gas, follow the instructions below to light up the water heater pilot.

  • There is a cover under the gas valve in all gas produce water heater that covers the pilot light access to protect it. But if you don't find a cover or a way to reach the pilot light, then it might be sealed.
  • Now I know what you think: let's open the heater's cover and light the pilot. Don't open the cover at all. This design is used to protect you by preventing flammable gas from getting light up. We recommend you contact a professional if the cover is sealed up.
  • Now find the burner. You can easily find it, but then use a flashlight to locate it if you don't. You can also see that there are two pipes from the gas chamber connected to the burner. These pipes allow the gas to flow through them to the burner.
  • After finding the burner, simply switch the gas knob to the Pilot. Then press it down. This process will allow the gas to flow from the gas chamber to the burner.
  • If you feel that the gas has reached the burner through the pipes, it's time to fire up the burner. Search for the fire up button beside the knob and press it to light up the pilot. But if you don't find any button attach to the water heater to fire up, you have to light it with a lighter.
  • You may be thinking that the work is done here and then release the knob all of a sudden. Don't do this. Just hold the knob for a couple of minutes and then slowly release it to ensure that the gas is flowing correctly and the burner is still burning.
  • After releasing the gas knob and confirming the burner is still firing up, switch the knob into the On mode and watch the burner is still firing up or not. If the burner is still firing up, then your work is a perfect success. Now you cover the path of the burner. If you want to know about best chickaska mugs as well as the best  beer mugs .

By following these instructions, you can turn on the gas burner and enjoy your hot water.

How Pilot Lights Work

Do you want to know how a pilot light works? Then buckle up.

The pilot light helps the burner burn the gas from the gas chamber through the gas pipes. The water heater's valve releases the gas to the pipes to flow the  into the burner.

Sometimes it seems that the burner is off, and gas is coming through the burner. If the user isn't aware of this and tries to light up the burner, it would lead to a big explosion. To cope with this problem manufacturer use a valve attached to the gas pipes to prevent the gas flow to the burner. This valve is a sensor type device that senses if the burner is flaming or not to cut the gas flow to protect the user.

You may be thinking that how could this ever happen without electricity? How could the valve sense the fire? Well, the answer is pretty simple. With the help of a thermocouple, the flame's heat generates electricity to sense the fire in the burner.


Here we have to give you the solution about how you light a water heater. We think that it is easy enough. If you face problems with these instructions, then it would be better to call a mechanic.

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