How To Make A Wood Cutting Board At Home

What could be the best companion for your knife to cut vegetables, meat, and other cooking ingredients as a chef? There is no alternative to using a cutting board in your kitchen to cut the cooking ingredients safely and not to put pressure on your table.

For enhanced durability, I will suggest you use a wood cutting board for this purpose. Although it is a bit more complex to take care of these wooden boards than plastic or other boards, it will put less pressure on your knives and last longer. I've seen many guys who want to make a wooden cutting board for their kitchen and here I'm to help you.

How To Make A Wood Cutting Board At Home

What is cutting board

Cutting board is common equipment that a chef loves to use in the kitchen. Place materials on the board, precisely a cooking material or ingredient and cut it down with the knife in your hand. The board used for cutting such things can come in different shapes, round, square, or rectangular.

Whatever the size, maybe, you can comfortably use this flat board for cutting things. A cutting board will create a sturdier surface for you to chop off vegetables, meats and other things. Thus, it will keep the cooking table clean and safe from the scratches of the knife.

Benefits of using a wood cutting board

Why should you use wood cutting boards instead of using plastic or other cutting boards? Of course, there might be some reasons behind this. I have found several benefits of using a wooden cutting board and I think it will be helpful for you if I share these benefits with you guys.

  • Durability of the board: One of the great sides of a wood cutting board is durability. Comparing to the other type of cutting boards, wooden boards can serve you for a long time. You can relentlessly go for a wooden cutting board for your daily heavy use in the kitchen.
  • Sturdier surface: Plastic or glass boards are not as sturdier as wooden boards. While cutting a piece of meat or vegetable, if the board keeps moving, your finger could get cut off instead of the thing you are cutting. However, if you use a wooden board, there is no chance of such unwanted accidents.
  • Safer: Although a wooden cutting board's cleaning process is a bit difficult than plastic, it is the safer option to use. After research, it has been found that wooden boards contain fewer germs or bacteria on their surface than plastic ones.
  • Better for the environment: You know, plastic is not environment-friendly and you can't recycle it. Besides, a plastic board lasts shorter than a wooden board and you have to throw it then. However, there are no such issues with wooden boards as you can use them for a longer period. Moreover, these boards are eco-friendly.
  • Keeps the knife sharp for a longer period: Your knife will gradually lose its sharpness after being used frequently on plastic, glass, or steel boards. But wooden boards will keep your knife sharper for a longer period, which will also save a lot of your money. If you want to know Best Baby Mattress Pads.

Materials needed to make a wood cutting board

You need a few crucial things to make a wood cutting board for your kitchen.

  • The first thing you need is pieces of wood. You can gather three, four or even five different wooden pieces to make the board sturdier. You don't need the same size wooden pieces while collecting, because you can cut them later.
  • For measuring the size of the wooden pieces, you need a measuring tape.
  • You will need a pencil or marker to mark the edges of the wooden pieces.
  • Wood glue to attach the wooden pieces.
  • Different types of saws like a table saw, miter saw or jigsaw, etc.
  • You might also need clamps or wood scraps to complete the process.

A wood cutting board making process

After you have gathered all the materials needed to make a wood cutting board, you are ready to begin the main process.

  • First, take the different pieces of wood and measure their size. You have to decide what size you want them to be and then mark the board's length, width with a pencil or marker.
  • Now use a jigsaw to cut the extra portions of these boards to make them the same size. Remember, the board's thickness must be the same and I would suggest 1 inch of thickness for the pieces.
  • After you have cut the pieces, line them up serially. And look, whether they are the same size or not?
  • Now flip a side of these pieces of board and apply wood glue on the surfaces.
  • Use a brush or your hand to spread the glue on the whole surface of these pieces.
  • After spreading the glue on each piece, push them one after one and attach them. While attaching, look whether the parts are lining up at one level or not?
  • It's time to use a clamp to make the wooden pieces stay together firmly. Use one clamp on the top part and the other on the down position. Tighten the clamp, which makes the attachment of the wooden pieces stronger.
  • Keep the clamp for a couple of hours and then remove it from the board.
  • You see, there might be extra glue coming outside the board and remove them after removing off the clamp.
  • Use sandpaper or planer to make the board smoother. Because without a smoother surface, you can't ensure a better performance from the board.
  • Even if you attach the wooden pieces quite carefully, you will notice extra edges up and down. Now use the miter saw or table saw to cut these extra edges and make the board perfect sized.
  • Finish the process by applying food-grade mineral oil on the newly made wooden cutting board to make it shine.

That's it; your most cherished wood cutting board is ready. If you follow these steps I have mentioned above, you will be able to make a great, smoother cutting board for your kitchen. Of course, don't forget to take care of your board after every time use. If you clean the board after every time use, the board will remain free from germs and bacteria and last longer.

Final words

Don't worry, chef! Follow my steps and change your old cutting board with this new homemade wooden board. I can assure you; this board will serve in a much better way than other cutting boards.

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