How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster Easily

How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster Easily

The best part of memory foam is that it is very comfortable and cosy. Its fine outer layer gives a relaxing feeling during sleeping and relax.

People from almost all countries of the world use it broadly because of its facilities. The usual thickness remains between 7-15 inches.

Why memory foam expansion is needed

Procedures for faster foam extension

Step 1 -  Firstly,  within 72 hours after receiving, take foam mattress out of its package. Upon unpacking, it is recommended to keep in a place with enough air flow and warm enough. Because mattress needs temperature and natural air to get in full shape fast. If foam arrived in winter months, it should be kept in a room with artificial heating like a gas or oil heater.  This process is prerequisite for the smooth expansion of the foam. Access of children and pets should be restricted during the unpacking process.

Step 2 -  Unfold the foam manually with caution, always in a smooth, clean and flat place. Pull the layers of foam gently and with very little or no pressure. This is required to keep foam material inside and mattress cover in shape. Some unlikely times buyers will feel some resistance which means the foam mattress needs more air, heat and time to unfold smoothly.

Step 3 – allow the bedding enough time to settle. Usually, it takes up to 72 hours. During this time the mattress will get its actual shape and size.

Step 4-  Put the foam mattress in bed, place bed sheet and start getting enjoyable sleep on a memory foam mattress.

Almost all of the time customers do not get memory foam mattress as it usual shape. Because for smooth shipping, squeezed it, precisely rolled and folded inside a  plastic bag by Retailers. So customers get a usually smaller size of a foam mattress.  Even after such severe treatment foam does not lose its quality. Even though people can sleep on the bed immediately, it takes 48-72 hours to expand rolled foam mattress.

Advantages of  Expansion

Most of the memory foam mattress seems fair enough to start sleeping on it, but there are some real benefits of allowing extension time.

Ventilation – The best facility is ventilation, and it is very uncommon to get the real benefit of a foam mattress without ventilation. Most of the bed from renowned companies are assured of having high-class substance and stability. To maintain it, companies have to apply process like using a variety of chemicals and machine processing. Because of this, foam mattress need to expose natural heat and air to release any toxic material on it. Also by this foam mattress gets its usual shape and size.

Company recommendation.As it is recommended by its manufacturers.So definitely there are some real reasons behind foam mattress expansion. So we should follow it.

Factors  needed to consider for foam expansion

Below there are some factors which affect the expansion of foam mattress.

Temperature – The primary factor is temperature. Foam materials and fibres need enough heat to mould, which eventually extend the memory foam.

Thickness – another significant factor is the diameter of the mattress. Thin foam width means it will take less time to expand while the thick mattress will take longer.

Density – The density is also another issue. The denser foam takes longer to expand.

Does it take 48 hours for memory foam expansion?

Depending on brands or region, the time required for expansion is series. But it is usual to take 48 hours. This time allows the memory foam to decompress smoothly, and after this, customers will get the real benefit of a foam mattress.

Why is some memory foam mattress Hard?

Usually, this scenario happens in regions with cold weather. As memory foams need enough temperature to inflate, having a lack of natural heat will result in a foam mattress's harness. Foam firers are stiff, and without enough heat, it is unlikely to extend it.

What if the mattress is not expanding?

An unlikely scenario, if a memory foam mattress is not expanding, then some steps can take to resolve this issue.

Step 1 -The most common reason for such a scenario is the lack of heat. Mattress fibres are heat sensitive. Increase the room temperature beyond 20 degrees using a heater can usually solve this problem. It is required that foam mattress is fully unwrapped and flat before this process.

Step 2-  Lay on the foam for 30 minute

To lose the hard grip of foam fibres, laying on a mattress for some time may start the inflation. For this, someone just has to lay on the bed and roll his/her body for about 30 minutes in several laying positions with rhythmic frequency. This is the perfect way after increasing temperature to start the expansion of the mattress. The above-mentioned technique can be used if a particular part of the foam mattress is uneven. During this process, it is highly advised not to stand on or apply pressure on a certain part of a mattress. Because it may damage or manipulate the inside fabrics or support system.

Step 3 – If the above 2 procedures are not expanding the foam mattress, sleeping on mattress for some days may work. A persons body heat and weight may do the necessary extension for a foam mattress while the sleep on it. But this process usually takes longer like about a month to make significant impact. Foam mattress needs adequate time to adjust with a person weight, body size and sleeping style. A most crucial part of this process is that it is unlikely that mattress becomes fully expanded by this process. Customers have to compromise the quality of the raised mattress .

Step 4 – If mattress is not fully expanding after applying all the above techniques, then it is more likely a defective foam mattress. Usually, most companies give a certain warranty with their products and depending on that customers should get a refund or replacement for this product.

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