Most Advanced Home Robot

Most Advanced Home Robot Around The World

Man is called the best creation of God. They can do and create critical tasks. Today, man is the winner of all success and prosperity. They have created so many things that are both useful and harmful. They have occurred in world wars. They have created nuclear bombs, they made their footstep in the moon. They have invented our regular usable stuff. Therefore they are really the claimant of praise. They have played a vital role in terms of technology sides. There was a time once when don't have any transportation system. Humans created buses, trucks, helicopters, planes, ships, submarines, rockets and so many other transports. Once it was difficult to move from one place to another. But now people travel from a universe to another universe. That is because of technology.

Man has a lot of contribution in the technology sector. Day by day they are getting upgraded more and more. People are now started to do works by giving commands or hints. But they are not for the human. They are for the robots. Which are made by the human. Robots are another best creation of humans. They are made by humans for doing their works and those things that can't be done by humans. Let us know first about robots.

What Is A Robot?

A robot is mainly a machine. That is programmed by computer. They do all kinds of works that are commanded by humans. They can work continuously for a long time which is not possible by humans. The robot has made life and works so easy. Most of the robots are humanoid and they can't do anything without permission.

We can easily say that robot is a mechanical man-made structure that can copy all the movements, permission, and command of a man. They are made as to the helping hand of a human. Some works are not possible to do by the human body. But the robots can do them easily. for example, some scientists research the underwater activities which are happening in the sea or ocean. The human can't stay underwater for so many days. They may physically become weak or they can lose their stamina after a time. But man-made robots can stay underwater as much as they need. So it is clear that robots are a great helping hand of a human.

Categories of Robots

There are different kinds of robots available for different kinds of works. Some of the robots are used as war machines. To decrease the death rate of soldiers, some countries are using robot soldiers. These robots contain all those important information like how to shoot, how to fight, how to crouch, how to recognize own teammates etc. Not only as soldiers but they now have demanded in medical sectors too. There are some hospitals all over the world, which have humanoid robots. They work as the team member of the doctors in any kind of operation. The activities of robots and humans have some differences. Because there might be some critical situations where humans may become nervous or get faint, but in terms of robots, they don't have any kind of feelings that can make them nervous for anything. Therefore they have a lot of demands in every sector. But nowadays their demand is increasing more and more in-home activities. They are using in home, office. They are called home robots.

What is a Home Robot?

A home robot can be called a domestic robot. They have functioned as to do household activities. Like cleaning the house, cleaning the goods, washing the clothes, etc. Some of the robots have the function of making food in the house. They are also can be used for educational purposes or entertainment purposes. These home robots are not available everywhere. Those who love to walk with technology, they keep this cool thing in their home to do works.

There are many kinds of home robots available in markets. Some of them are high in price. Some have better features. Some are compact etc. So let's talk about some of the best home robots below:

1.Asimo: Asimo is called the most advanced robot till now. It is made by Honda company. The size and structure of Asimo is same as human. The height of this robot is 4 feet and 3 inches. It weighs 50 kg. Asimo can walk, can climb the stairs, it can play footballs, can follow the commands for any household work. Asimo is undoubtedly the future of home robots.

2.Ubtech Lynx: This is also a humanoid robot. It can do all kinds of home works and activities. It has Amazon Alexa built-in it. This robot has facial recognition technology that can provide you information. It also can remind you about time, weather, playing music, making lists, etc.

3.Temi: Temi is a cool man-made robot. Which has 4 wheels connected under its body. It has a monitor attached at the top to use as its face and the information provider. This is the first professional home robot that comes with autonomous mobility and navigation. Amazon Alexa has been used in it to provide sound and other cool stuff. This robot has almost 16 sensors and cameras for its control. Temi can play songs, make videos, show you all kinds of things like weather, time, any kind of information from the internet, etc. this a great robot for the household.

4.Pillo: It is a health concern robot that can be your good choice for the home. Pillo is a robot that can give you a perfect and right way of living. It can give you medical tips, show you the time, alarm, can be used for voice calls and video calls. It can provide you proper medication according to your physical condition. So this can be called your home doctor.

5.Budgee: Budgee is a hardworking robot, that can carry all your necessary stuff for you. If you are going to the market, just take this buddy with you. It will carry your all goods and products in its bag. So no worry about shopping.

6.Loomo: Loomo is a two-wheel-based robot with a monitor adjusted in it. It can use itself as a two-wheeler transport, as a video recorder, as a reminder and so many useful things. It can be operated by using its stock application in smartphones. For those who love to have both transport and household jobs done easily, Loomo is the best choice for you

7.Aido: Aido is your friendly robot. Which has a big monitor at the top of the body. Aido has voice command activation with the full-screen projector. It can give you information about the date, time, weather, alarm, etc. It can control your home lightings and other things Aido also can give you time to time report of your home whenever you are outside.

So these are the best in ranked as home robots. They are very helpful and perfect for your work and lifestyle. They are helpful, friendly, and active. You will never feel them like a robot. They will be with you like your best partner. Just charge them up In time and let it do its work.

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