What Size Allen Wrench For Moen Shower Handle

What Size Allen Wrench For Moen Shower Handle Properly

Moen is a U.S. company that produces products—known as kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, showerheads, smart hand washing faucets, garbage disposal, batch adjacent, etc. Al invented moen. Moen in 1956. This company is now a part of Fortune Brands Home and Security company. Moen headquarters is in North Olmsted, Ohio, in U.S. Moen is producing faucets with innovative ideas. Now a day Moen faucets can be controlled by voice command via Google assistant, Alexa, or by using the smartphone app. This system is used for controlling the flow and the temperature of the water.

Many countries produce more products. But the U.S. is the main region where Moen products are manufactured.

Size of the Allen wrench for Moen faucets

For repairing or removing the purpose of a Moen faucet generally need a 7/64 inches Allen wrench. Also, Moen one handle kitchen faucets require 7/64 inches Allen wrench. The same wrench can also be used to the lever which controls the flow of water and the temperature. This lever is known as PosiTem. However, the size of the Allen wrench can vary for a specific model of the Moen faucets.
The moen kitchen faucet set screw can be removed with a 1/8 inches Allen wrench. For this process, firstly, we have to cover the end of the Allen wrench with a great volume of folding compound. Then we have to put the wrench into the screw head and then press down. However, some of the Moen faucets handles are removed by using 3/32 inches Allen wrench. Those faucets are removed by freeing the screw from the back of the handle. 

Moen Faucets made of plastic or steel

Moen manufactures so many different types of faucets. They are single-handle faucets, two-handle faucets, pull out, pull down faucets, filtration etc. But maximum numbers of them have similar parts. Those equal parts are built with the same stuff. Different parts of Moen faucets are made from other materials. So it can't be said that the whole faucets are made by using plastic or steel. For repairing or removal purposes, it is essential to know which part is made of plastic and made of metal.

Moen Faucets Handles- Normally handle prepared by using metal. Moen one-handle bathroom and kitchen faucets are made of metal. But some of the Moen faucets handle are made from plastic. They are the two handle faucets of the bathroom, in which the handles are made from plastic. In the plastic faucet handle screws are covered using caps.

Trim Pieces- It is the visible part of a shower faucet. It is seen around the base of the taps. The Trim is plated with chrome. It is used to prevent the water from flowing into the bathroom walls. The Trim is adjusted by using metallic screws. It is made from metal.

Shower Valves- Shower valves are used to control the water flow and the temperature of the water. Shower valves are made of metal because of the tremendous pressure while plumbing. For connecting directly to the home's water pipes, shower valves need to solder into the pipe fittings.

Internal Parts- Stop kits are used in the Moen shower faucet. It is used for stopping water flash. It slides on top of the shell. The tube kit is made of metal, and the shell is partly made of plastic and ceramic. The disc used in the shell has to be perfectly formed to be flat. That's why discs are made from pure ceramic. For improving the watertight capability, there is a seal made of rubber under the shell.

Bases and Spouts- Bases of the faucets must be reliable and long-lasting because they have to absorb the numerous use of the handle. The base also helps to maintain the unity of the faucets. For those reasons, both the bases and the spouts are made of metal to endure the pressure.

About Allen Wrench

The Allen wrench, also known as the Allen key, is a short handheld tool used for removing bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. Allen wrench is also called hex key. It is a single piece of hardened steel rod. Allen wrench is 'L' shaped. The Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford produces an Allen wrench. Apex Tool Group, LLC now owns this company. There are many sizes of Allen wrenches. But all of the wrenches have the same hexagonal shape. The most used measure of Allen wrench for repairing a Moen faucet is 7/64 inches Allen wrench. It is used mostly for all of the Moen faucets.

How Good are Moen faucets

Moen faucet has been rated consistently high with all the collections and models so far. Moen produces products more than any other industry while assuring the quality of the products. Moen received a score of 4.4 out of 5 for the products as a brand. They have been manufacturing products to satisfy the users with innovative ideas. 

Some alternative ways to remove Moen faucets handle

There are also some alternative ways to remove the handle of the Moen faucets without using an Allen wrench. Some of them are given below.

In the faucet handle, there is a cap with an edge. By removing the faucet handle cap. This cap can be removed by using a screwdriver softly into the gap till the cap pops up.

Another way is by twisting the base while holding the arm of the faucet. This method is used to remove a double faucet handle.

One can also remove the handle by removing a lever-style while grabbing a flat head screwdriver and pressuring the button's edge in front of the faucet handle.



Allen wrench is a widely used tool for removing or repairing Moen faucets. This tool has a different size. All Moen faucets can be removed or improved by using an Allen wrench. But some of the Moen faucets need other size of Allen wrench for removal depending on their model.

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