What Is Standard Bathroom Vanity Types And Size Charts

What Is Standard Bathroom Vanity Types And Size Charts

Bathroom vanity is a furniture that is used mostly in daily life. It is a storage system which helps you to keep you daily use accessories. A bathroom vanity improves the look of the bathroom. It helps to keep the bathroom clean. Basically a bathroom vanity holds the bathroom sinks and can be also thought as a bathroom cell. Vanities can be customized according to ones taste. People can customize it with adding extra cells which will make less stressful and easy to find accessories that they need in daily life. There are many different types and size of bathroom vanity that can be found in market. Before buying a bathroom vanity or adding a vanity in the bathroom you must consider some important things. They are the size of the vanity, types of the vanity, where you want to attach it and would you like to customize it according to your taste.

Size of a Bathroom Vanity

Size of a bathroom vanity is an important consideration. Because if you put a large vanity into a small bathroom then you won’t get much free space to move freely. On the other hand if your bathroom is big and you put a small vanity then you won’t have that much of storage system to keep your regular accessories. Also the vanity won’t look good and it will ruin the decoration of your bathroom. So before getting a vanity in your bathroom you have to think about the size of your bathroom as well as the size of the vanity. Basically bathroom vanities are narrow but wide in size. They are narrow for the reason to provide more space in the bathroom. There are many different size of vanity is available in the market. Let’s discuss about the standard size bathroom vanity.

Standard height of a bathroom vanity- The height of a standard size bathroom vanity is starts from 30 inches to 32 inches. Previously height of the vanity was pretty low. But in present one can customize the height of a vanity according to their likings. People can use higher vanity for their comfort.

Standard width of a bathroom vanity- There is a wide verity of width available for a bathroom vanity in the market. Width of them are 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches. These are the standard size and suited for a medium size bathroom. The double sinks vanities are the most costly vanities. Standard width of these type of vanities are 60 inches to 70 inches in the United State.

Standard depth of a bathroom vanity- Generally the standard depth of a vanity is from 20 inches to 21 inches. But if the bathroom is small then the depth would be from 16 inches to 18 inches. Which will make the bathroom looks big. If anyone want to have more storage space then they can increase the depth of the vanity according to the size of their bathroom.

Types of bathroom vanity

There are many types of bathroom vanity available in the market. Here is some brief information about some of those vanity types.

Under-mounted sinks- These types of sinks are made by using porcelain. In this type of vanity there is a sink attached below the opposite. Basically vanities are coupled with a sink below.

Vessel- There are different types, color, shapes of this type of sinks. They are attached on top of the vanity which is pretty high and cannot be able to reach by children.

Pedestal- These types of sinks are way more easy to install. Pedestals need small space to place. There is no storage system in this types of vanity.

Free-Standing- This types of vanity can be found in anywhere. It is a common vanity. It can be found in different shapes. It simply stands on the bathroom floor and attached to the walls using screws.

Floating- Floating vanity is also known as wall mounted vanity. Because it is mounted in the wall of bathroom. For this wall mounted technique it gives more space in the bathroom. Over pressure on the vanity can causes damage.

Cabinet- A vanity cabinet is similar to the kitchen cabinet. It contains many drawers. These drawers can be pullout. These drawers can be customized to add more space in it.

Some important things to consider before buying a bathroom vanity

There are some important considerations before buying a vanity for your bathroom. Things like the proper size of the vanity, the size of the bathroom, measurement of the place where you want to place it, number of the sink, easy to clean etc. Let’s discuss about this considerations.

Proper Size of the vanity- As we mentioned the standard size of the vanity before you can easily chose a standard vanity for your bathroom. One should chose a vanity according to their bathroom space. If the vanity is large in size and paced near to the door then it will be a pain while opening the door or closing it. One might get hit by the vanity while entering in the bathroom.

Number of sinks- For a small or medium size family one sink is enough to fill the need of the whole family. But for a large family the double sink vanity would be a perfect choice.

Easy Cleaning- One should also consider about the cleaning also. Because sometimes people thinks about the storage and buy large vanity and don’t consider about the cleaning process. Large vanities are hard to clean. On the other hand medium size and small size vanities are way more easy to clean.


Bathroom vanities are one of the daily use elements of the modern time. It is needed to keep your bathroom clean and to store the daily used objects. It is also a necessary element to make the bathroom look way more beautiful and pleasing than normal bathroom. There are so many vanities made with modern ideas and available in different size. So one should consider some important things before buying a vanity. In this article we have discussed about the different types, different size and the important things to consider before buying a bathroom vanity.

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