Traffic Cone costume

What Is Traffic Cone costume Diy

Traffic cones costume is a fancy dress costume. This type of costume is used to direct people to follow traffic rules. Also, use for fun purposes or making pranks. People use traffic cones costume on several occasions. Likes Halloween, Marathon, and parties also. All ages of people use it on occasion. Mostly a group of friends or family members wears this costume in many events to make fun and bring joy to the occasion. There are many funny designs of traffic cones costume. Which causes so much laugh at parties. Several types of symbols are used in this costume, which allows people to understand traffic rules.

Traffic Cones Halloween Costume

Traffic cone's Halloween costume comes in a much funny design. These designs are used to attract people to the event. People wear this costume and gather with their family members or friends outside of their home at the night of Halloween and do the parade. By doing these, they attract the attention of their neighborhood. There are many clever designs of the traffic cones Halloween costume. This costume can be made at home. All ages of people like children, toddlers, and adults wear these types of costumes on Halloween.

About Traffic Cone

A traffic cone is an object used for the safety purpose of people. Traffic cone has been used all over the world. Generally, these things are used while constructing a road, or executing a project, or where an accident occurred. An American painter named Charles D. Scanlon invented it. Charles designed it while he was working at the Street Painting Department of the Los Angeles city. He was unimpressed by the traditional way of road marking using a wooden tripod. Charles's invention was granted in 1943. In 1958 U.K first used it as road marking.

Types and Size of Traffic Cones

Traffic cones can be found in many types and sizes. Most of the traffic cone use orange color. But there are several colors also. They can be found in lime green and blue. Traffic cones are used primarily for signaling entrance and exits on the road. Traffic cones can be found in many sizes in the united state. They can be seen from 1.5lb to 10lb. Some different types of traffic markers are

Drum- Drum is also known as Channelizer. It is heavy and durable. On top of the drum, there is a grab handle, which is used to move it. The drum is used for direction change of vehicles or passersby while the road is closed. It is also used as a separation.

Cone- Cone is the most used traffic markers in all of the characteristics. Cone can be found in all sizes and colors. It is used for indicating cautions. Now a day it can't be seen on roadsides. Cones are mostly used in parking lots. It is also used in roads where cars are temporarily parked.

Marker- Markers can be seen between tube and cone. It can also be seen where traffic and passersby are close to each other. It is used to show which area of the road is closed.

Delineator- Delineator is known as a post. It is a channelizer. Delineator is used for a long time. Mainly it is used for merging lines. Some of the delineators are used to show bike lanes where only bikes are allowed.

Types of Traffic signs used in Traffic cones

One can customize traffic cones as their need. Every symbol used in a traffic cone has a purpose and has to be followed by drivers or passersby. There are many signs used in traffic cones.

Some mandatory Traffic Signs- Mandatory traffic signs tell people what they must do like using a single road or not to use a road. It is used while constructing a road or repairing a road. It is used to perform a smooth operation on the road. Mandatory traffic sign makes sure that people must obey the instruction.  If one disobeys the instruction, then they have to face the law of the transport department. Some mandatory traffic signs stop, no entry, one way, slow driving, compulsory turn, the prohibition of turns etc.

Cautionary Traffic signs- Cautionary traffic signs are used for warning the drivers or passersby about the danger of the roadside. These signs are used to indicate people to prepare themselves for taking necessary steps if they face any danger. There are 40 different cautionary signs. Some of the warning signs are school ahead, working site, slippery road, animal crossing, people crossing etc.

Information Traffic Sign- These types of signs are used to provide information to the people. Likes location of the nearest school, nearest hospital, distance of a specific place, alternative roads, public places, highway restaurant etc.

Why traffic cones are needed

Traffic cones are essential for roadside safety. It is used during roadside works or other critical situations to warn passersby about the case. It is also used to prevent a traffic jam. Traffic cones are also used to block an area where an accident occurred or where an occasion is located. Accidents or dangerous situations can take place if traffic cones are not used properly. One can say it is a symbol of safety.

Why people wear traffic cones costume on occasions

As mentioned before people uses traffic cone costumes in many occasion. Some of them use traffic cone costume for funny purposes or to do a prank. But most people use it for safety concerns. They use it to concern people about the traffic rules and indicate them to follow the traffic rules or dangerous incidents. People also add symbols to the costume. But it is a funny-looking costume that makes people laugh.


Now a day traffic cones costume is a trending costume for occasions. A group of people uses it in the circumstances to be funny, and sometimes they use it to gather on the road and make pranks out of other people. Especially on Halloween, people use it to make a prank. These types of costumes can be made at home by using bright clothes. People are also using these costumes to make videos for social media. It is mainly a great social message to obey the traffic rules to avoid danger, and people should appreciate the idea.

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