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What is Water Broom Harbor Freight?

A water broom pressure washer is used to make the cleaning process very easy. A pressure washer is a tool that sprays water at high speed through a narrow nozzle. While cleaning narrow places where we won’t be able to reach, the pressure washer workers perfectly on those areas.

Basically, water broom plays a very important role while cleaning cars undercarriage. Also, there are many people who like to use water broom to clean their patio. It can be used to clean concrete patios trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and many more. People like to use water broom because it is very easy to use and very easy to operate with.

What is Water Broom Harbor Freight?

What is Harbor Freight?

The Harbor Freight is a private tools manufacturing company. It is one of the top tools manufacturing companies and retailers. Eric Smidt is the founder of this company. The company was founded in 1977. Harbor Freight headquarters is situated in Calabasas in California. From there the company operates a chain of retail stores. They also have an e-commerce business and provide services to the people. The company has 1000 stores all over the country. They established their new 1000th store in Louisville, Kentucky. The store was opened on 14th August 2019. A total number of 20,000 people work in this company.

The company provides quality products. They have their own quality assurance facilities. The quality assurance facility was established in 2010. They test their products in their own facilities to maintain the quality of their products.

How does a Water Broom Work?

As we said before water broom is a very important cleaning accessory. The pressure washer is a very reliable and handy tool when it comes to cleaning. It makes the works very easy and timeless. Also, kids can use these tools for cleaning, though it won’t be a good idea to let your kids to clean. Water broom or pressure washers are available in many sizes. Depending on the cleaning area one must choose the size of the broom.

There are two types of pressure washers. One is gas powered and the other is electric powered. Now I don’t think so I have to tell you about how the electric motor or the gas engine operates. But one must know that smaller pressure washers need electricity to operate. On the other hand, the bigger ones are operated by the gasoline engine. With a pressure washer, there is no need to mix up the detergent or commercial cleaner with the water before cleaning. Basically, the pressure washer uses a simple theory of pressure. The engine provides a huge amount of pressure to the water and lets the water flow through the hose. The pressure makes the water flow at high speed.

Here are the steps of how a water broom pressure washer works:

Before starting with the process, one must make sure of reading the instructions manual. One should know how to turn off the engine quickly.

  • There are two input ways of a pressure washer. One is for detergent or any type of commercial cleaners and the other one is for the water.
  • From the container, the cleaner or the detergent flows through the help of a hose into the pressure washer. For water flow, one needs to attach a hose to a tap and connect the output hole of the hose into the pressure washer.
  • After connecting both of the hoses starts the engine of the pressure washer with the help of the wire.
  • After starting the engine the water pump in the engine will draw the detergent and water and will mix them up. There are some pressure washers that can heat up the water also.
  • As we said before the engine provides pressures to the water, by engine we mean the pump.
  • Basically, the washer contains a wand and the output hose which allows the water to flow at high speed is connected to the wand. The wand will be connected to the broom. In the broom, there will be several nozzles. Water flows throughout the broom nozzle at high speed and spread in a V shape.
  • There will be wheels attached to the water broom. With the help of the wheels, one can simply move the broom in any place. As for washing undercarriage, simply slide the wheels by pushing the broom with the help of the wand under.

While working with a pressure washer wearing safety goggles and noise proof headphones would be a good idea.

Does Harbor Freight Sell Brooms?

Yes, Harbor Freight sells brooms. They sell many types of brooms like bristle broom, push broom and several types of brushes also. These brooms and brushes can be used to clean hard surfaces. Some of the brooms handles are made of plastic and some of the brooms handles are made of steel. Also, some of the brushes are made of steel handles, some of them are made of plastic, and as well of wood handles. Some of the brushes bristles are made of wire and some are made of synthetic.

So choose depending on the need. However, the steel made handle is very durable and sturdy.

Are Harbor Freight Pressure Washers any Good?

There are many harbor freight pressure washers like Harbor Freight Portland 63254 and Harbor Fright Portland 1750 PSI. These are very good and reliable and can be used to clean many things. These washers can be used for cars, patio, and also furniture on the patio. These pressure washers will work much faster than a garden hose. Also, these are very affordable. For the budget concern people, these pressure washers would be a perfect choice.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Harbor Freight pressure washers. In the terms of warranty, the Harbor Freight pressure washer is the lowest. The company provides a very little amount of warranty which is just three months. Also, using these pressure washers can be difficult.


The water broom pressure washers are very efficient and effective products for cleaning. These products are very handy to clean the patio, cars, patio furniture, and many more within a very short amount of time. There are many water broom pressure washer manufacturing companies. Among all of the companies, one of the top companies is Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight produces pressure washers, brushes, brooms, and many tools for household works. Their products are very cheap and affordable.

The water broom pressure washers make the work effortless. With the help of the instruction manual, a beginner also can use these tools with ease.

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