What Is A Finials For Curtain Rods

What Is A Finials For Curtain Rods

The Finials is one kind of ornament which is used for decorated homes, offices, halls, and more.  People used to decorate homes with Finials.  It has been made with multiple designs that look very wonder-full and eye-catchy. They like to use it for multiple designs. Nowadays it has become the most popular ornament for decorated homes and offices.  By using finials people get a new look form their house.  Generally, it is used with curtain rods. The curtain rods are not too heavy.  It can be used anywhere without any kind of problems.

Some people do not know what is finials for curtain rods.  This topic will make of finials for curtain rods. Everybody can know all about the topic.

What Is A Finials For Curtain Rods

Finials are made with various types of design.  People can buy one of those designs for use.  Generally, the finial is attached to the end of curtain rods. People have used it on their own choice.  They use it over the door and window.  The curtain rod is used for hang curtains. The rod is too lightweight.  Anybody can use it. The finial is made for multiple uses. People use it in various processes.

This is used to increase the beauty of the home or office.  In the market, people will find multiple types of curtain rods and finials. Finials protect curtains from slipping and fall.  Finial comes with various types of designs and colors. People can buy it to match their window color.  You will get tips from any experts for choosing a curtain.

What sizes do finials come in

The rods are made in different sizes. These sizes are made for people. The minimum size of finials is 1.5 inch and the maximum size is 9 inches. People can buy anyone from these sizes. They can choose any size depending on their needs. They have to make sure about the rod width and then they can buy the perfect size. If the width of the rod is large, they will buy the large size finials. They will buy the small size when the rod width is small.

 How To Attach And Remove Finials

The way of attaching and remove finials is very simple.  People can do it very quickly. At first, they have to match the finials size and curtain rods width.  If the size is not matching each other, they will not attach the finials. It is very necessary to match the size. They can attach both securely without any kind of screw. Some of the finials need screws to attach with rods. People like to use finials that have no any kind of screw. 

 They can remove the finials in the same simple way.  It has no any complex system to remove the finials from curtain rods.  They can remove the finials by turning to the right. It is only for those finials which have no any screw. But in the screw system, they have to remove the screw and then can also remove the finials from the rods. So, anybody can follow this way to attach and remove finials.

How To Choose The Right Finials

 This term is very important for people. Some people cannot buy the right finials for their rods. The main reason is they do not know about the system of choosing the right finials.  When they are shopping for finials, then they must consider about colors, materials, and the finish.

There various types of finials are available in the market, like wood finials, glass finials, and also nickel finials.  They have to understand that what finials are best for curtain rods?  It is suitable to use nickel finials with a nickel rod, steel finials with steel rods, glass finials with brass rods, and also wood finials with wood rods. This is the perfect and popular combination of the finials and rods. 

It is important to make sure about the style of finials and rods. If they used wood finials with brass rods, they cannot increase the beauty of the room. It is not an accurate combination.  Anybody can choose the right finials by following this way.

How Do You Use Finials

There have huge ways to use finials.  It is not made only for curtain rods. People can use it for multiple decors.

  • First of all, Wood finials can use in the head of any glass-made jar. It can protect the materials that have in the jar.
  •  It is perfect for decor the book self. Most of the people use wood finials to decor their book self in the room.
  • Some people paint on the wood finials in different shapes to increase the beauty and then they put it on the table.
  •  Finials are also used for made and decorate wood-made furniture.
  •  Finials were used on the old wooden coatrack, which looks very wonderful.
  •  It can normally use as a towel hook in the bathrooms.
  • It can use also as a door handle.

Not only has these but also have a lot of ways to use finials for decorate the home, office and anywhere.

Do Finials Fit All Rods

The accurate answer is yes. Finials are made with a perfect size that will fit any kind of rod. People have to make sure about the finials size and rods width. When both size and width are matching each other, it will be fit perfectly.  People have to consider this term.

The manufacturer made finials with some fixed sizes. These all sizes will match with the rod's holes wide.  Finials are made with glass, wood, and nickel.  All are perfect for use in multiple ways. So, we can say those finals fit all rods.

Are curtain Rod Finials Universal

Yes, Curtain rods and finials are universal.  Anybody can change both of them at any time. The rod and finials are changeable.  People can easily change the finials to design their room. The manufacturer made finials for versatile used. The design of finials is suitable for different uses.  People use it with curtain rods. Curtain rods and finials are connected.

Do curtains come with rods

The curtain does not come with rods.  Both are totally different.  The rod is made with hard and strong materials and the curtain is made with soft materials that help to decorate home and office, restaurants, etc. People have to buy them separately. People can buy curtains of their own choice.

They can buy differently designed curtains for their home, but the rod is made with one or two colors. They have to use those color rods for hanging the curtain. So, curtain and rods do not come together or are not manufactured together.

How do you remove curtain rods

Anybody will be able to remove the curtain rods by following some necessary steps. The steps are given below.

Step-1  At first, you have to remove the finials from the rods. It is very easy to remove finials.

Step-2  Secondly, has to remove the curtain.  This is another easy work.

Step-3  After completing step 3, you have to slide out the rod from the hardware.

Step-4  Finally, have to remove all the screws from the hardware. 

 To follow these steps easily can remove a curtain rod.

How to Hang Your Curtains Without Using a Rod

  People can hang a curtain without rods. There a several ways to hanging a curtain without a rod. This topic will discuss about the common way of hanging curtains.

Step-1  You have to find hooks for curtains. The hooks are most important for curtains. You must attach the hooks with the curtain ring.

Step-2   You have to use Drawer pulls.  It is also an essential tool that will use like hooks. You can hang a curtain with drawer pulls.

Step-3  By using rope you will be able to hang the curtain on your window or doors. It is important to use a strong rope for hanging.

Step-4  Nail is also a useful tool that helps to hang the curtain.  Nails are very strong that can hold the curtain perfectly.

Not only this way but also have a lot of ways to hanging curtains without a rod. Everybody can follow those ways of hanging.

Final word

Everybody wants to decor their home. For decor the home, they use multiple things. One of the important elements is the curtain rod.  It can expand the diversity of the room. This article is made with curtain rods and finial.  People will know everything about curtain rods. They will learn the technique to remove or attach finials.  This article will help them to increase their knowledge about curtain rods and finials.  By following this topic anybody will be able to buy the right curtain rods and finial.

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