What Size Rug Under Queen Bed

What Size Rug Under Queen Bed

A rug is a type of carpet that is placed under the bed, but that doesn’t to all over the floor of the bedroom. Rug is a most important part of the bedroom. It makes a bedroom to look gorgeous, and make you feel comfortable. Rug also upholds the personality and the taste of a person. It is also used to define the space of your bedroom section. Rugs also made room feels larger. It keeps the room look clean. There are many sizes for rugs available that can feet under a queen sized bed in the market.

To add a rug under the queen bed one must first know about the size of a queen bed.

Things to consider before Rug placement

There are some things that needs to be consider before placing a rug under your queen bed. Those things are room size, the bed size, number of the nightstands, rugs placement etc. Let’s discuss about these things.

Room Size- Room size is one of the most important considerations before placing a rug under your bed. For a large room you can chose large rugs that can fit your room. But if you have a small room and you bought a large rug that doesn’t fit your room then it would be problematic. Basically no one wants a big rug for a small room.

Number of nightstands- As rugs also cover up the nightstands so it is necessary to have the thought of your nightstands. If your room is small and you have to nightstands, but for placing a rug you want throw away a nightstand then instead of throwing a nightstand you should go for a narrow rug that can fit the underneath of your bed.

Bed size- Bed size is the most important issue before placing a rug under your bed. There are many types of bed such as twin bed, twin xl bed, full bed, queen bed, king bed, cal king bed. One must know weather the size of their bed is standard or not. Typically the non standard size bed are long or wide in size. So knowing your bed size is must before placing a rug underneath.

Placement of Rug- Basically rugs are placed straight down to the bed. So the length of the rug depends on the width of the bed. Longer size rug placement will give you more space beside your bed. Also longer sized rug can cover up the nightstand placed beside the bed.

Ways to set a rug under bed

There are some ways to put a rug under the bed. Lets discuss about how to place a rug under the bed.

Refuse nightstands and the bed- If the room is big enough and you have nightstands placed beside your bed, then you should chose a big rug that can cover the underneath of the bed as well as the nightstands. You should place the rug from the last part of your bed to the wall beside your nightstand.

Placing Rug- If the rug is small then instead of placing to the wall you can simply place it to front of your nightstand. Before placing it you should measure the distant it will cover. Then place it by making sure that it covers to the front of the bed and there are some space left in-front of the nightstand.

While placing the rug start from the middle of the bed- While placing the rug under the bed one should start placing the rug from the middle of the bed for enough space to place your foot.

About Queen bed

A queen bed is a type of bed that’s can feet almost any room of the house and can hold more than one person in it. The standard size of a queen bed is 5 feet by 6 feet 8 inches. In anyone want to extend the size then they can add a little bit of additional inches. A queen bed is perfect match for a master bedroom which is 10 feet by 10 feet in size. It is best for couples or an adult.

Rug Placement under queen bed

Before placing rug under your queen bed, there are few things that you might know. Things like length of the rug, width of the rug, different size of rugs that you can place under the queen bed etc.

We will tell you about those things in brief.

Length of the rug- Before placing a rug under the queen bed you should measure the length of the rug weather it will make up to 18 inches from the sides of the bed. One can chose more rugs that covers more than 18 inches but shouldn’t chose less than 18 inches.

Width of the- Width of the rug should be 5 feet wide. Rug between 5 feet and 8 feet wide needs to be places before the nightstands from the middle of the bed. But if anyone one to have more space then they can chose 9 feet wide rugs.

Rugs Size under queen bed- There are so many different types of area rug that can be placed beneath a queen bed. But to chose the perfect size for your room you must consider your room accessories likes the furniture, the room size and the size or your bed.

The perfect size of rug for a queen bed is 6 feet by 6 feet and 7 feet by 10 feet. There are some small sized rugs also. The size of those rugs are 5 feet by 7 feet to feet. Also large sized rugs are available that can cover up to the besides wall and can give your queen sized bed more space. The size of those rugs are 8 - 9 feet by 10 – 12 feet long. Large sized rugs are the best choice if you want to cover the underneath of your bed as well as the nightstands beside your bed.


For making your bedroom look clean, large and to give your bed space for placing your feet freely and to feel cozy when you place your feet on the ground then a rug is must. It also defines ones personality. Here we have discussed different size of rugs for queen bed, how to place a rug under the queen bed that will help you to chose  the perfect rug or the standard rug for your queen sized bed.

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