When Does Hell’s kitchen Start

When Does Hell’s kitchen Start Properly?

Hell's Kitchen is a famous reality TV series. Fox media have broadcasted this renowned show on national television. Several contestants known as chefs compete to get a job as head chef at a reputable restaurant. They compete in the show by cooking in the kitchen of a restaurant set up in the studio. The competition starts with several chef contestants ranging from 16 to 18 or 20. In each episode of the series, there is an elimination procedure. It continues until there is a single winner for the season. The elimination is performed by selecting some contestants based on their performance.

The main attraction of this famous reality TV series is the host. Who is known as ‘Gordon Ramsay.'

When does hell’s kitchen start

The famous Hell's Kitchen reality show has been telecast since May 30, 2005. This year it is telecast from January 7, 2021. The date has been announced by Fox media. They take the show to Las Vegas. For this reason, Gordon Ramsay and the crew will depart Los Angeles. But the twist is this year; the winner will get the position as a head chef at Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Restaurant.

Format of Hell’s Kitchen

The format of this TV series is the same as every other reality TV series. Like every other reality show, there is a continuous elimination format. The host eliminates a contestant in each episode to shorten the number of the contestant until there is a winner of the entire season. This show doesn't perform any live attacks. Every episode is recorded in a studio and broadcast on a specific TV channel on a particular day. The studio is situated on a storehouse, with a restaurant attached restaurant in it. The contestants stay on the house while performing in the show. They re provided with a knife set.

In each series, the contestant is divided into two groups named team blue and team red. Each of them is provided with a chef's jacket with shoulder badges. Those badges contain the color of their belonging team. Team members can be shifted by the host himself if the team members are uneven or the chef can perform better on the other team. Every episode is followed by a challenge, a dinner service, and an elimination of a chef.


Challenges mean the host gives a task of cooking to each of the team or the team members. In the first round, the host Gordon Ramsay offers them the opportunity to show their talent by preparing their signature dish.

Usually, the challenge is to taste it and make it. That means each of the contestants has to prepare a dish after testing a container organized by the host before. They have to design it after testing it once.

Also, there is a blind test challenge. Where chefs are blindfolded, and their hearing is blocked by sound blocking earphones. In this challenge, they have to recognize the ingredients by testing the food.

Each team has to prepare dishes to serve a meal in the next dinner or add it to their menus.

There is a scoring system for each challenge by which the winner of the challenge is to determine. The winner also chooses by the opinion of the guest judges. The winner receives a prize from the host. On the other hand, the losing team has to do a homely task like cleaning the kitchen or making specific food for dinner, etc.

Dinner Service

Dinner service means the chefs on the team have to cook for a whole dining room. Chefs have to prepare the meal by working with their teammates. They work from their station. Teams prepare the food according to Ramsay's high standards for quality assurance and presentation. To prepare the dinner service dishes, the team members are provided with menus and a recipe book to study and memorize purpose. There are also some problematic dishes of Ramsay's in the menus. They have to look for a few hours before cooking their given task.

There are private dinner services in the later episodes of this show. In the private dinner, the team has to prepare a meal for private guests or celebrity figures.

Before sending the meal to the dining room Ramsay check that whether all orders of each course for a table is going out together or not, if one of the order is wrongly prepared then the whole procedure will send back for correction. In the dinner service, Ramsay is assisted by two chefs to monitor each of the team for alerting Ramsay any problem. If the dinner service couldn't complete for poor performance, then Ramsay may throw out a contestant or may eliminate a constant.


Elimination means one or more contestant of a team has to be select to leave the show. Elimination is the most important part of this show. Elimination could be performed for both teams. This is achieved after completing the dinner service. Ramsay assembles both of the teams to announce the winning team and the losing team. Ramsay tells the losing team to select or vote the contestant for whom they lose, or they see fit for elimination. After selecting, Ramsay gives the contestant chosen a chance to describe why they should stay. Hearing the speech to defend themselves, he then select a contestant to eliminate. The contestant has to hand over their jacket and leave the show. In this process, the chef's number drops to five or six. Once they reach five or six them all of them are put together in a single group. This elimination process continues until there are two contestants left for the final round.

Final Round

The final round is also known as Final Service. In the final service, two of the remaining chefs will prepare a meal for dinner service. They have the opportunity to develop their menus. In the final round, Ramsay and his sous-chef will observe the service to ensure quality. Ramsay uses his own and the sous-chef observation to select the winning chef. The winning contestant gets the chance to work as the head chef and win a cash voucher.

Hell's Kitchen restaurant is a famous reality show based on the cooking talent of the contestant. This show is broadcast by prominent Fox media. This show has a total number of 19 seasons. This year the famous TV show is performed in Lake Tahoe with the number 18 contestants.

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