Where Are Moen Faucets Made Properly

Where Are Moen Faucets Made Properly

American product Moen was started by inventor Alferd Moen. He was inspired after burning his hands while washing them in a two-handle faucet. The headquarters of moen is situated in North Olmsted, Ohio, United States. Products produce by Moen are faucets, bath fixtures, garbage disposals. A faucet is a machine by which we can control the flow of water from a pipe. Like turn on and off the flow of water. Faucet is the whole mechanism for controlling the water flow. It is not just the metal part where the water comes through. Faucets work like a regulator. It is also known as the tap. Moen faucets are made to connect us with the water. Moen is manufacturing faucet with modern ideas.

Places where Moen faucets are made

Typically Moen faucets are made in the U.S. There are three places in the U.S  where Moen faucets are manufacture. They are New Bern and Sanford, North Carolina, and Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, and employs. More than 1300 American works there. But there are some manufacturing companies of moen in China, India, and Malaysia also. Those companies are transferred by moen itself. North Caroline assembles the moen 1255 Duralast ceramic valves. However, the ceramic disk is made by a Japanese firm in Malaysia known as Maruwa Sdn.Bhd. Single function ceramic shells are made by Zhuhai Mingshi Ceramics value. They also supply Pfister with its shells. The Moen 4000 ceramic is provided by Kerox of Hungary. Some Moen faucets machine parts are made by Italia (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. In China, the Moen Guangzhou Faucet Co. Ltd. in Guangdong is partially owned by Fortune Brands. Several whole faucets are manufactured from there.

History of Moen

As mentioned before, Moen was invented by Alfred Moen. It was part of Ravenna Metal Products of Seattle, Washington. After that moen became Stanadyne part. Forstmann-Little & Company, obtain in 1988. Then moen was bought by Fortune Brands Home and Security Company. Till now, it is the part of Fortune Brands Home and Security Company.

Companies that manufactured the best faucet

There are many companies that manufacture the best faucet. They are Kohler, California Faucets and Delta, etc. Regardless of those companies, moen is the best company that manufactures the best faucet. It is known as the best because of its customer service. An independent laboratory tested faucets of moen. They found that Moen faucets obey all the safety standards and reliability in North America as all other states of the U.S. or any Canadian states use faucets that have been certified to obey standards of the North American. So we can say moen is the best manufacturer of faucets.

Faucets Design of Moen

From 1960 to 2010, Moen 1225 was used, a single handle kitchen or bathroom faucet design. Moen 1225 is a plastic tube, which is almost 4 inches long and 3/4 inches in diameter. Drawing up the handle of the shell of moen 1225 starts the water supply and by spinning it right starts cold water supply and turning in left produces hot water supply, which is pretty simple to adjust the temperature.  In 2010 moen introduced 1255 Duralast cartridge. It is a ceramic disc technology. Since 2010 most of the faucets of moen use this model.

Nowadays, the company produces faucets that contain build-in water filtration, which allows traditional-looking faucets to have filtered and regular water—the easy install of carbon block filtration, which is used to block the dirt. The new hand-washing taps can flow an exact amount of water at a firm temperature that satisfies the user.

Moen launched U By Moen Smart shower system in 2017. This system component is an electronic wall controller and a multizone thermostatic, which can be controlled by using a voice controller or using the smartphone app. This system is also used in U By Moen Smart Hand wash, which is a touch-free motion sense faucets. Users can quickly turn on and off by simply waving their hand on top of it.

Some Moen faucets Types

There are several types of mone faucets. Some of them are listed below.

One-Handle Faucets- On this one hand, only a single handle is used to control both the volume of the water and temperature. This faucet produces a precise temperature. If a user wants to convert a two-handle faucet to one, they can use a slope to convert.

Two-Handle Faucets- In two-handle faucets, the water flow and temperature are controlled by using both handles. One handle is used to control hot water, and the other use for cold.

Pullout Faucets- Pullout property is a wand. Which is pull out to control the flow of water. This wand is used to fuse the low and spray.

Pull down Faucets- The feature of pull-down faucets is that the faucet's head is drawn away to control the water flow. These pull-down faucets are similar to pullout faucets.

Bar- Bar is a secondary faucet situated in other parts of the kitchen. However, they can also be used as a primary faucet.

Butler/Filtration- These faucets are used to get clean and cold drinking water. It provides individual drinking water. In the filtration system solid carbon is used to block the dirt and provide cold drinking water, which is a most used Moen mechanism in modern days.

Quality of Moen Faucets

Undoubtedly moen produce an excellent quality product. They provide a lifetime warranty to the users. Moen faucet doesn’t get ruined easily. Their warranty covers almost every part of the faucets. However, depending on the model, the electronic parts of the faucets have different contracts.


Moen is an American Company that produces the best faucets all over the U.S. It is called the best because of the service. Moen is designing products with innovative and modern ideas, which lasts for a lifetime. Moen is selling faucets in more than 55 countries. Day by day moen is getting popular among the people all over the world for its beautiful products.

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