Where to Put a Humidifier

Where to Put a Humidifier ( The Best Place )

No doubt humidifier has brought so many advantages to the people as well as it helps to protect from several health issues. The humidifier is very much used in the bedroom, kid's room and sometimes personal room or office. The proper place of a humidifier brings the best benefit to the user. Consequently, there is a suitable spot for the humidifier to set.

Almost all the users of humidifiers and the producer of humidifiers say the humidifier should set at least 3 feet away from the bed. The question also comes, where to put the humidifier 3 feet away from the bed. Basically, it depends on the size and category of the humidifier. There also have an issue with the wall and furniture in terms of placing a humidifier. The distance between the wall and the humidifier should be a minimum of one-foot difference.

 Common Types of Humidifiers that are Used Generally

Two common types of humidifiers are used in the room and office or other places etc. Two types of humidifiers are:

Cool-mist humidifier: Usually it produces cool air for increasing the comfort level of the room. In terms of setting it up in a room, the user should consider their comfort than other things.

Warm-mist humidifier: It produces a kind of heat air from boiling water. It is evident for the user to consider this type of humidifier, especially in the bedroom. If the place of this humidifier is not in a suitable place the user can suffer from it. It can also intervene or destroy the user's sleep or rest. Consequently, the user should take more cautious steps in terms of using it.

Factors for Choosing a Place for Humidifier

Basically, there are some common factors that need to be considered for setting up a place for a humidifier. These factors give the right direction for setting up a humidifier in the home, office, etc.

Related to the goal: The place should relate to the goal of the humidifier. If the place doesn’t give the highest opportunity to the humidifier for exploring itself, it will not bring the highest benefit from it. Moreover, a proper place is a key thing for setting up a humidifier in any kind of room.

Proper airflow system: Without proper air in the room, the humidifier cannot perform fully. However, it will not be 100% possible to give the best output from a humidifier if the room has not a good ventilation system and the windows of the room are not sufficient to flow the air from the outside. Therefore, a suitable place cannot be determined by avoiding these factors.

Size of the room:  Humidifiers cannot cover the whole space of the room if the size of the room is too big. Humidifiers have their own capacity to cover. Beyond their capacity, they are not able to do make an impact. So the placement of humidifier should be selected based on their size and their capacity. Generally, if the size of the room is big that situation, the humidifiers can put at the right corner of the room. And for the small space, it is not so hard to select a place for a humidifier.

Safety issue: Security should be the priority in setting a humidifier in a room or office. A humidifier is not secure 100% and there is a chance of water leaking from the water tank. For that reason, the place has to be chosen by maintaining safety rules. If the humidifier on the furniture, it should cover with plastic or some other protected things. Therefore other things like clothes, shoes, etc should keep away from the humidifier.

The Best Place to Put a Humidifier 

Therefore, there are so many cautions steps in terms of placing humidifiers in the bedroom, office room, or some other places in the room. If the size of the humidifier is not tiny and there is a chance of damage by water, the humidifier can set in the corner of the room. Therefore a humidifier should not put in a place where the ray of the sun can direct catch it.

The place of humidifier is a vital part of using a humidifier. There are so many places in-home or office in terms of setting a humidifier. As we know, a humidifier can use for the purpose of keeping our health safe, get a healthy atmosphere, and increases the level of humidity in the home or office. Therefore, if the humidifier is set up in the wrong place above benefits that can get from the humidifier cannot meet completely. However, there is no particular place that is mandatory for putting a humidifier. The places can be different based on the types of rooms, offices, and other places. 

Here some of the places for humidifier based on the type of place describe given below with a table:

Place Name

Perfect places for putting the humidifier.

Drawing room

  • Generally, it is the largest place of the home, for that reason the set up should be in a place where everyone gets the advantages from it.
  • The user has to make a decision whether they use it up the furniture, floor or table which is made from plastics.
  • Whatever the place is, the user of the humidifier has to make sure that there will be no haste for using it. Such as; water licking, make the wall and furniture damage, etc.
  • Therefore the flow of air should be identifying in the drawing-room so that the air comes out from the humidifier can bring the best benefit.


  • The demand for the humidifier is very high for use in the bedroom.
  • The place of humidifier from the bed should have a distance of a minimum of three feet distance.
  • Basically, the size and type of the humidifier depend on the area of a bedroom as well as the number of people who sleep in the room.
  • If the bedroom needs a large size humidifier, the place will not be the same as a small humidifier which used to place above the lamp or ordinary table, above furniture, or another nearside area of the bed.
  • Therefore, the places for large humidifiers are in the corner of the room generally.
  • In terms of cool-mist humidifier and warm-mist humidifier set up, the user should take appropriate steps based on the humidifier types.

Children room

  • The movements of kids' hands are legs haphazard.
  • The place for the humidifier should be placed in a safe and secure place where the kids don’t reach.
  • If the place for the humidifier is set up beside the children's bed, the setup should be protected.
  • The humidifier can be set up with the stand or the furniture or tools where it is best for it.

Office room

  • In the office, the situation of the humidifier is not the same as like bedroom or drawing-room.
  • Usually, the space for an office is big and it is so much obligatory to use a big size and portable humidifier.
  • There is no selected suitable place for an office room humidifier, but anyone needs to comfort more. The humidifier needs to set its focus following the person's location.


  • It is not always necessary to set up a humidifier in a bathroom unless it is a big bathroom.
  • In the big bathroom, it is not always possible to keep the air perfect for avoiding high or low humidity issues.


  • It can use in any place according to babies' comfort if the baby's age is not so much.
  • If the babies are capable of playing with the things, the place of a humidifier should select cautiously.
  • There also have to more careful about the type of humidifier; if the sounds of the humidifier are high, then it will not be appropriate for the babies.

Where Should the Humidifier Put on the Floor or a Table

Both two places can be recommended for putting the humidifier by following the appropriate place. Therefore, the place of humidifiers varies for giving the best atmosphere with the best features. If anyone wants to put his humidifier on the floor, that situation the difference between the humidifier and the floor should be two feet. Sometimes, humidifiers are designed for the purpose of use on the floor. That time there is something like wheels or cover under the humidifier. In terms of putting a humidifier on the table, there should have a mat or plastic cover under it and also keep the humidifier away from two feet.

  Where to Put Portable Humidifier

Portable humidifiers are very easy to use. For personal comfort in the office or home, anyone can use the portable humidifier. Therefore, the portable humidifier should use carefully; otherwise, by water licking from the humidifier it can make things worse. Besides a portable humidifier, anyone can place it anywhere based on their needs. It is so easy to get benefit from it.

Use of Hygrometer for Finding a Place for the Humidifier

A hygrometer helps to find out the places where there is less humidity. The humidifier is used to raise the humidity level in the air. If anyone wants to put his or her humidifier in a proper place, that situation the hygrometer can help. For knowing the suitable place and getting the best output from the humidifier, a hygrometer is there. Therefore, it is more appropriate than setting up the humidifiers based on assumptions and needs.

Risky Places for Humidifiers

AS there are some suitable places for putting humidifiers in the room or offices. There are other places where humidifiers cannot be set. All the places are not perfect for humidifiers.

Those places are:



  • The ray of the sun can make viruses and bacteria and making a defective process in the humidifiers.

Floor or carpet

  • It is not good to put a humidifier directly on the floor or carpet.
  • If the water tank of the humidifier is not good, it will leaks water and getting wet.

Electronics devices.

  • Don't put the humidifier above any kind of electronic device, such as; microwave oven, mobile, tablet, pc, laptop, television, etc.
  • Any kind of bad humidifier or the humidifier defected in the run time, there is a high chance of affecting the electronic device.
  • And there also take some cautiousness to keep the humidifiers from any kind of electrical pin. If any kind of destruction happens, it will affect the electric pin too.


  • Furniture is also a considerable thing in terms of putting humidifiers on the furniture. If the selected place on the furniture somehow, the user must use plastic or mat under the humidifier.

Easy access places for kids

  • The humidifier should not be put in a place where the children can easily touch it.
  • If the humidifier is not in the safe place, it has the high chance of break and face difficulty with the technical issue because of the kids.

Apart from these places, any places where a humidifier is put should be neat and clean.

Putting a humidifier in the appropriate place is not a big deal. Maintain safety and consider the needs of comforting people and also understand the environment of the home or office helps to choose a suitable place for a humidifier. Selecting a proper and appropriate place for putting a humidifier in a room or office can bring the best output from the humidifier.

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