Why is My Room so Dusty

Why is My Room so Dusty? Top Tips to Follow

We spend most of our valuable time in our room, but when we see the dust in our room we are so annoyed. No one wants to stay in their room with dust. But sometimes we are really confusing about it. Where is it coming from?

In the morning we go out for work but when we come back home and see a lot of dust in our room. We feel very so much annoyed, and search the sources of this dust. Sometimes we think that it comes from outside of my room or comes with us when we come from the outsides. It is very necessary to clean our room regularly. 

Why is My Room so Dusty?

We all know that the dust has heavy thick in the room than on any other side. Because of in the room we keep our pets, bags, clothes, many other things. Our bedroom is smaller than any others room. The small room becomes dustier than any other room because it cannot clean properly like any other room.

Those who always want to keep the bedroom window closed have more dust in their room which is very harmful. Sometimes we keep open some of the stuff in our bedroom. If we cannot clean the room properly it might be dusty.   So, we can understand the reason for the dust in the bedroom.

How Can I Make My Room Less Dusty?

Dusty bedrooms can be a large issue for countless people. Some people have many problems because of dust. It is over harmful to peoples.

We can dust free our bedroom to follow regular basis work.

1. We can avoid using feather dusters. It is one kind of reason to dust my room. When we avoid using it then we can stay in our room without dust.

2. We can throw off all of the stuff that is not necessary things for us. We can throw out our unnecessary things like bags, clothes, shoes, watches, etc.

3. We have to change our bedding after a couple of weeks.  It is happened for more used. If we are not change bedding after a couple of weeks then we will be sick.

4. We have to shut down the window and door in the room. Generally, dust comes from windows and doors.

5. We can use an air purifier for cleaning our room regularly If we clean the air purifier regularly then we can take a fresh breath without dust.

6.  We have to clean the filter on a regular basis.

7.  We can avoid using carpets in the room. If we avoid it from using then we stay dust–free.

8.  Hair that falls out of the head should always be cleaned from the floor and bed.

9.  When we come from the outside, we must be clean out hands and legs.

10.  After one or two days we would clean the floor with the anti-germ liquids.

11. We have to do a wet clean always in the room.

12. We have to clean our walls from top to bottom.

 All things are very necessary to remove dust in our room. When we can do all those things then we can remove the dust in our room.

 Some Reason for Dust

When we searching for the dust then we can find a large number of reasons.

1.  We are not clean out bed on regular basis.

2.  We are not clean our floor.

3.  When we go outside then we are not shut the door and windows of our room.

4.  We do not wash our hands and legs when we came from outsides.

5.  We always use carpet.

6.  We do not wash the floor with anti-germ liquids.

7.  We always use feather dusters in the room.

8.  We do not wash the floor after one or two days.

Read that article we can understand the reasons for dust.

Is sleeping in a dusty room bad for you?

It is very harmful to me. Dust is very dangerous it can make me sick anytime. If my room is cover with dust it is not good for me to sleep in that room. We have to clean our room and others things before sleeping.  So, we can understand that a dusty room is bad for sleeping.

Do air purifiers get rid of dust?

If I want to answer exactly then I will say yes. It is a very helpful thing for air dust-free. You can remove air dust any time using it.

 It is an electric machine which is run by electricity. It can clean all the dust from the air of the room. You can clean air dust quickly using it. So, we can understand that air purifiers are the best electric machine for remove air dust.

Different types of air purifiers

We find 7 types of air purifiers on the market.




Ultraviolet Purifier for home


Activated carbon purifier for home


Electronic Cleaners


Central purifier for home


HEPA purifier for home


Ionic purifier for home


Air to Air exchangers for home

 These all are the best air purifier for the home.

Dangers of Dust at Work

Working in the dust is very dangerous. There can be many kinds of problems. Working in Dust is much riskier for those who have allergy problems. Silicosis is one of the diseases that can cause difficulty in breathing. It attacks mainly in the lungs.

Asbestosis is another disease that makes it difficult for people to breathe, loss of body weight. Many times it can cause lung cancer.

Working in the dust can cause lung problems for many people. if this problem occurs, they may start having chest pain, shortness of breath, and sudden throbbing inside the chest. So, we can understand that what kind of danger would be happened for work in the dust.

Signs of lung damage for dust

Too much dust can cause problems in the lungs. Some of the liquid inside the lungs can freeze and swell at any time. Too much dust can cause cough, fever, sore throat, and more. Black lung disease can kill people without any cure. It is better to prevent dust. It is very harmful to people. If you have any kind of this symptom like that then you should go to a doctor and take treatment.

Best air purifier for dust

We all know that different types of air purifiers are on the market. We have to know that what kinds of purifier are best for remove air dust on the room. Depends on my opinion portable purifier is the best for removing air dust in the room. Using portable air purifiers you can remove dust in any room of your house. It is easy to carry. It is not much heavier than normal air purifiers. So, it is the best purifier for dust.

What causes a lot of dust in your house?

Excessive dust in your home can be caused by a dirty environment and cheap air purifiers, if not around the house is always kept clean then a lot of dust from outside comes into the room. If you have to clean your room regularly then you can remove dust from your room.

Final Word

At the top part, we see what kind of problems dust can cause us? We also see that which types of disease can happen for dust. We know how to remove dust from my room. We can know about air purifiers. We also know some reasons for dust. We can understand what is happening when we are living in so much dust. In the table above we have learned about different types of air purifiers. So, we can know why is my room so dusty?

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