Why use a teak shower mat

Why Use a Teak Shower Mat ( Purpose Bath Mats)

Teakwood comes from Tectona grandis which is found in east India and nowadays it is planted in tropical America and western Africa. The wood of teak is one of the best choices to use as a shower mat. It is so hard that it can use undoubtedly in shower mats along with its various uses like timber. The use of shower mats is increased nowadays. Teak is so hard that it can be 10 to 15 years durable if teakwood is properly used as a shower mat. It has good resistance power in terms of the deal with the shower. Teak is very much used for making furniture and it has so many uses mow. Indian and south Indian people use teakwood very much for decorating their home and also use it for furniture. Teak has also seemed nice and simple so that the person who wants to enlarge his or her bathroom flooring materials with teakwood.

The Usefulness of Using a Teak Wooden Bath Mat

Teak has great value for use as a shower mat. Yes, there is another alternative to use as a shower mat like a bamboo mat or another wood mat. However, in terms of wood teak is the best of them. Teak is much more convenient than bathroom floors. In a specific way, the teak is not slippery and doesn't get wet within a moment. It also increases the beautifulness of the bathroom. Therefore after using the teak in the bathroom it can be folded to keep and that thing makes it more durable. It also has so much water resistance power so that it does not break easily. There are some natural oils in the wood of teak. As for using a bathmat and for avoiding the wet and slippery bathroom floor and also increase the lovely charm in the bathroom, teak is so much useful of it.

The Necessity of Having a Teak Shower Mat

Teak is strong and durable enough for using the teak mat in a shower bath. There also have some important characteristics for using it. However, a teak shower mat is very much necessary to cope up with some essential things in a washroom. Those are:

Clean bathroom: Not a single person in the world likes a dirty bathroom. Everyone is ready to accept a washed and spotless bathroom. Bathroom floors are very much hard to keep always fresh, neat, and clean. Consequently, using the wood of teak relief that types of difficulty. The mat of teak also can be washed and the teak mat dries very fast.

Water resistance: The floor of the bath shower should be water-resistant. Without that the bath floor becomes very much wet and it can become a cause of accident like slippery. The wood teak has much more water resistance so that there is no cause for slip. Slip is not an easy thing, it can cause minor or major defects in the body parts. And also by using a block of teak wood, covers the risk of children and older people.

Keeping away from microbes and insects: A washroom can be a place for microbes and insects. For controlling the effect of insects and microbes one should use teak wood. Because teak wood is not only a block of wood but it has some layers of silica that help to remove the microbes and insects from the bathroom. We all are very much affected by it and want to keep our bath shower as much as insects-free. Teak wood doesn't give any room for insects because teakwood can dry so fast.

Lowest Maintenance: It is so much easy to clean or maintain the teakwood. For maintaining the mat of teakwood, one would not take care of it all day. It is far better than a cloth mat. The cloth mat becomes dirty so fast and it needs to clean day after day. But in terms of wood of teak, if anyone uses a brush and rubs it gently once a month it will be enough.

Look: So many flooring materials are their formats. But if anyone considers the beautifulness of the bathroom teak wood is the best for using the mat. Therefore it has gorgeous looking and it also enhances the beauty of a bathroom.

Pros and Cons of Teak Shower Mat

The teak shower mat added so much safety and beautifulness to the shower room. But there are some cons to like; it doesn't always fight with moisture. The teak shower mat has some pitfalls if it is not giving the best outcome. At first, some pros of teak shower mat are discussed with a table followed by cons.

  • Pros of teak shower mat: Pros of shower mat.



  • Naturally Beautiful.
  • Using oil for marinating and keeping it gorgeous.
  • They can be made with an excellent design that gives a satisfying feeling.


  • Very much hardwood.
  • Can use for ten to fifteen years.
  • It can use for a long time.


  • Have a good water resistance capability.
  • Don't get the surface wet and slippery.
  • Very much faster than any others wood mat and cloth mat.


  • It provides safety to every kind of person as it has not become slippery.
  • Has capable of dry fast.
  • Very much effective for kids.


  • As it is water-resistance, there is less probability of affected by insects.
  • It doesn't have so much humidity like other kinds of wood.
  • For that thing, insects and any kind of viruses are not attracted by it.


  • It is a pride for Asian people as it is very much famous in India.
  • It has a good reputation in terms of using in Furniture.
  • It is a famous wood and very much familiar to craftsmen of woodworkers.

Cons of Teak Shower Mat

Cons of shower mat



  • Although it is water-resistant it is not waterproof.
  • Water can leak through it.
  • It has not 100% immune.

Hard to Maintain

Though it has not been maintained day after day it takes a good amount of time whenever it maintains.

Using oil regularly for keeping it in shape and looks beautiful.

It is very much orderable to teak mat users otherwise it will not look nice.


  • For cleaning washroom detergent or liquid cannot be used for it.
  • The wood of teak mats needs special cleaner.
  • Otherwise users will face less durability.

Gaps are not Perfect for Shower Floors

  • If it is not possible to check and remove the insects day by day it will not be fruitful.
  • It can increase the bacteria.
  • People can be affected by this and face health problems.


  • The wood of teak is so much expensive than any other woods as well as another kind of materials.
  • It is tough to match a cheap teak mat for the washroom.

Teak Shower Mat Cost

The cost of the teak shower mat is not so cheap. The cost of a good shower mat varies from $50 to $100. If anyone wants to modify or customize it there will be adding more cost to its price. Generally, custom teak shower mats made from teak wood of Burmese. These teaks of woods are very popular for customization. It also costs $55 to $65 per square foot for standard floors. The cost increases from $65 to $85 if the floor size is greater than the standard.

What is The Better Format, Bamboo or Teak?

Both are very much popular for using washroom mats. Bamboo also has persistence and clears the water fast. To compare it with the teak shower mat, it has some water resistance. It also enhances the beauty of the washroom because it also comes from nature. But in one thing which is hardness bamboo is not up to mark like teak. Teak is more string wood than bamboo. That is why it has long durability than bamboo.

Teak Tiles for Shower Floors Alternative to Teak Shower Mat

It is a different thing from a teak shower mat but the thing is both have the same raw materials. Tiles made from teak more costly than teak shower mats. Tiles are very much effective for enhancing the beautifulness of the shower room. Making a washroom with wood tiles is a luxury idea, though today's unique and costly interior design demands it.

In conclusion, the teak shower mat is the best of any other wood-related mats. It is strong and hard to break. It is also safe for the people. However, it also increases the beauty of the washroom and gives natural fallings to the people.

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